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How Do the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Work in Fraud Cases? (214)-469-9009 Including Weekends What Are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines? The Federal Sentencing Guidelines is a set of sentencing recommendations for federal offenses that is published by the United States Sentencing Commission, an independent, bi-partisan agency within the U.S. Department of Justice.  Importantly, the Sentencing Guidelines are not mandatory,...

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What Are the Sentences in Federal Cocaine Cases?

  By Dr. Nick Oberheiden (Criminal Defense Lawyer) One of the most important questions when being accused of having violated federal drug statute, is to find out what the statutory sentences look like in a worst-case scenario of conviction. The attorneys of Oberheiden, P.C. have handled some of the largest...

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How Can I Prepare for My Sentencing Hearing?

The sentencing hearing marks the final stage of a criminal case. It is the very last chance for a defendant to reduce or avoid incarceration. That said, each defendant is well advised to carefully and strategically prepare for the sentencing hearing with a highly experienced attorney. An experienced criminal defense...

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I found Dr. Nick Oberheiden online and the moment I spoke with him, I knew he is a true federal law expert. Nick outlined a defense strategy that was so thought through and so out of this world–and he executed and delivered like I would never have imagined. Nick is unbelievably good!! Nick is the very best of the best lawyers. Hire Nick if you want a classy, smart, and extremely successful lawyer.

– David Lo

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