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Our Experience

Blockchain law is fascinating because it is so new and novel that very few attorneys have much experience representing clients through its many nuances, difficulties, and potential pitfalls. While there are plenty of attorneys in other fields – like personal injury or criminal defense – who can boast a high level of experience in their area of practice, blockchain technology has only been around since 2008.

Just because the number of years that a lawyer has practiced in blockchain law can be misleading, though, that does not mean that it is impossible to tell whether that lawyer can adequately represent you or your cryptocurrency company. In fact, given the rapid development of blockchain law in the past couple of years, the length of time that a lawyer has practiced cryptocurrency law may matter less than their recent accomplishments in the field.

Regardless of how you judge a law firm’s experience in blockchain issues, the team at Oberheiden P.C. is among the most well-versed group of attorneys in the field, with notable experience in securities law – both in the form of cryptocurrency and as traditional securities – and a reputation as thought leaders in the industry.

A Reputation as Thought Leaders in Bitcoin and Blockchain Law

At Oberheiden P.C., we have a blockchain team that focuses its attention on the numerous clients that we have in the cryptocurrency and bitcoin industry. We built this team specifically to help clients comply with the ever-evolving regulations and laws regarding digital assets, like cryptocurrencies. We then went to great lengths to fill that team with thought leaders in the industry.

The blockchain team’s lead attorney, Alina Veneziano, is a blockchain scholar and the co-author of the leading introductory book on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, The Law of Tomorrow: Bitcoin, Tokens, Blockchain.

In addition to being at the forefront of the blockchain industry, Alina also has extensive experience helping clients navigate the legal minefields of traditional securities law. As cryptocurrencies and bitcoin take on many of the traits of this older field of law, her experience in bringing securities firms into compliance and defending them against allegations of wrongdoing become more and more relevant to her practice in blockchain.

Alina’s team of blockchain lawyers and investigators include others who focus their practice on blockchain issues or who deal exclusively in these legal matters. By representing blockchain companies across the country in compliance and defense cases, they have quickly become some of the most knowledgeable and reliable blockchain attorneys in the United States.

A Long Background in Securities Law

While blockchain technology is new, cryptocurrencies have evolved into something that closely resembles a traditional security – a coin, or a share of a coin, of cryptocurrency is something that has a value that increases or decreases based on the market, not unlike a stock or a bond. These similarities make it important for blockchain lawyers to have a thorough understanding of securities law and extensive experience in representing companies and individuals regulated by it.

The attorneys and the investigators that comprise Oberheiden P.C.’s blockchain team have that background.

Many of our non-attorney investigators on this team are retired law enforcement agents who used to work for either the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or in a financial enforcement department at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Department of Justice (DOJ). Most of them worked at one of these agencies, giving them valuable insight into how the government investigates and prosecutes allegations of securities fraud and other financial and investment schemes.

Some of our attorneys also worked at these agencies and handled securities offenses for years before switching over to the defense side.

That experience has proven to be invaluable. Law enforcement has treated cryptocurrency fraud similarly to securities fraud, making all of those years in securities law extremely valuable. Additionally, the compliance mechanisms that are being developed for digital assets are, in many ways, based on the blueprint of traditional securities.

You Only Deal With Our Senior Lawyers

But the experience of your lawyers only matters if you actually deal with them. Many law firms use a hierarchical structure that puts senior attorneys and partners at the top of an army of junior associates, paralegals, and secretaries. While you likely hired the firm because of the experience that the senior attorney has, you will generally only deal with a junior associate or his or her paralegal. They do most of the work on your case and, in theory, report their progress up to the senior attorney, whose experience you were counting on, for guidance and input on how to proceed.

That is not how we handle our clients at Oberheiden P.C. Our approach is to give you direct access to the senior lawyers and attorneys that led to your decision to hire our firm to represent you and your company through its blockchain issue.

When you call Oberheiden P.C., your call goes straight to the senior attorney on your case. We do not have junior associates on our staff. We also do not use secretaries or paralegals to handle your legal work.

We do this for two reasons.

First, it avoids the potential situation where your needs and concerns are lost in the internal communications at the law firm. When you voice your concerns to a paralegal, you have to rely on them being communicated, in a way that adequately represents your worries, up the chain of command. At Oberheiden P.C., that is not an issue because you communicate straight to the top.

Second, it leaves you with a peace of mind that your blockchain issues are being resolved by experienced legal professionals. Whether your aim is to come into compliance with federal, state, or local regulations and blockchain laws or to defend against allegations of wrongdoing or fraud, any stress that you have during the process can make it more difficult to run your business. That matters to us, and we aim to alleviate it.

Let Oberheiden P.C. Guide Your Company Through All Stages of Your Case

If you run a cryptocurrency company, bitcoin mining organization, or a business that uses blockchain technologies, you need attentive and experienced legal representation to guide you through the rapidly-evolving maze of regulations and to defend your company if it gets accused of wrongdoing.

The blockchain team at Oberheiden P.C. has that experience.

Call us at 866-926-3417 or contact us online to learn more about our experience and to set up a legal representation that you will let you rest assured that everything is being taken care of.

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