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Our Arizona federal criminal defense lawyers represent clients in Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Arizona. If you are under investigation, if you have been served with a grand jury subpoena, or if you are facing federal charges, you can call 888-680-1745 for a free and confidential consultation.

Arizona federal criminal defenseFederal authorities in Arizona investigate and charge individuals for a wide range of crimes: drug manufacturing and distribution, tax evasion, bribery, fraud, and many others. While these federal offenses may vary, they have a common aspect – they put you at the risk of hefty penalties that can change your life for the worse. If you’re being investigated or have been charged, call Oberheiden P.C. immediately through 888-680-1745. We have senior attorneys who can provide you with exceptional legal representation. Consult with us for free today!

If federal charges or investigations have been launched against you, defending yourself successfully requires a thorough understanding of the laws and facts relevant to the accusation. While you may assume that you’ll be given this information because of your entitlement to a fair trial, that doesn’t always happen, and it can be extremely tough to point out what exactly you’re up against.

Hire Oberheiden P.C. For Your Federal Criminal Case in Arizona

When you hire Oberheiden, P.C., you’re not hiring a newly established law firm in Arizona; you’re hiring an experienced firm that has effectively represented different companies and individuals for several decades. We use that experience to comprehensively assess our clients’ cases and develop the right strategies to handle them. With over 1000 federal investigations and more than 500 trials dealt with, we can use the knowledge gained to get essential information from the government’s actions during investigations. Our attorneys are also aware of techniques to slow down these investigations, obtain the right details required to build a suitable defense, and start the process of fighting for desirable results. We do all these while keeping our clients close to make sure they know what exactly to do to help their defense.

Have federal authorities charged you with a federal crime, or are you simply under investigation? No matter the case, you need an experienced Arizona federal criminal defense attorney to represent you. Hire us at Oberheiden P.C.; we have senior attorneys who have successfully handled various criminal cases for our clients. We also have a team of consultants who previously worked as high-ranking agents in the DEA, FBI, and others. These consultants provide deeper insights into cases for adequate representation. Prompt action is critical when fighting for a favorable outcome and therefore, call us through 888-680-1745 as soon as you realize there is a charge or investigation against you.

The Different Federal Crime Cases We Handle

Regardless of the allegations leveled against you in Arizona or nationwide, we can provide the required legal representation. Whether federal authorities are investigating you for drug manufacturing or distribution, fraudulent activities, or a white-collar offense, you can rely on us to exercise quick action and commence the process of developing appropriate strategies to implement in your defense. Our attorneys are particularly experienced in handling accusations concerning:

  • Conspiracy
  • Attempt
  • Different types of fraud (healthcare, bank, insurance, mail and wire, mortgage, securities, etc.)
  • Drug manufacture and distribution
  • Money laundering
  • Bribery and public corruption
  • Tax evasion
  • Terrorist activities
  • Theft of government property
  • Intellectual property theft, and many other offenses

Note that it’s common to see federal prosecutors adding other offenses to the underlying crime you’ve been charged with or are being investigated for. For example, if you have a healthcare fraud case or public corruption case, they may seek to charge you with money laundering, mail fraud, and wire fraud as well.

Another thing you need to note is that even if prosecutors can’t prove you committed the actual offense, they can still charge you with attempt and conspiracy, crimes which also carry the risk of significant fines and many years in prison. Sometimes attempt and conspiracy charges can have the same penalties as being found guilty of perpetrating the substantial underlying offense. That’s why it’s recommended to hire an experienced attorney who will help you navigate and avoid various hurdles in the investigation and charge process.

The Three Stages of Federal Criminal Prosecution You Need to Understand

There are three major stages in a federal prosecutorial process. Depending on the crime our client is facing and the circumstances at hand, we develop personalized approaches at each step to increase the chances of getting a better outcome. The federal prosecutorial process is dynamic, which means it experiences various legal and factual developments. Our attorneys are skilled at re-evaluation and shifting focus and resources to ensure their strategies suit these developments. They can maintain an aggressive position in your Arizona federal criminal defense despite the information that has surfaced.

Here are the three stages of federal criminal prosecution.

