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Our Approach

What to Expect When You Hire Oberheiden P.C. to Handle Your Business Litigation Needs

When you hire the lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. to legally represent your company in a business litigation case, you can expect 8 things from us:

  1. A wide breadth of knowledge in business law
  2. An unmatched depth of knowledge in business law
  3. Direct communication with the senior lawyers on your case
  4. A personalized strategy that takes account of your company’s specific interests and goals
  5. Creative advocacy outside of the courtroom
  6. A willingness to take your case to trial to further your interests
  7. Legal advice that is steeped in our extensive experience representing others with similar issues as your own
  8. An appreciation for the often-overlooked repercussions of litigation, like a blemish on your company’s reputation

Each of these traits set us apart from other business litigation law firms. Together, they make us a formidable advocate for your company.

1. A Wide Breadth of Understanding of Business Law

Business law is infamously broad. Over the course of their daily operations, companies in the same industry can walk through a huge variety of legal fields. Those in different industries will invoke an even wider range of statutory and regulatory requirements and obligations. Just a few of the most common areas of law that crop up in business litigation cases are:

Furthermore, the specific industry that you do business in can drastically alter the legal landscape and context of a business litigation case. For example, your company’s rights, obligations, and interests vary widely if it is a:

For the experienced business litigation lawyers at Oberheiden P.C., though, the wide variety of legal issues that are present in any given case are not a cause for concern: Rather, they are an opportunity to pursue your company’s interests and its defense on multiple fronts at once.

2. A Deep Understanding of Business Litigation

In addition to having a wide familiarity with the diverse fields of business litigation law, the lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. also have the experience necessary to have a thorough and deep understanding in each one of them. After representing many businesses with needs similar to your own, our attorneys have seen similar cases before and have helped other businesses navigate through them to an outcome that furthers their interests.

3. Direct Communication with Senior Attorneys

But how can a firm boast of such a deep and thorough understanding of such a wide array of legal practice areas? Because at Oberheiden P.C., all of our attorneys are senior lawyers with distinguished experience in business litigation issues. We do not have junior associates who have just finished law school on our staff, nor do we have secretaries to provide a communication buffer between our attorneys and our clients. Instead, you interact directly with the skilled, experienced senior attorney who is on your case.

We use this business structure not just to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a senior attorney is on your side from the beginning to the end. We also use it to eliminate a potential source for a communication breakdown and so our lawyers can experience, first-hand, your worries and concerns.

4. Personalized Strategies That Protect Your Company

That direct line of communication between your company and our senior lawyers allows us to better craft an offensive or defensive strategy that is catered specifically to the needs of your company.

Many of our clients herald this part of our approach to be the most valuable to their business. Lots of business litigation law firms have successfully represented clients in cases that are similar to your own in the past. Unfortunately, many of them presume that the outcome secured in that prior case is the exact same goal that you mean to achieve in the present one.

That is not how we learn from our prior successes at Oberheiden P.C. Instead, we focus on developing and implementing successful methods for specific problems that can be used to our client’s benefit. The destination is your own. We provide the means to get there.

5. Creative Advocacy to Pursue Your Company’s Interests

Precisely because of the wide range of legal issues that are subsumed within business law, there are also a lot of creative ways to maneuver in the environment and secure a good outcome for your business. This is particularly the case when your company is seeking to use business litigation on the offensive, rather than on the defensive side.

In these cases, there are often numerous ways for your business to get the outcome that it wants. If, for example, a competitor is engaging in unfair trade practices and their conduct is hurting your business, you may have a wide variety of options for holding them accountable, including:

  • Referring the case to criminal law enforcement
  • If your competitor is receiving federal funds through its conduct, filing a False Claims Act
  • Filing a whistleblower action
  • Finding an ex-employee of your competitor with insider knowledge and getting their non-disclosure agreement thrown out so they can talk

Business law presents lots of different ways to get what you want. Some find the choice crippling. The lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. find them all as a potential opportunity.

6. A Willingness to Go to Trial, if Necessary

Having a lawyer on your side who is willing and able to take a business litigation case all the way to trial is essential, and not just because it can lead to a successful outcome in the courtroom: It also helps during settlement discussions and other negotiations.

If your company has an attorney with a track record of taking cases to trial, your opponent is going to behave differently than if you have a lawyer who always settles the case, even if only at the last minute.

At Oberheiden P.C., our approach is to treat every case like it is going to go to trial. In many cases, even if it is in your interests to avoid the courtroom at all costs, it can still be wise to make it seem like you want to go all the way to protect your company’s interests. This can instill some uncertainty in the other side and make them more willing to sacrifice more in order to end the case.

7. Extensive Experience in Business Litigation Matters

As a business litigation law firm with nothing but senior attorneys, there is little that we have not seen in the business field. Odds are that we have handled your situation before, or at least one very similar to it. That experience lets us predict how other parties are likely to react to your next moves, providing you with the insight necessary to stay one step ahead of your competition.

8. An Appreciation for the Fallout from Litigation That Can Hurt Your Company

Many business litigation firms talk about the repercussions of a lawsuit or a particular legal representation in terms of civil liability, penalties, and the amount of compensatory, liquidated, and consequential damages that your company can be made to pay.

But that is only the beginning of the potential outcomes that your company can face.

When you are on defense in business litigation, there are two important penalties that are often overlooked:

  1. Reputational harm to your business, and
  2. Potential criminal consequences.

If you are facing a civil allegation of wrongdoing and you vigorously defend against it but the facts are not on your side, the outcome of the loud and full defense is usually far more damaging to your company’s reputation than a quiet settlement out of court. Now the damning allegations have been proven to be true. The long-term effect of that blemish on your company’s reputation can have far greater financial damage on your business than the civil liability from the case.

Worse, though, civil business litigation frequently turns into criminal charges. Law enforcement agencies often monitor the progress of civil cases that could implicate federal law. If the plaintiff prevails against you and substantially proves the elements of a criminal offense during the case, your company may find itself charged with a crime just as it reels from the shock of a loss in the civil courtroom.

At Oberheiden P.C., our approach focuses on avoiding these outcomes and preserving the integrity of your business.

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