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Compliance Issues Related to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

While Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing is considered the gold standard of exercise testing, it is not appropriate for all patients. Over recent decades, advancements in medicine and technology have extended the expected lifespan. However, while newly available medical testing can help to diagnose serious health conditions, practitioners must be careful when...

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3 Fundamental Pieces of an FBI Compliance Program

The U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division published its updated "Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs" memo in June 2020. It provides detailed information on what factors prosecutors should consider when (1) conducting their investigations of a corporation, (2) determining whether to bring charges, and (3) negotiating pleas or other agreements....

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How to Setup a Cardiac Testing Program that is Legal and Compliant

Experienced Cardiac & Genetic Testing Fraud Defense Team If you need advice regarding how to set up a cardiac testing program that is consistent and compliant with all applicable federal laws, do not hesitate to contact a health care fraud defense attorney right away. Cardiac and genetic testing programs are...

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How to be Compliant with Cardiac Testing for Lab Executives and Cardiologists

Experienced Cardiac & Genetic Testing Compliance Attorneys Do you need compliance services for your cardiac or genetic testing program? Do you want to make sure that your business operations are properly safeguarded against federal liability? If so, it is time to hire an experienced health care compliance attorney. The Federal...

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