1. Federal Investigation

The process starts with investigations by the government. Depending on the crime, investigations can involve the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Inspector General (OIG), and many other agencies and government departments. At this stage, our goal is terminating the investigation and having the allegations eliminated without any charges. We do this by quickly evaluating all the facts relevant to the case and determining the strategies we can utilize to ensure prosecutors do not file formal charges.

2. Grand Jury Subpoena

If the investigation cannot be stopped in the first stage, the case proceeds to this second stage, which is getting a grand jury subpoena. Before prosecutors indict you, they are required first to obtain this writ, and you should be sufficiently prepared if you have been subpoenaed. Remember that at this stage, the prosecutors just need to establish that there is “probable cause,” and they can go ahead and press charges if they’re successful. Standards for determining “probable cause” are lower than the standards to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that apply at trial, but there are still multiple ways to avoid a formal charge. Our attorneys have represented many clients and solved many cases at this stage without an indictment.

3. Criminal Trial

If the case can’t be settled before the grand jury, it proceeds to a criminal trial. The prosecutors file formal charges, and you change to a “defendant” from a “target” or “suspect.” One exceptional aspect about working with us is that, unless inevitable, we do not wait for your case to go to verdict; we search for opportunities to get you a favorable outcome between the date of your formal charge and trial date. Our attorneys here at Oberheiden P.C. have had formal charges dismissed and convinced judges to reduce felony charges to misdemeanor charges, ensuring our clients do not end up in prison. For our cases that have gone to trial, we have also secured a lot of “not guilty” verdicts. Therefore, a case going to trial doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road.

Q&A With the Arizona Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys at Oberheiden P.C.

Q: What should I do if federal authorities are targeting me in a criminal investigation?

When you realize that agencies and departments such as the FBI, DOJ, DEA, OIG, or others are targeting you in a federal criminal investigation, the first and most crucial step should be getting legal counsel. Your attorney will serve as your legal representative, and you should let him/her do the talking from that point onwards. You should also avoid doing anything relating to your case without the guidance of your attorney. Some things you can do, even if you think they’re right, may jeopardize your case.

Q: Is it a must to answer questions asked by investigators?

No, you don’t have to answer any question. Remain silent because it’s your right. That way, you can avoid saying things that may put your case at risk. Even if investigators try to persuade you into thinking that it’s in your best interests to answer, or make it look like there’s no other alternative, don’t answer anything. Assume any statement or answer you give will be used by the investigators against you.

Q: I don’t want to go to prison, will you ensure I’m not imprisoned?

It’s too early at this point to give a definite answer. For us to provide an in-depth answer, we need to comprehensively evaluate all the facts and information pertaining to your case. But, we have represented various clients in high-stake cases and prevented them from going to prison.

Q: Should I cooperate with the investigators if I believe I’m innocent?

You should never cooperate with investigators on your own. You should only do it with direction from your legal counsel. The reality is that even if you believe and think you’re innocent, it won’t deter prosecutors from trying to convict you. And as we mentioned earlier, you can still face attempt or conspiracy charges even though you didn’t go through with committing the actual offense (fraud, tax evasion, bribery, etc.).

Why Choose Oberheiden P.C. for Your Legal Representation

With all the severe consequences that come with federal criminal investigations and charges, you need to make the wisest decision for your Arizona legal representation. Let’s look at five reasons why you should choose Oberheiden, P.C. if: you’ve been placed under arrest, you’re being investigated, you’ve been served with a grand jury subpoena, or you have a case awaiting trial in a federal court.

  • An excellent reputation nationwide – Our attorneys have successfully represented different clients throughout the country and earned us a good reputation.
  • We have some people in our team who served previously as federal prosecutors and trial attorneys – These individuals worked formerly with the DOJ and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and they can provide better insights into a case.
  • We’ve handled over 500 trials, and more than 1000 investigations – Our attorneys have gained a lot of experienced and knowledge throughout this journey. They can implement that expertise in your specific case.
  • We’re 100% committed to handling federal cases.
  • We provide highly confidential initial consultations, and they’re free.

Do you need a legal representative for a federal issue in Arizona? Meet our team of experienced federal criminal defense attorneys.

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