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Next to the nuclear industry, the health care sector is the most regulated and sanctioned industry in the United States. Physicians and business owners alike are well advised to act with caution. Anti-kickback rules, the Stark Law, fair market value requirements, rules regarding physician joint ventures, False Claims Act, and Medicare billing and coding prosecutions all have considerable impact on how health care providers and entrepreneurs operate. In this maze of rules and regulations you need experienced counsel that will safely navigate you and protect your business.

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The reasons health care clients contact us are as diverse as the services we provide. Regardless of the nature of your request, experienced attorneys in the Firm’s Health Care Practice Group will address your concerns.

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Compliance Guidance
Some clients simply want peace of mind and ask us to make sure that the contract they are about to sign does not violate applicable laws and regulations. We carefully review health care contracts and take over the compliance responsibility so that the health care provider can focus on patient care and business development.

Health Care Litigation
When people and companies operate in a hectic and stressful environment such as health care, disputes can arise and litigation may follow. Whether you are planning to sue someone for stealing your ideas, soliciting your employees, or harming your business, or whether you need counsel to defend against employees, former business partners, or competitors, our health care defense lawyers will identify your best options while remaining sensitive to the challenging context of health care laws. Our list of health care litigation spans state and federal courts across the country. Where prudent, we keep a dispute out of court and out of the public by forcing settlement.

Government Investigations
Many clients contact our Health Care Practice Group because they need an effective plan to defend against a governmental investigation. Our Firm has handled this scenario many times. Our lawyers have successfully defended health care clients before virtually all federal and many state departments, including but not limited to the Office of Inspector General, the Department of Health and Human Services, the DEA, the Department of Labor, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the Texas Medical Board, the Texas Pharmacy Board, and many more.

Contact us to discuss your case with an experienced health care fraud defense attorney. We are here to help you.

Who Will Handle Your Health Care Case

When you hire us, you will not work with paralegals or junior lawyers. Each lawyer in our Health Care Practice Group has handled at least one hundred (100) matters in the health care industry. So, when you call, you can expect a lawyer that immediately connects with your concerns and who brings in a wealth of experience and competence. For example, you need someone like Lynette S. Byrd, a former federal prosecutor in health care matters, who recently left the government and who is now sharing the valuable insights she gained as a health care prosecutor with our clients. Put an experienced health care attorney on your side, today!

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Why Do Health Care Clients Trust the Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP?

Our firm has built a reputation as a trusted resource for clients in all sectors of the health care industry who are facing compliance issues and federal investigations. Why does the health care industry trust Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP?

1. Our Experience

The attorneys in our Health Care Practice Group bring decades of federal experience to the table. If your practice or company needs guidance on complying with Medicare or other federal health care regulations, we can help. If you are facing a federal investigation, we can use our experience to intervene in the investigation and make sure you face as few consequences as possible.

2. Our Government Insights

Several of our attorneys are former federal health care prosecutors. These lawyers chose to enter the private sector after distinguished careers with the Department of Justice (DOJ), during which they prosecuted complex health care fraud cases around the country. As a result, we can see your situation from the government’s perspective, and we can use our unique insights to develop a case strategy that is custom-tailored to your present circumstances.

3. Our Results

Most of our health care fraud cases have resulted in outcomes of no civil or criminal liability for our clients. With millions of dollars in financial liability, prison time, and loss of government program eligibility on the table, this matters. We have successfully resolved numerous cases involving the DOJ, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and each of the other federal agencies involved in health care fraud investigations.

4. Our Team Approach

If you are facing a health care fraud investigation, the government has not assigned one attorney to your case. There are likely teams of investigators, federal agents, and prosecutors involved, and you need a team of your own that can level the playing field. At Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP, the attorneys in our Health Care Practice Group work together, pooling their intellectual capital and experience to provide our clients with the strongest possible defense.

5. Our Commitment to Our Clients

We know first-hand what an invasive federal investigation can do to an innocent health care provider, and we are passionate about ensuring that our clients’ businesses are not put at risk by the government. When you choose Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP, you can rest assured that your legal team is doing everything possible to secure a favorable outcome as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.



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