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When Should You Settle Your Case And When Should You Go To Trial?

Categories: Criminal Law & Process

Civil Litigation — Reputable Representation One of the most common questions asked by civil litigation clients is how to determine when they should settle a case and when they should, instead, see the dispute through all the way to trial. Of course, every case is different, but there are some overarching issues to consider when…

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What To Expect At Your Deposition

Categories: Litigation

RAC Audit

In our experience, clients have one of two reactions to learning that they are going to be deposed as either a party or a witness to civil litigation. Either they are nervous and scared that they will ruin the case by answering the questions posed by the opposing attorney “wrong,” or they are too casual…

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Experience Matters: How to Choose a Health Care Litigation Attorney

Categories: Health Care Law

Choosing Health Care Litigation Attorney

Whenever litigation arises that involves physicians or medical businesses, caution is in order. Many examples exist where inexperienced attorneys turned a civil health care litigation into a criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Don’t let this happen to you. If you face the unfortunate situation that you have to defend your practice and your…

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