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Impact of the Government Shutdown on the Federal Court

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As the government shutdown continues into its fourth week with no signs of ending on the horizon, most people have heard of the effects on the national parks, the lines at TSA screening stations at the nation’s airports, and even the President personally sponsoring dinner to the winners of the college football championship due to…

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CEOs Facing Criminal Charges for Hiring Illegal Workers

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ICE Raids and Department of Homeland Security Investigations Increasingly Result in Criminal Charges— Defend Your Business Now! Call the Federal Defense Law Firm and Former Federal Prosecutors at Oberheiden P.C. Today to Learn How to Protect Yourself and Your Business This brief article will provide an overview of current ICE investigations against managers and business…

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The Growing Threat of Zone Program Integrity Contractor (ZPIC) Audits

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Health care providers face immense scrutiny for allegations of fraud and abuse in the current regulatory climate. Consequently, they encounter significant threats to their future business viability, including recoupment and civil/criminal penalties, when undergoing audits conducted by the federal government. It is essential that you as a healthcare provider, servicing the Medicare market, fully understand…

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Bond Pending Appeal in Federal Criminal Cases

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Call the Federal Attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C. Today to Discuss Your Appeal and How to Introduce New Hope into Your Case No one wants to go to prison and no one should go to prison unjustly and unfairly. Bond pending appeals are often the last straw a convicted defendant can grasp to avoid an otherwise…

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