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How to Dismiss a Whistleblower Case under the False Claims Act

Categories: False Claims Act

Reliable Advice, Proven Results: 866-Hire-Nick Recently, attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden and his team obtained two rare dismissal orders in federal False Claims Act lawsuits. Purpose of this brief article is to provide an overview about the False Claims Act concept, the liability risk, as well as effective ways to dismiss frivolous and unfair allegations. The…

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Why You May Want to Stay Away from “Aggressive” Lawyers

Categories: Criminal Law & Process

judge listening to aggressive lawyer

Attorney Nick Oberheiden’s Anecdotes from a Recent Visit at the U.S. Attorney’s Office Criminal defense lawyers like to say that they are zealous, and aggressive, of course. To top that, lawyers (like most professionals) like to say that they are “the best” in the business. Sometimes they like to form a super-superlative and declare themselves…

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100 FAQs: DEA Opioid Investigations

Categories: Health Care Law

DEA investigations

DEA Defense Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden The practice of authorizing and dispensing controlled substances has dramatically changed since the Justice Department announced to fight the national opioid crisis by vigorously prosecuting prescribers and corroborating pharmacies across the country. The essence of the government’s claim is that many of the close to 50 billion annual dosages…

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Detroit Health Care Fraud Defense Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden

Categories: Health Care Fraud

In the old days, being a good doctor and enjoying an excellent reputation within the community were enough to shield oneself against unfair and absurd allegations of misconduct and fraud. Today, these standards are trampled on by aggressive, relentless prosecutions victimizing even the finest doctors in Detroit, Michigan. Featured by media stations across Michigan, attorney…

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