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How the “Emergency Defense Package” Can Expedite Healthcare Compliance

Categories: Compliance

Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. www.federal-lawyer.com Direct: (214) 469-9009 1-800-810-0259 Available on Weekends Healthcare fraud investigations by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) are at an all time high. Toxicology laboratories, pharmacies, compound pharmacies, home health, hospice care centers and other healthcare businesses are experiencing a noticeable increase of pressure from federal authorities tasked with prosecuting…

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Oberheiden Law Group, PLLC Introduces “Emergency Defense Package”

Categories: Criminal Law & Process

Defense Shield

The Dallas-based national criminal defense law firm, Oberheiden Law Group PLLC, introduces “Emergency Defense Package” providing fast and efficient assistance to new federal criminal clients. Dallas, Texas (Press Release) August 18, 2015 Oberheiden Law Group, PLLC today introduces an “Emergency Defense Package” to new federal criminal clients. The “Emergency Defense Package” provides a reliable protocol…

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