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Bond Pending Appeal in Federal Criminal Cases

Call the Federal Attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C. Today to Discuss Your Appeal and How to Introduce New Hope into Your Case No one wants to go to prison and no one should go to prison unjustly and unfairly. Bond pending appeals are often the last straw a convicted defendant can...

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What Are My Chances Of Winning A Federal Criminal Appeal?

Trusted Federal Crime Offense Appeals Attorneys If you have been convicted of a federal crime, an important consideration in determining whether you should file and pursue an appeal in a federal court of appeals is the likelihood of success of such a filing.  Of course, your freedom, reputation, and financial security...

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What Are The Steps In A Federal Criminal Appeal?

  Criminal  Defense Attorneys Assisting with the Federal Criminal Appeals Process If you have been convicted of a federal offense, you probably have many questions about your options to appeal or otherwise overturn the finding of the trial judge or jury. Most importantly, don’t be discouraged. The Federal Rules of...

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Request for New Trial: Rule 33 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

  Federal Fraud Defense Lawyers who Understand Criminal Procedure Dr. Nick Oberheiden Attorney-at-Law When Can a Court Overturn the Jury? When a criminal trial contains a series of factual and legal errors such that the defendant’s constitutional right to a fair trial has been violated, a court has the authority...

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Understanding Post-Conviction Acquittals: Rule 29 Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

  Dr. Nick Oberheiden Attorney-at-Law Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Discuss Rule 29 and Post-Conviction Acquittals The law recognizes that trial outcomes are sometimes simply not fair and need to be undone. In addition to the better known appeals process, federal law provides important additional remedies that are designed to acquit...

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Appealing a Pre-Trial Detention Order (Bond)

Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. Criminal Defense Attorney Direct: (214) 469-9009 Overview. Shortly after the arrest, at the initial appearance hearing, a U.S. magistrate judge decides whether or not a person accused of a federal crime will be released pending the resolution of the case (“bond”) or whether that person will...

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Can I Appeal a Plea Agreement?

At times, a defendant agrees to a plea deal that he later realizes may not have been his best choice. However, most plea bargains prevent you from filing an appeal. In this circumstance, you may seek to appeal your conviction and sentence by alleging that your lawyer was ineffective in...

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