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I am accused of an Internet Crime – will I go to prison?

As the use of electronic media continues to increase, so does the number of crimes that are committed by using the Internet. When the Internet first emerged, there were no laws in place to govern behavior in cyberspace. Over the last two decades, however, legislation has begun to catch up...

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What is the Electronic Communications Privacy Act?

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, or the ECPA, consists of three parts. The first, sometimes referred to as Title III, outlaws the unauthorized interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications. It also establishes a judicially supervised procedure to permit such interceptions for law enforcement purposes. The second, the...

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What Is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”)?

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”) is a cyber-security law that outlaws conduct that victimizes computer systems. The purpose of the CFAA is to protect computers from trespass, threats, damage, espionage, and from being corruptly used as instruments of fraud. The act applies to all computers in which the...

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