San Jose Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers - Oberheiden, P.C.
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San Jose Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers (FBI, OIG, IRS, DEA)

Your experienced San Jose Criminal Defense Lawyers for matters related to FBI, OIG, IRS, and DEA investigations, charges and arrests.

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Attorney Nick Oberheiden
San Jose Federal Criminal Defense
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San Jose address – by appointment only:
2570 N. First Street 2nd Floor
San Jose, CA 95131

Our San Jose federal criminal defense attorneys have experience on both sides of federal criminal law matters. If you are under investigation or facing charges, we can protect your business, your freedom, and your future. Call 888-680-1745 now for a free consultation and case assessment.

If you are under federal investigation or facing federal charges in San Jose, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. There is simply no other way to put it. The government has a team of special agents and prosecutors with unlimited resources working hard to convict you. To have a fighting chance, you need real experience on your side.

At Oberheiden, P.C., we turn the tables in our clients’ favor. With a team of federal defense attorneys and several highly experienced former prosecutors with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), we know what it takes to keep our clients out of prison. We also know what it takes to resolve our clients’ cases without criminal prosecution. When we’ve been involved prior to indictment, we helped our clients avoid charges in the vast majority of cases. To date, not a single client has been forced to close a business due to an investigation when we were involved.

We think that pretty much says it all. When you’re at risk for huge fines and long-term federal prison terms, what is more important than getting back to business as usual? No law office can ever guarantee the outcome of a case. But, we believe our record with the criminal justice system speaks for itself.

About Oberheiden, P.C. | Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving San Jose, CA

San Jose Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers (FBI, OIG, IRS, DEA)

Founded by federal attorney Nick Oberheiden, Ph.D., Oberheiden, P.C., is a federal criminal defense law firm with a national presence focused on representing clients in federal matters. We have law office locations across the country, including multiple offices in California. We represent clients in investigations, pretrial and trial matters, and federal appeals. Our firm has an emphasis on representing healthcare providers and other entities in the healthcare industry. We also represent politicians, corporate executives, and other high-profile individuals. Each case has the same simple goal of protecting our client as fully, quickly, and discreetly as possible.

What can you expect when you choose Oberheiden, P.C., for your federal criminal case in San Jose, CA?

  • Strategic Representation Backed by Federal Experience – We approach every case with a strategic plan tailored to the unique facts involved. We develop our strategies based on prior experience on both sides of federal criminal cases.
  • A Focus on PreIndictment Resolution – If in the government’s crosshairs, the best outcome is to resolve your case before indictment. Our clients are fiercely represented during the investigative process. We never assume they will be indicted on criminal charges.
  • A Team Approach that Maximizes the Strength of Your Defense – With our team approach, you have notable federal criminal experience on your side. Our federal defense team are all talented federal attorneys. They know what it takes to overcome allegations of criminal conduct in federal cases.
  • Skilled and Aggressive Challenges to the Government’s Tactics – From investigation to prosecution at trial, we use every possible opening to challenge the government’s tactics. Any flaw in the investigative or prosecution process can provide you with a defense. We will exploit every government mistake to your advantage.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Your Best Interests – If possible, we will resolve your case prior to indictment. If charges are certain, we will do whatever is necessary to protect you from a guilty verdict at trial.

Federal Defense Attorneys for FBI, OIG, IRS, and DEA Matters in San Jose, CA

Our federal defense practice represents clients in healthcare and other white-collar criminal matters. We work with:

  • Physicians,
  • Pharmacists,
  • Group practices,
  • Executives,
  • Business owners, and
  • Other individuals and entities in San Jose and nationwide.
Contact a San Jose federal criminal defense lawyer today at Oberheiden, P.C. for a free and confidential assessment of your federal case involving allegations of:
  • Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud, or Securities Fraud
  • Conspiracy or Attempt
  • Federal Drug Charges (including Prescription Drug Charges)
  • Healthcare Fraud (including Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare Fraud)
  • Internet and Computer Crimes
  • Mail Fraud or Wire Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Public Corruption and Bribery
  • Tax Evasion or Other Federal Tax Violations
  • Theft, Counterfeiting, or Embezzlement
  • Other White-Collar Crimes

Understanding Your Federal Criminal Case Involving the FBI, OIG, IRS, or DEA

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Matters

The FBI investigates a range of federal crimes. Anything from criminal conspiracies and organized crime to identity theft and healthcare fraud are in the FBI’s purview. We have extensive experience fending off criminal charges during FBI investigations.

