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Mobile X-Ray Companies: The New Targets of Federal Investigations

Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden Has a Track Record of Successfully Defending Healthcare Business Owners For years, the federal government has scrutinized home health, hospice agencies, and nursing home facilities for alleged Medicare fraud. Recently, the scope of those investigations has broadened to also include vendors and service providers to those...

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Defending Against Mail Fraud Allegations Under 18 U.S.C. Section 1341

Experienced Federal Lawyers Defending Clients in Mail Fraud Investigations When facing potential charges under the federal healthcare fraud statute (18 U.S.C. Section 1347), the False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute, the Stark Law, or any of the other various statutes that federal prosecutors use to target healthcare providers, it is...

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Defending Physicians Against Manslaughter Charges in Opioid Investigations

You have practiced medicine for many years, perhaps for decades. Patients treasure you because you are dedicated and committed to their needs. Throughout your career you have experienced the joy of working with patients that you made feel better and healthier. Your medical license is in good standing and you...

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International Child Support Obligations: Recognition & Enforcement in the United States

Call 888-680-1745 and Get a Free ConsultationAttorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden represents clients in complex cross-border and international proceedings involving the United States and other legal systems. Trained in negotiations at Harvard Law School and educated at law schools in Europe and the United States, Nick holds a Juris Doctor from...

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How (and When) to Switch Lawyers in Criminal Cases

Call 888-680-1745 and Get a Second Opinion Are you looking for a new lawyer? Are you concerned that your current lawyer is not qualified to provide effective help? Are you afraid you will get charged with a crime or convicted of something you didn't do? Do you feel neglected or...

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DEA Investigation – 100 FAQs on DEA Opioid Investigations

DEA Defense Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden The practice of authorizing and dispensing controlled substances has dramatically changed since the Justice Department announced to fight the national opioid crisis by vigorously prosecuting prescribers and corroborating pharmacies across the country. The essence of the government's claim is that many of the close...

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Why You May Want to Stay Away from “Aggressive” Lawyers

Attorney Nick Oberheiden's Anecdotes from a Recent Visit at the U.S. Attorney's Office Criminal defense lawyers like to say that they are zealous, and aggressive, of course. To top that, lawyers (like most professionals) like to say that they are "the best" in the business. Sometimes they like to form...

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Important Factors For Settling a Whistleblower Case with the Government

False Claims Act Defense Attorney with Substantial Experience Serving Clients in the Healthcare, Education, and Environmental IndustriesAlthough no official statistics exist, it is safe to assume that the vast majority of whistleblower cases settle rather than end up in court litigation.Renowned whistleblower defense attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden has handled a...

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How to Dismiss a Whistleblower Case under the False Claims Act

Reliable Advice, Proven Results: 888-680-1745 Recently, attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden and his team obtained two rare dismissal orders in federal False Claims Act lawsuits. The purpose of this brief article is to provide an overview of the False Claims Act concept, the liability risk, as well as effective ways to...

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When Can a Mobile Ambulance Ride Lead to Charges for Medicare Fraud?

Medicare's Strict Billing Rules for Mobile Ambulance Services Create Significant Risks for EMS Providers Emergency medical services (EMS) providers serve a critical role in our healthcare system. However, like all healthcare providers that bill Medicare for their services, they are subject to strict billing rules and regulations, and failure to...

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