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Queens Business Litigation

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Attorney Nick OberheidenQueens Business Litigation
Team Lead
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Queens address – by appointment only:
The Falchi Building, 31-00 47th Ave Suite 3100
Queens, NY 11101

Whether you are an executive or a business owner, you understand that any type of litigation can be detrimental to your company. These legal matters are time-consuming and expensive, often taking you away from the daily operations of your business. Unfortunately, these disputes can occur for several reasons, and in many cases, they are unavoidable. When facing any possible business litigation, you will want to turn to a law firm with the experience to represent your business and interests. Oberheiden P.C. is ready to help with any business litigation in Queens and the surrounding boroughs.

How Oberheiden P.C. Differs from Other Law Firms

At Oberheiden P.C., we understand that experience matters in these cases. For that reason, we have assembled a team of prominent and successful business litigators with the backgrounds to handle various legal issues.

After hiring us, we will thoroughly examine all the evidence and provide you with a few legal options. Our law firm always wants you to be prepared for any possible outcome in your case. By taking a comprehensive look at your specific circumstances, we can focus on helping you reach the best possible resolution for your legal issue.

Why choose Oberheiden P.C. for your business litigation issues?

Here is a brief overview of our practice:

  • We have experience representing businesses throughout New York and the rest of the United States.
  • Our senior attorneys and former federal litigators have handled over 2,000 cases.
  • We only employ senior attorneys, meaning a paralegal or junior associate will never handle your case.
  • Our firm will work diligently to protect your reputation, rights, and assets in any business litigation dispute.
  • We employ former federal investigators who will find evidence to strategically dismantle the opposition’s case.

We Can Handle Various Types of Business Disputes

At Oberheiden P.C., we can represent you and your business in all types of legal issues and disputes. Some of the types of business disputes that we handle include the following:

Breach of Contract

All parties must adhere to specific terms and conditions within any contract. While signing these contracts is often a formality, all sides must live up to those outlined terms. Typically, when the contract uses vague language or has unclear phrasing, it can lead to disputes, including allegations of breaching an agreement.

At Oberheiden P.C., our law firm can assist on both sides of these issues. Whether you need to enforce certain agreements or have been accused of a breach, our experienced business litigation attorneys will look closely at all signed contracts and agreements. We always take an individualized approach to protect your business and interests.

Business Fraud

Any type of business fraud accusation is serious and will require legal representation. Often, plaintiffs try to hold executives and business owners personally liable for their losses, which means the courts could use your assets and property to pay off those debts. Also, a fraud case can severely damage your business’s reputation. When you first hear about an allegation of fraud, reach out to a skilled business litigation team for guidance. Oberheiden P.C. has defended thousands of businesses against these accusations of fraud.

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation can be challenging to understand. Many of these issues involve former employees filing lawsuits against businesses for wage discrepancies, discrimination, or other grievances. When facing this type of litigation, make sure to seek the assistance of an experienced business litigation law firm. At Oberheiden P.C., we have successfully represented clients in employment litigation issues, ranging from non-compete agreement enforcement to wrongful termination claims. Our legal team will develop a solid strategy to help protect the interests of your company.

Infringement and Misappropriation of Intellectual Property

Oberheiden P.C. understands that any intellectual property is valuable to a business. These properties are some of the business’s most valuable assets. Litigation involving intellectual property is a serious matter. You need representation from skilled attorneys who have successfully handled these cases. Our business litigation lawyers help you navigate these complex cases, including issues with trade secrets, copyrights, patents, trademarks, and proprietary information.

Shareholder, Partner, and Member Disputes

Navigating any business dispute involving partners, shareholders, or members can be challenging. You want to work towards the same goals but may not know how to reach them. The legal team at Oberheiden P.C. is composed of knowledgeable business litigation attorneys with experience working with these matters. They have reached successful resolutions in many cases without heading to the courtroom. We can help everyone achieve a mutually beneficial solution in these high-stakes disputes.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Dr. Nick Oberheiden



Lynette S. Byrd
Lynette S. Byrd

Former DOJ Trial Attorney


Brian J. Kuester
Brian J. Kuester

Former U.S. Attorney

Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall

Former U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

Joe Brown
Joe Brown

Former U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

John W. Sellers
John W. Sellers

Former Senior DOJ Trial Attorney

Linda Julin McNamara
Linda Julin McNamara

Federal Appeals Attorney

Aaron L. Wiley
Aaron L. Wiley

Former DOJ attorney

Local Counsel

Roger Bach
Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (DOJ)