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Healthcare Fraud Investigations

The OIG is the law enforcement division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). It investigates and prosecutes healthcare providers suspected of illegal practices. Such actions include offering and accepting “kickbacks” and submitting “false and fraudulent” claims for Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Enforcement Proceedings

The IRS does much more than collect taxes every April. Its criminal enforcement division aggressively targets individuals and organizations suspected of tax evasion and other tax crimes. It often works with other agencies in large-scale takedowns and other law enforcement initiatives.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Prosecutions

The DEA enforces the criminal provisions of the Controlled Substances Act against individuals and organizations. In the healthcare context, DEA investigations and prosecutions typically focus on physicians’ and pharmacists’ prescription drug practices. They place a particular emphasis on alleged prescription drug diversion.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs): Fighting Federal Criminal Charges in San Jose, CA

Q: I just discovered that I am being targeted in a federal investigation. What now?

If your business or practice is targeted by federal authorities in San Jose, you must focus all your efforts on your defense. We help you respond quickly to intervene in the investigation. Revealing flaws underlying the government’s decision to look into your business or practice is the best way to secure a fast and discrete resolution.

Intervening in a federal investigation requires significant knowledge and insights into the federal process. That’s why you need experienced legal representation. At Oberheiden, P.C., we resolve most of our clients’ cases during the investigation. We have substantial experience intervening in FBI, OIG, IRS, and DEA investigations.

Q: How can I find out what charges the federal government is investigating?

Figuring out why you are under investigation is the first step toward mounting a successful defense. As part of the intervention process, we seek to quickly gather as much information about the government’s investigation as possible so that we can determine not only (i) what the allegations are, but also (ii) where they originated. Both of these are equally important. Defense strategies vary for different types of federal charges, and defending against allegations filed by a “whistleblower” is very different from challenging faulty determinations in a Medicaid or IRS audit.

Q: Am I at risk for prison time if I am under investigation by the FBI, OIG, IRS, or DEA?

Potentially, yes. If your case is criminal in nature (determining whether the government’s investigation is civil or criminal is another crucial early step in the federal defense process), then the primary penalties you are facing are fines and incarceration. Each federal statute specifies its own penalties, but most federal white-collar crimes carry anywhere from several years to several decades of imprisonment.

Q: Is it a defense if I did not intend to commit a federal crime?

Possibly. Intent is a key element of many federal criminal offenses. If federal prosecutors cannot prove that you intended to commit a crime (or, stated differently, if you can raise sufficient doubt about your mental state at the time the alleged crime was committed), this may provide a complete defense to criminal guilt.

However, before you focus solely on lack of intent as a defense strategy, it’s important to keep a few other factors in mind. Notably, even if you lacked the mental state (or “mens rea“) necessary to commit a criminal offense, you could still be at risk for civil penalties. As a result, you must be very careful to avoid admitting any element of the alleged offense. And the best way to avoid this type of mistake is to let your defense counsel communicate with the authorities on your behalf.

Contact Our San Jose Federal Criminal Defense Attorney to Discuss Your Case

Whether you simply have questions or you need our defense team to act immediately to intervene in the government’s investigation, we encourage you to contact our San Jose federal criminal defense lawyers for a free and confidential case assessment. To discuss your FBI, OIG, IRS, or DEA case in San Jose, call 888-680-1745 or request an appointment online now.

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