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Business disputes can arise out of a wide array of legal issues involving commercial and business-related transactions, and can have many different repercussions, including court-imposed penalties and long-term impacts. Oberheiden P.C.’s trusted, experienced, and reputable attorneys are committed to protecting the rights and interests of businesses in Little Rock, Arkansas, so that any unnecessary costs and potential delays can be avoided in any types of business litigation.

Business disputes can span across all industries, and all types of businesses will likely have to address legal issues at one point or another. Whether you are the owner/founder of a startup company or the CEO of a publicly traded telecommunications company headquartered in Little Rock, AR, you have to regularly deal with various legal issues. Some of them will lead to business disputes, including internal disputes (i.e., between shareholders and business partners) and third-party disputes (i.e., involving contract counterparties, competitors, vendors, and employees).

When you anticipate involvement in business litigation, it’s in your best interest to seek the professional advice and assistance of highly experienced litigation counsel specialized in business law—the sooner, the better. A strategic approach will help you effectively minimize both the costs associated with business disputes and the impact on your business’s operations.

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A National Business Litigation Law Firm Serving Businesses in Little Rock, Arkansas

At Oberheiden P.C., we assist businesses in the city of Little Rock and other counties throughout the state of Arkansas with protecting their interests when involved in business litigation and resolving matters as quickly as possible. Our highly experienced and reputable litigators have a wealth of in-depth expertise in complex business litigation matters and extensive knowledge of civil court and settlement negotiations.

Our team of business litigation experts is complete with former Department of Justice trial attorneys and former agents with the FBI, OIG, and IRS to provide you with unrivaled legal representation and excellence in all types of business litigation matters. These seasoned experts offer unique and valuable insights into the various risks and opportunities associated with complex disputes. Fully in-house, our trusted team has the ability to create and implement the best business litigation strategies more efficiently and expeditiously, which works to your advantage.

The Most Common Types of Business Disputes Our Law Firm Handles

There is a wide range of business-related legal issues that can lead to different types of business disputes, but the vast majority of them involve just a handful of core legal issues. At Oberheiden P.C., we diligently and regularly provide legal representation to businesses and business owners as well as other clients in business litigations that involve the following types of disputes:

1. Partnership Disputes

Partnerships are very common in many different types of businesses, including startups and professional services companies, but oftentimes disputes can arise. In addition to causing disruption to a limited liability company’s (LLC) operations, partnership disputes can adversely impact its viability in the long term. In these types of business-to-business disputes, a resolution, including ADR where appropriate, is needed as quickly as possible. This is because disagreements between LLC members and partners over the corporate entity’s financial management and direction can escalate, with ramifications that can negatively impact its operation, employees, customers, and clients.

Properly and thoroughly reviewing the specific partnership agreements to identify any risks and opportunities is absolutely imperative before initiating out-of-court settlement negotiations. Essential questions that must be accurately answered include:

  • Does the agreement provide a resolution?
  • If it doesn’t, then is a venue for seeking a resolution specified?
  • Does it provide any remedies that can be invoked by one or more partners to protect their personal investment and the partnership?

An early out-of-court settlement is often suggested, as it helps minimize litigation costs while keeping the case out of the public eye. Whenever possible and appropriate, we pursue alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as arbitration and mediation, settlement negotiations, and other means short of trial to achieve our clients’ desired end results. But rest assured that as a leading business litigation law firm, we will aggressively represent our clients in Arkansas state court and federal district court when resolving a dispute amicably is not possible.

2. Shareholder Disputes

Presenting similar concerns but additional complexities, shareholder disputes can be resolved by seeking the assistance of an experienced litigator specializing in these types of disputes. We diligently represent Little Rock, AR clients involved both in business disputes between individual shareholders and shareholder derivative litigation, the latter targeting allegations of wrongdoing by board members or executives. We have obtained favorable end results in such disputes involving owners of private and public companies by pursuing ADR procedures and amicable settlement negotiations, as well as aggressively litigating in federal and state court.

3. Employment Disputes

Employees have certain rights under Arkansas state and federal law. When faced with employee claims, making the mistake of quick judgment is by no means an option for a company. At Oberheiden P.C., we strategically represent Little Rock, AR businesses in all types of employment disputes, ranging from wrongful termination allegations and discrimination to claims of hiring undocumented workers. We have the necessary skills, expertise, and experience to handle business litigation in both federal and state court, as well as private arbitration, and administrative hearings before the Arkansas Department of Labor and the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EOEC).

