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The Oberheiden Law Group, PLLC (“Firm”) is a Texas-based law firm that publishes information on this Website. This Website and its domain name are fully owned by a third party. Pascual C. Meyer is the responsible attorney for this Website.

No Confidentiality, No Attorney-Client Privilege

This Website provides general information about the law, legal issues, and legal developments. This information has been prepared for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Accordingly, the Website’s provision of information may not be understood by anyone to constitute or contain legal advice, legal opinions or any other form of advice regarding any fact or circumstance.  Neither you reading the information on this Website, or you listening to information on this Website, or you receiving information from this Website, nor your use of this Website to contact the Oberheiden Law Group, PLLC or any of Firm’s lawyers creates an attorney-client relationship. Specifically, your use of this Website does not make you a client of the Firm or even a prospective client of the Firm.  While this Website may facilitate communications with our law firms, any messages sent or received via this Website should be assumed will not be regarded or treated as confidential or privileged.  If you have confidential information to share with us, please contact us first to ask whether and how best to share that information.

No Guarantee of Results

Some of the case summaries, reports of past cases and their outcomes and the description of experience and past legal services in a lawyer’s profile on this Website outline and describe past cases handled by Firm’s lawyers. They are not intended to serve as a guarantee that the same or similar result can be achieved in every matter or in your case. You must not assume that a similar outcome and case result can be obtained in your case. Each case is different and the outcome of each case depends on a variety of factors, such as the specific facts, circumstances, and laws that apply to the case. Unexpected developments beyond the control of any client or lawyer may further make your case substantially different than cases handled by Firm’s lawyers in the past resulting in different and perhaps even negative outcomes in your case.

How to Become Our Client

You will only become a client of Firm if you sign (and, where applicable, fund) an engagement agreement between yourself and Firm. Purpose of such engagement agreement is to disclose the scope of Firm’s services, Firm’s fee arrangement and other important terms. Firm has a strict conflicts policy. Prior to accepting a new client, Firm carefully and diligently evaluates whether the acceptance of a new client could present a conflict to existing or past representations of other clients.

Licensing Status

Unless otherwise expressly specified, the attorneys listed on this Website are not certified as specialists or experts by any professional or governmental agency or authority. Mentioning of Firm’s practice areas, practice focus, expertise, or legal experience are not intended to suggest board certification or to denigrate other law firms or attorneys in any way.  Our attorneys are licensed in the jurisdictions listed in their respective profiles and our attorneys do not and do not intend to advise clients on the laws of states in which that respective lawyer is not licensed.

Authorized Practice of Law

Firm’s lawyers are not licensed in all U.S. states. The profile of each lawyer of Firm lists the jurisdiction in which that lawyer is licensed to practice law. The ability of any Firm lawyer to engage in services for a client outside of that lawyer’s state(s) licensure is subject to state law, and state professional rules and court orders. The Firm does not seek, and this Website is not intended to solicit legal engagements in jurisdictions in which lawyers of this Firm are not licensed if such engagements would constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

Attorney Advertising

This Website may constitute advertising in some jurisdictions, but this Website is not intended as advertising or solicitation in any jurisdiction where the Website would be so characterized and would fail to comply with applicable laws and ethical rules of such jurisdiction. We do not seek to represent any client solely based on visiting our Website or upon advertising and we do not intend to represent anyone in violation of any laws or ethical rules.  The Oberheiden Law Group, PLLC is a Texas PLLC with headquarters in Dallas. Mr. Oberheiden limits his practice to federal law.  The Website does not constitute a solicitation of employment for legal services.  The engagement of an attorney or law firm is an important consideration that should not be based solely upon advertisements.

Privacy Statement

If you visit this Website to search, research, browse, or for purposes of self-education, Firm may collect general information about the patterns in which you use our Website such as topics of interests, the duration of your visit, the type of web browser used, your IP address, the route that led you to visit our site, the site that you visited when you left our site, your CPU speed, clickstreams, and traffic patterns. Firm may use this information to better understand a reader’s interest in order to adjust and improve our site. We may use so-called cookies. In this context, computer cookies are data sets sent by our Website and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies connect your computer with Firm’s computer system and they allow us to track and monitor how you use our site. You have an option to opt out by turning off the cookie acceptance function on your computing device.

If you share personal information by filling out forms or sending Firm an e-mail, we may utilize this information to contact you and archive your information. Notably, we do not share personal information with third parties, nor do we sell personally identifiable information to advertising companies. We may, however, share personal information with our IT partners and entities in charge of maintaining and marketing this Website. We strongly recommend to only share general information about yourself or your case without providing specifics, admissions, or other confidential information until you engage our Firm as your attorneys. Even though we strive to protect the Website against third party intrusion such as hackers and computer malware, we cannot guarantee full protection of your personal identifying information.  If you do not want the Firm to contact you, or if you want the Firm to discontinue any use of, or if you wish to correct any information that you have provided, please contact us at privacy@federal-lawyer.com.

No Representations

This Website is offered by the Oberheiden Law Group on an “as is” basis. The Firm makes no representations or warranties in any form or of any kind, express or implied, as the content of the Website. The Firm expressly disclaims all guarantees, warranties, conditions and representations of any kind, express or implied, whether such guarantees, warranties, conditions and representations would arise under state or federal law, professional rules, commercial use, or otherwise. This disclaimer includes the implied warranty of merchantability, fitness of a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. By using this Website, the reader and the audience agree that the Oberheiden Law Group, PLLC, its attorneys, owners, contractors, members, officers, employees, agents, or affiliates shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, under any theory of common law, statute, whether contractual in nature or torts, whether under a theory of negligence or otherwise, to the reader, the audience, or anyone else for any claims, losses or damages, whether punitive, consequential, incidental, or otherwise in nature, resulting from the use or reliance on this Website or any materials, resources, or information accessed through this Website.

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In accordance with the California Professional Code and Rules, this Website is a communication providing public information about the Firm’s availability for professional employment. In accordance with the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct, lawyers are residents in all offices, unless indicated otherwise in an individual attorney biography, and lawyers are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

IRS Circular 230 Notice

Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service requirements, this Notice is to inform you that any information on this Website that could be construed as United States tax advice is not written or intended to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (a) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (b) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed on this Website.


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The cost to publish and maintain this Website is paid for by the Firm and not any other firm or lawyer. The Firm intends to act as primary counsel in representing clients who retain the Firm. Gender specific references (“he,” “her” etc.) are meant to be gender-neutral unless specifically mentioned otherwise.

Entire Agreement

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