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Medical Billing Fraud Allegations Related to Sleep Apnea Implant Therapy

It has been more than 15 years since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved implant therapy as an alternative to continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machines for the treatment of sleep apnea. Over the past decade and a half, this implant therapy, or implantable treatment, for sleep...

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What are the Penalties for Health Care Fraud Under Federal Law?

Health care fraud is a federal offense that carries substantial civil and criminal penalties. Doctors, business owners, and others accused of health care fraud must engage experienced federal defense counsel in order to avoid practice-threatening consequences. Today, all health care providers are at risk for being targeted in federal investigations....

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What Are the Penalties for Human Trafficking Under Federal Law?

Federal human trafficking charges carry severe penalties—up to and including life imprisonment. If you are under investigation or facing an indictment for human trafficking under The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act (TVPA) or any other provision of the U.S. Code, you need to engage defense counsel immediately. There...

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What are the Penalties for Public Corruption Under Federal Law?

Government officials, public employees, and private citizens can face steep penalties under federal public corruption laws. Here are nine real-life examples of recent cases targeting allegations of public corruption. Public corruption allegations can take many forms, and government officials, public employees, and private citizens accused of engaging in corrupt schemes...

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10 Effective Defenses in White-Collar Cases

We are here today with attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden, founder and managing partner of Oberheiden PC, and one of the country’s most demanded federal defense attorneys, to hear how Nick and his team defend clients that are under investigation for white-collar offenses like healthcare fraud, tax fraud, mail and wire...

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DOJ and VA-OIG Announce New Veterans Affairs Health Care Fraud Task Force

On October 1, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Public Affairs announced that the DOJ and the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (VA-OIG) have established a new joint task force that will focus specifically on targeting VA health care fraud. It is known as...

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How Does the Extradition Process Work?

If you are facing extradition to or from the United States, understanding what you can expect will be critical to making informed decisions as the process unfolds. Extradition is unlike any other legal process or judicial procedure, and successfully fighting extradition could mean the difference between remaining in your home...

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FBI Launches 2020 Investigations into Political Action Committees (PACs)

Political Action Committees and Their Members are Being Targeted in Federal Public Corruption Investigations Political action committees have long faced public criticism for their role in the federal election system. Complaints of “legalized public corruption” and funneling “dark money” to political candidates have swirled for decades. Of course, these types...

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Preparing for a DEA or State Board Pharmacy Investigation

The DEA and state pharmacy boards can conduct unannounced investigations to confirm compliance. Are you prepared to avoid penalties if federal agents or state auditors show up at your door? Pharmacies in the United States are subject to heavy regulation and strict oversight at the state and federal levels. In...

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How CGX Laboratories Can Be Compliant

Medicare began providing coverage for genetic cancer screening (CGX) in 2018. While this was a positive development for testing laboratories, some labs that have been billing Medicare for CGX have run into compliance issues. If your testing laboratory bills Medicare for CGX, this article provides an overview of what you...

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