4. Customer Disputes

Due to their complexities, disputes involving clients and customers require two critical skills— strategic decision-making and sound judgment. When facing customer litigation, it’s essential to retain an experienced business litigation attorney to make strategic decisions for you and take legal action to protect your rights and interests. We represent businesses in disputes which are initiated by them, our clients, as well as in disputes initiated by customers. We properly evaluate the merits of the dispute and work with our client to determine the best course of action for a favorable outcome.

5. Breach of Contract Disputes

This type of dispute is inevitable in the business context as agreements and contracts are entered into on a daily basis. When they arise, contract provisions with respect to breach generally prevail in terms of arbitration/mediation, liability, and legal jurisdiction. Breach of contract allegations are often just one of several allegations in a larger commercial dispute, thus requiring the assistance of experienced business litigation counsel to develop the best contract litigation strategy.

At Oberheiden P.C., we have extensive experience handling all types of contract breaches, from anticipatory and minor breach of contract to actual/fundamental and material breach of contract.

In addition to these five most common types of business-related disputes, there are myriad other legal issues in the business context. Other types of legal issues that may lead to business litigation between executives, employees, contracting parties, competitors, and other entities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Antitrust and franchising disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Disputes arising out of noncompete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Trade secret infringement (misappropriation)
  • Disputes over intellectual property (IP), including trademarks, patents, and copyrights
  • Breach of warranty, representation, and indemnity obligations
  • Disputes involving non-performance and non-payment
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Disputes involving fraud (consumer, bank, or securities/stock/investment fraud)
  • Disputes arising out of business torts
  • Joint enterprise disputes and those involving business mergers and acquisitions

Due to business litigation’s complexity and multi-faceted legal implications, you should discuss with and retain a seasoned business litigation attorney who is readily accessible to you. At Oberheiden P.C., our highly respected and experienced business litigation counsel and consultants are available to our clients 24/7. They will meticulously evaluate the merits of the dispute, help you understand your options, and implement the most efficient strategy to achieve the best results possible.

Why Hire Oberheiden P.C. for Business Litigation in Little Rock, Arkansas?

When faced with a business-related dispute in Little Rock, AR, or surrounding areas, your business and possibly even your personal financial resources and reputation are at stake. Here are just a few reasons why you should confidently choose Oberheiden P.C.:

An Integrated In-House Team and Outstanding Experience in All Types of Business Litigation Matters

Unlike other law firms, Oberheiden P.C. exclusively hires senior attorneys. Rest assured that our law firm has no junior attorneys, secretaries, and paralegals. Furthermore, we have the unique capacity to handle all and any of our esteemed clients’ business-related disputes entirely in-house for added convenience and financial benefit, as our team includes former special agents with the FBI, IRS, and other federal agencies.

24/7 Availability to Our Clients

As a client of our law firm, you will benefit from the unique expertise of our senior litigators and consultants, who are readily available to you 24/7.

We Routinely Handle Business Litigation Matters in Federal Courts

Due to their complexity and the fact that both sides typically have claims as well as defenses, business claims are often tried in federal court, which is why you need an experienced trial attorney. We have a wealth of hands-on experience handling complex business disputes in federal district courts.

Our Impressive Experience and In-Depth Expertise in a Wide Array of Industries

With exceptional combined experience spanning centuries, our litigation attorneys have provided first-class legal representation to clients in all industries, including healthcare, agriculture, telecommunications, aviation, high technology, and many more.

We Assist Clients Across the United States

Business disputes are oftentimes not limited to just one jurisdiction. We have the ability to aggressively represent Little Rock, AR, businesses and residents in commercial litigation throughout the state of Arkansas as well as in federal court and other state jurisdictions across the nation.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Case with a Senior Member of Our In-House Business Litigation Team

For more information about our business and commercial litigation team or to discuss your specific case with highly experienced in-house counsel, contact us to arrange a free initial assessment of your case. Good things do not come to those who wait when faced with a business dispute, regardless of its type. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Oberheiden P.C. by phone at 888-680-1745 or via the online contact form to speak with one of our senior business litigation attorneys.

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