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OWCP Compliance – Billing Codes, Guidelines and Instructions

Categories: DOL Investigations

OWCP Compliance – How Should I Bill OWCP Healthcare Claims? Expert OWCP Compliance Consultants and DOL Attorneys Are Available to Help Your Federal Workers Comp Clinic Did You Know that Just 10 Incorrect OWCP Billing Claims to DOL Can Result in $ 100,000 and More in Liability? Business owners of federal workers compensation clinics know…

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Medicare Revalidation: What Do Health Care Providers Need to Know?

Categories: Compliance

A woman vet working with her computer at medical office

All Medicare-participating health care providers and medical businesses are subject to revalidation. The revalidation process involves confirming the accuracy of the provider’s enrollment data (or making updates, if necessary), and it must be completed upon request from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). According to CMS: “Medicare providers must revalidate their enrollment record…

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25 Key Facts about Federal Drug Diversion Investigations

Categories: Drug Diversion

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Facing a federal drug diversion investigation is an extremely serious matter. If you have received a target letter or subpoena, or if any employee of your business or practice has been contacted by a federal agent, here are 25 key facts you need to know: 1. Combatting Drug Diversion (and Opioid Diversion in Particular) is…

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Podiatrists are Being Investigated for Billing Fraud in Connection with Grafts and Other Wound Treatment Procedures

Categories: Health Care Fraud

Male doctors looking at x-ray of foot

As a podiatrist, you know that promptly treating a patient’s wounds can be critical to mitigating the risk of infection and other potentially-debilitating complications. However, you likely also know that obtaining authorization for these treatments and the skin substitutes used during these treatments can be extremely challenging. Obtaining authorization can take days or weeks, if…

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With Questcor Pharmaceuticals and Mallinckrodt Facing Prosecution for Medicare Fraud, the Doctors Who Prescribed H.P. Acthar Gel May Be Next

Categories: Health Care Fraud

Pharmaceutical worker operates tablet blister packaging machine

When the news broke of a 97,000% price hike for a medication used to treat infantile spasms, a rare form of epilepsy, in 2018, almost no one knew that the drug’s manufacturer was already being targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). While the news media published heart-wrenching stories of parents who could no…

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