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Former DOJ Prosecutors Handling Health Care Litigation

Categories: Health Care Fraud

At Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP, former Department of Justice trial attorneys, former federal prosecutors, and sophisticated litigators offer physicians, business owners, executives, and entities such as pharmacies, toxicology labs, medical services distributors, and hospitals extensive litigation and courtroom experience. The former Assistant United States Attorneys of Oberheiden & McMurrey supply the litigation dominance and courtroom…

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5 Reasons to Sue in Business Litigation

Categories: Litigation


5 Reasons to Sue in Business Litigation Oberheiden & McMurrey LLP | Federal Litigation Attorneys Even in the most contentious of business disputes, the first step is typically to seek an informal resolution. In most cases, it will be in both parties’ best interests to avoid the burdens of litigation; and, with level heads, open…

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Bribery Defense

Categories: Criminal Law & Process

man in handcuffs holding bribery money

Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys with the Experience and Expertise to Fight Bribery Charges Bribery refers to the act of offering compensation in order to influence the actions of another.  The crime of bribery often arises in the case of public officials, where a private citizen may offer something of value to the public official in…

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Defending Clients In Federal Drug Conspiracies

Categories: Criminal Law & Process

pharmaceutical drugs

Are You Charged with a Drug Offense? Experienced Federal Drug Charges Defense Attorneys can Fight for You Are you under investigation? Were you recently arrested? Are friends, family members or people that you care about accused of drug trafficking, distribution, drug manufacturing, or importation? Does the government believe you are part of a drug conspiracy?…

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