Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyers - Oberheiden, P.C.
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Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyers

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Attorney Nick Oberheiden
Riverside Federal Criminal Defense
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Riverside address – by appointment only:
7121 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504

At Oberheiden, P.C., we provide strategic representation backed by legal experience in high-stakes federal matters. If you are facing criminal charges in Riverside, CA, call our highly experienced Riverside criminal defense lawyer at 888-680-1745 now to discuss your defense.

If you are under investigation or facing criminal charges in Riverside, do everything possible to defend yourself. A conviction could change the rest of your life. If you own a business or rely on your public reputation, prosecution can have serious outcomes regardless of the final resolution of your case.

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Trust us, we know. We have represented business owners, licensed professionals, public figures, and other clients in federal criminal cases in California and nationwide. Our experience in thousands of federal investigations and grand jury proceedings has shown us the motives and tactics of federal prosecutors. We know what it takes to assert an effective defense. If you are under investigation or facing charges, your career and future are in peril. But, you also have the right to defend yourself. At Oberheiden, P.C., we are well-versed in federal criminal law. We can help ensure the results of your interactions with federal authorities are no worse than absolutely necessary.

Decisive and Strategic Legal Representation for Federal Criminal Cases in Riverside, CA

We focus our practice on federal criminal defense. We emphasize representing physicians, business owners, politicians, and licensed professionals accused of white-collar and drug-related crimes. Our skilled Riverside criminal defense attorneys get involved at all stages of the criminal justice process. Note, the greatest chance for a favorable pretrial resolution is when you engage us early in the process.

1. Federal Agency Investigations

With a criminal defense team including several former senior prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, we have been involved on both sides of over 2,000 federal investigations. This includes those conducted by the:

  • Department of Justice (DOJ),
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA),
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG), as well as various other teams and task forces.

In federal investigations, prompt intervention is the key to lowering your risk of prosecution. Our Riverside criminal defense lawyers focus on resolving clients’ investigations without charges filed. In order to do so, we utilize defense strategies that include:

  • Limiting the scope of the government’s investigation
  • Challenging false allegations and faulty assumptions
  • Identifying constitutional violations and other improper practices
  • Selectively disclosing favorable evidence
  • Maintaining pressure and making our presence known at every turn

2. Grand Jury Subpoenas and Testimony

If you have been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury, you need to begin preparing your response, right away. Although limited, there are grounds to challenge grand jury subpoenas. It may be in your best interest to file a motion in federal district court or seek to negotiate to reduce the scope of your subpoena. In that instance, there is substantial work that must begin right away.

When testifying before a federal grand jury, you aren’t entitled to have your attorney in the courtroom. You can, however, speak with your attorney out of the grand jury’s presence. As a result, it is imperative to prepare thoroughly. Once again, this is a process that requires as much time as possible. Should the grand jury find “probable cause” to believe you have committed a federal crime, an indictment follows. After that point, a trial date is set.

3. Pretrial Litigation Practice

The pretrial litigation phase is just as important, if not more so, than the trial itself. The phase presents options to position your case favorably for trial. It is also a time for negotiations to resolve your case without going to court. Our Riverside federal criminal defense attorneys have effectively negotiated with prosecutors during pretrial litigation. Results ranged from favorable plea deals that avoid prison time to the complete dismissal of our clients’ charges.

4. Trial and Sentencing

Federal criminal trials begin with the U.S. Attorney’s Office presenting its case first. The defense goes next and our proven federal criminal defense trial attorneys present your case. Then both sides rest and the case is handed over to the jury for a verdict. Of course, with federal trials lasting anywhere from days to weeks, there are many steps involved. Each of these steps represents an opportunity to sway the jury (or the judge) in your favor.

If the jury decides the U.S. Attorney’s Office has met its burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, your case will proceed to sentencing. At this stage, our sole focus is on minimizing the penalties of your conviction to the greatest extent possible.

5. Federal Criminal Appeals

Under federal law, criminal convictions and sentences are subject to appeal on a variety of grounds. A Riverside federal criminal defense lawyer from Oberheiden, P.C. represents clients in trial and appellate litigation. Once convicted in the United States District Court for the Central District of California in Riverside, we can determine if there are grounds to challenge your conviction or sentence in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyers

Learn More about Your Case

Facing criminal charges in federal court presents many challenges, and most people find the criminal justice process frightening and confusing. To gain a basic understanding of what to expect during your federal investigation or trial in Riverside, CA, we encourage you to read:

  • What are Conditions for Pretrial Release? – There are certain effective strategies for seeking pretrial release. If you are detained pending trial, our attorneys can help you determine the best path forward.
  • Federal Grand Jury Subpoena Defense – Federal grand jury proceedings are very different from any other aspect of the criminal justice process. Learn about responding to a federal grand jury subpoena and preparing to testify in court.
  • What are My Options after Being Federally Indicted? – If you have been indicted, what does this mean for your defense? Find out what to expect as you prepare for trial from nationally-renowned federal defense lawyer, Dr. Nick Oberheiden.
  • What Is the Burden of Proof in Federal Criminal Cases? – What does it mean to prove someone’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”? Find out how the jury will determine your guilt if your case goes to verdict in federal district court.
  • How to Prepare for a Criminal Trial – If your case goes to trial, everything from posting on social media to destroying evidence can have an impact on your ability to defend yourself successfully. Learn about some steps to take, and mistakes to avoid, as your court date approaches.
  • How Can I Prepare for My Sentencing Hearing? – In the federal district court, sentencing is a separate stage of the trial following the jury’s finding of guilt. Learn how our attorneys continue fighting for you if you are convicted at trial.

Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions about Defending Federal Charges in Riverside, CA

Q: What are some possible defenses to federal criminal charges?

There are various defenses, and defense strategies, that can apply under different situations. When our Riverside criminal defense attorney represents you, we will use a methodological approach to identify the defenses available and develop a strategy to protect you against conviction. Some of these potential defenses include:

  • Unlawful arrest
  • Unlawful search or seizure
  • Denial of the right to legal counsel or the right to remain silent
  • Lack of evidence
  • Coercion, entrapment, and other affirmative defenses
  • Statutory “safe harbors” and exceptions

Q: What should I do if I have received a target letter or subpoena?

If you have received a target letter or subpoena, you need to speak with a federal criminal lawyer promptly. You are at risk of being charged with a federal crime (or, potentially, multiple federal crimes). At this point, even simple mistakes could have severe effects.

Q: How can your attorneys determine my risk of conviction and sentencing?

Determining the risk of conviction and sentencing in a federal criminal case requires a critical review of many factors. Every detail has potentially significant implications. Everything from the agency (or agencies) involved in your investigation to the government’s reason to target you is important. When you engage Oberheiden, P.C., to represent you, the criminal defense lawyers on our team will work quickly to gather the information necessary to assess your potential exposure and determine the best defense strategy to protect you.

Q: Does your firm represent clients in Riverside, CA?

Yes. We are a federal criminal defense law firm with a national presence. We have offices around the country. We are able to efficiently and cost-effectively represent clients facing prosecution in Riverside, CA.

Discuss Your Case in Confidence

Fighting criminal charges will entail finding the best criminal defense attorneys. If you need legal counsel for a federal investigation in Riverside, CA, or for criminal charges pending in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, don’t hire just any criminal defense law practice. Call Oberheiden, P.C. at 888-680-1745 or contact us online now to schedule a free and confidential case assessment. The Riverside criminal defense attorneys on our defense team are available 24/7.

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