Chris Quick
Chris J. Quick

Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael S. Koslow
Michael S. Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Ray Yuen
Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Common Issues in Business Litigation

Many complex issues can arise during any business litigation dispute. These issues involve everything from personal liability to discovery problems. At Oberheiden P.C., we always take a continuous look at your case. Our team will evaluate and re-evaluate all the aspects to ensure you have the strongest argument tailored to meet the legal circumstances in the case. Some of the most common issues we handle include the following:

Discovery Disputes

Any issues involving discovery can add more costs and time to the litigation case. At Oberheiden P.C., we can strategically use this process to your advantage. We will actively pursue all legal remedies available under federal law to strengthen your case.

Fraud and Illegal Acts

By participating in fraud or other illegal acts, business owners, board members, and executives can be held personally liable for those damages. If you may face the possibility of personal liability, it is vital to act quickly. Our senior attorneys will tailor your defense strategy to lessen the impact of these judgments. At Oberheiden P.C., we have several ways to attack those claims related to piercing the corporate veil.


Any allegation of wrongdoing can have a devastating effect on you and your business. The legal team of Oberheiden P.C. understands these sensitive matters. We will take all steps to ensure the confidentiality of the proceedings. Our experienced litigation team will use all appropriate judicial means to protect your proprietary information and reputation during the case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Litigation

What Are the Potential Outcomes in These Cases?


Many plaintiffs will seek different remedies in these legal matters, but most want to be awarded monetary damages. Compensatory damages are intended to compensate the plaintiff for losses in a breach of contract or other civil wrongdoing. Liquidated damages are often substituted for compensatory damages in these contract-involved claims. Some special damages can go beyond the direct losses from a business tort or contract claim. Occasionally, punitive damages are also available, though plaintiffs frequently add punitive damages to their complaint to give themselves leverage in settlement negotiations. Finally, attorneys’ costs and fees are typically covered by each party, but exceptions exist.

Can You Settle a Business Dispute Without Going To Court?


In many cases, these disputes are settled out of court or without the need to file a lawsuit. Usually, both parties want to find an amicable resolution to their conflicts. For that reason, there is a higher out-of-court settlement percentage involving business litigation cases than other types of claim. At Oberheiden P.C., our experienced lawyers have helped many clients reach these settlements. However, remember that some cases go to trial, and you need to prepare for the possibility of taking your case before a judge or jury. Our legal team understands those scenarios, and we will actively develop the strongest legal strategy for your business dispute. Every case is unique, with special circumstances surrounding each disagreement. Whether you can reach a settlement or not will depend on your particular legal issue.

Is My Business Dispute Subjected To Mandatory Mediation or Arbitration?


In some cases, you may have an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause in your contract. With that, all parties have agreed to use the services of a third party to resolve their disagreement. These alternative methods are used instead of litigation, and they can provide a better solution for all parties engaged in a dispute.

Depending on the terms of your contract, taking your dispute to court may not be possible. Both parties must generally pursue these alternative actions when a contract stipulates these resolution methods. Mandatory alternative dispute resolution clauses will make exceptions for specific activities or claims in some situations. Hiring a skilled business litigation firm will help you determine what legal resolutions are required or available to you.

Will These Litigation Issues Become Public Record?


Generally, a lawsuit filed in federal or state court can end up in public records. For that reason, many would-be litigators might not pursue a legal claim. However, there are options for businesses that need to protect their proprietary or confidential information during litigation. One option is to file under seal. Once the litigation process begins, all parties will have a shared interest to avoid any public disclosure or publicity in the case. If that is the situation with your business, our senior attorneys have methods to ensure your information is protected by seeking confidential treatment in court.

Consult With Our Queens Business Litigation Lawyers

No matter the type of business litigation issue, the experienced attorneys at Oberheiden P.C. are ready to assist you with these matters. We understand the complexity of these legal disputes, and we will work to protect your reputation and interests from the moment we take the case. Our law firm is ready to discuss your situation. You can schedule a consultation by calling 888-680-1745 or filling out the online form.

Why Clients Trust Oberheiden P.C.

  • 2,000+ Cases Won
  • Available Nights & Weekends
  • Experienced Trial Attorneys
  • Former Department of Justice Trial Attorney
  • Former Federal Prosecutors, U.S. Attorney’s Office
  • Former Agents from FBI, OIG, DEA
  • Serving Clients Nationwide
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