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10 Things To Do When You Are Under Healthcare Fraud Investigation

Categories: Anti-Kickback Issues

Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. www.federal-lawyer.com Direct: (214) 469-9009 1-800-810-0259 Call Us on Weekends Finding out that you are under a federal criminal investigation and accused of healthcare fraud can be extremely frightening.  However, there are things you can do from the very beginning of the case to have a positive effect on its resolution. You…

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Can I Get Parole for a Federal Offense?

Categories: Parole

Arrested and in Jail

What is Parole? Parole is a decision by a special board, typically the prison parole board, that allows an inmate to be released prior to serving the entire sentence. If granted, parole allows the inmate to spend the remainder of the imposed sentenced in free society— subject to certain conditions of good behavior. What Are…

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