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CGX, PGX, and Other Testing Laboratories are on the Front Lines of Telemedicine Fraud Investigations

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Toxicology laboratories that work with telemedicine companies and marketing groups to identify Medicare beneficiaries and obtain testing orders can receive tens of millions of dollars per month in program-reimbursed funds. This makes them prime targets for federal health care fraud investigations. Toxicology laboratories play a central role in modern health care. Once a physician assesses…

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What Do Health Care Providers Need to Know about Tricare Audits and Investigations?

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Doctor and Soldier

For health care providers who serve military servicemembers, veterans, and their families, ensuring compliance with the Tricare billing requirements is just as important as complying with the Medicare and Medicaid regulations. Even if treating Tricare beneficiaries makes up only a relatively small percentage of your practice, you are held to the same legal standards as…

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Fighting Extradition from the United States to Foreign Nations

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Countries around the world use extradition treaties with the United States to prosecute individuals suspected of offenses ranging from political crimes to murder and terrorism. The U.S. currently extradites both citizens and non-citizens to more than 100 countries spanning the globe, relying on various bilateral treaties dating back as far as 1872 as well as…

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DOJ Issues Sweeping Indictment Involving Alleged Edge College & Career Network LLC (“The Key”) College Admissions Scandal

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On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that it is actively pursuing charges against dozens of wealthy and high-profile parents, exam administrators, school counselors, and university sports team coaches in connection with an alleged admissions scheme involving Edge College & Career Network LLC (“The Key”) and the Key Worldwide Foundation…

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