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Whether you mine, use, or deal in cryptocurrency, you will be regulated by large federal agencies that have become very interested in the proliferation of blockchain-based currencies and coins. Staying on the right side of the law, successfully passing invasive auditing procedures, and potentially even defending against allegations of fraud or misconduct are all critical for your business’ future.

The blockchain lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. focus their practice on cryptocurrency law. With their help, numerous clients have navigated these tricky regulatory waters, thanks in large part to our approach, which puts your company’s unique needs and concerns first. Not many law firms provide blockchain compliance and defense services. Even fewer provide those services across the country, like Oberheiden P.C. does. None take the time to stop, listen to your specific concerns and interests, and learn and appreciate how your business operates before launching into how to fix problems that are only somewhat similar to those you have before you.

The blockchain lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. aim to provide you the legal advice that you need. Not someone similar to you. A core facet of our approach is to take the time to learn your specific interests and concerns before providing the legal advice that is tailored to your situation.

Here is What to Expect When You Hire Oberheiden P.C. for Your Company’s Blockchain Needs

When you hire the blockchain lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. to help your business come into compliance with state and federal cryptocurrency regulations or to defend your company during an audit or against civil or criminal allegations of wrongdoing, you can expect six things from us:

  1. An unmatched depth of understanding of the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to cryptocurrency and bitcoin
  2. A compliance or defense strategy that is uniquely tailored to your company and situation
  3. Direct communication with the senior attorneys on your case, rather than through an intermediary like a junior associate or a paralegal
  4. If you are facing civil or criminal allegations, a willingness to take your case to trial if necessary
  5. Creative legal maneuvering outside of the courtroom that further your company’s interests
  6. Legal advice that is informed, but not dictated by, our extensive experience in representing other cryptocurrency and blockchain-dependent organizations and companies

Each of these aspects of our approach to blockchain compliance and defense make Oberheiden P.C. a unique and powerful ally to have on your side.

An Unmatched Understanding of Blockchain Law

The blockchain lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. are among the best and brightest thought leaders when it comes to cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain technologies. The leader of our blockchain law team, Alina Veneziano, co-authors one of the leading books on blockchain, tokenization, and cryptocurrencies, The Law of Tomorrow: Bitcoin, Tokens, Blockchain. After making a name for herself in securities defense, she has turned to the securities of tomorrow – cryptocurrency.

With the unrivaled understanding that our team has when it comes to cryptocurrency, you can rest assured that you are in stellar hands that know how to handle:

Being able to count on experienced and knowledgeable legal representation is essential, as some of the federal law enforcement agencies that are ready to pounce at the slightest misstep include the:

To make the stakes even higher, cryptocurrency law is in a constant state of evolution, with regulatory agencies claiming to be about to revolutionize the field every month with new compliance requirements that will protect consumers and make crypto safer to use. This makes compliance an ongoing task, and heightens the need to hire a blockchain law firm that will get it done right.

Uniquely Tailored Compliance and Defense Strategies

At Oberheiden P.C., we believe that compliance or defense strategies should never be one-size-fits-all. Just because a tactic worked for a different client does not mean that it will work for you. While past experience can be instructive in how best to move forward in the present, it should not dictate the next steps to take.

Our approach is to always ensure that we are making the right moves for you – not for the “average” blockchain client or for one that we had in the past. This means getting to know your company, understanding its past and potential future, and learning about your concerns and interests. Without having a full understanding of these details, it is impossible to adequately represent you and your blockchain company – we would be operating under an assumption of what you want, what your goals are, and how you want to get there.

If you hire Oberheiden P.C. to legally represent your bitcoin or cryptocurrency company, we think that we should represent your bitcoin or cryptocurrency company – not some hypothetical organization with “typical” goals and interests and ways of doing business. We think that you should get the individualized legal advice that you are paying for.

Direct Communication with the Senior Lawyers on Your Case

To facilitate that aspect of our approach, we have slimmed down the communication process at our firm.

When you call a typical blockchain law firm, you expect the phone to get picked up by a secretary. If you have had legal representation in the past, you have probably come to expect that secretary to pass your call on to the junior associate at the firm who has been assigned to your case and who is doing most of the legwork on it. Most of the time, that associate is busy and his or her paralegal takes the call and promises to forward the message up the ladder. Only rarely do you communicate with the senior attorney who you hired to handle your legal problems and whose experience you have been counting on to resolve them, all this time.

When you call Oberheiden P.C., your call is received by the senior attorney on your case. You do not have to hope that your concerns are relayed up the chain of command; your message goes right to the top.

We do this for two reasons. First, it eliminates the chance that an important piece of information gets mistranslated or forgotten after it comes into the firm. Second, it produces an ease of mind for clients, as they know that their concerns have been heard and are being addressed.

This second aspect is not trivial. Blockchain law is nuanced and complicated. You should know, with absolute certainty, that your needs are at the forefront of your lawyer’s mind.

We Will Take Your Case to Trial If Necessary

A key part to our approach is to take your case seriously, and to make it clear to the other side that we are taking it seriously. Many lawyers, especially those that deal with business issues like blockchain that generally settle and rarely end up in the courtroom, act with that presumption in mind – that business interests will prevail and that your case will eventually settle without ever going through the risks of a trial.

That attitude can undermine your interests, though. Law firms that adopt it take on a well-deserved reputation of being unwilling to go to trial. Opponents see this as a reason to not take your case too seriously. If your lawyers have never gone to trial before, why should your opponent make an offer that is more than barely fair?

At Oberheiden P.C., that is not something we do. We advocate for your blockchain company’s interests on its behalf, and we take that responsibility very seriously. From the very beginning of a civil or criminal case, every step that we take is to ensure we create the best trial outcome for your company.

We know that this perception of readiness instills a sense of urgency in our opponents, and we use it to get the best outcome possible for our clients.

Creative Legal Maneuvering Outside of Court

Blockchain issues are generally resolved out of the courtroom, though. Many of them are matters of compliance and of furthering your company’s interests in a maze of regulations, policies, and business competitors.

Just because there is no court case pending does not mean that these issues are beyond the scope of Oberheiden P.C.’s representation. We help many of our blockchain clients navigate difficult and often vague compliance requirements and further their interests in the business world, whether that be by:

  • Providing tax advice
  • Reviewing or auditing compliance protocols
  • Creating and using smart contracts
  • Guiding blockchain companies through corporate issues and dilemmas

In many cases, these collateral issues end up being just as pressing as a law enforcement investigation into a blockchain company’s finances.

A Wide Background in Blockchain Law Helps Us Advocate for You

Because we have a dedicated team of blockchain lawyers at Oberheiden P.C., we have developed a long list of clients that we have helped in the past – far longer than many competing law firms who dabble in blockchain representation. The breadth of that legal experience that our blockchain team has accumulated is a huge asset because it means that we have seen what can happen if certain steps are taken, or are not taken, in a given case.

That experience is invaluable. However, a big part of our approach is to use these lessons that we have learned during the course of other legal representations as tools for subsequent clients – not as blueprints. We know that what worked for someone else in the past may not fit your interests in the present. Our wide background in representing blockchain companies has let us develop numerous avenues for you to choose from for your company’s success, rather than finding one way to move forward and insisting that it is the only way for your organization.

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