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What Home Health Providers Need to Know About Government Investigations

  Defense Attorneys with the Experience and Expertise to Assist with Home Health Provider Government Investigations Oberheiden, P.C. Former U.S. Prosecutors & Experienced Counsel Oberheiden, P.C. is a health care fraud defense firm that represents physicians and business owners in home health care investigations, ZPIC audits, and criminal cases. The...

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The Risk Of Federal Mail And Wire Fraud Charges When Sharing Marketing Commissions With Patients

  Experienced Defense Attorneys Fighting Mail and Wire Fraud Charges on Behalf of Clients Across the US Dr. Nick Oberheiden Attorney-at-Law Recent federal government investigations that our attorneys are involved in as defense counsel demonstrate that the Department of Justice is actively investigating medical marketing companies that have either shared...

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The Pitfalls Of Paying Marketing Fees To Patients

  Defense Attorneys Representing Medical Marketers Accused of Violating Federal Laws Oberheiden, P.C. Former DOJ-Prosecutors & Health Care Law Defense Counsel Is it legal for medical marketers to pay beneficiaries to incentivize the patient to select a particular provider, prescription, or medical service? Does it make any difference if the...

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Is It Legal For Medical Marketers To Pay Patients?

Legal Expertise and Defense for Healthcare Professionals Accused of Patient Bribery Oberheiden, P.C. Former DOJ-Prosecutors & Health Care Law Defense Counsel Oberheiden, P.C. represents medical marketers and business owners accused of patient bribery in a number of federal investigations across the United States. Most of our clients find out that...

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Who Are The Targets Of Medicare Fraud Investigations In Houston?

  Defense Attorneys Serving Medical Professionals Targeted for Medicare Fraud Investigations in Houston Oberheiden, P.C. Former Prosecutors & Defense CounselEffective Defense Strategies for: Physicians, Business Owners, Marketers, Health Care Providers, Home Health & Hospice Agencies, DME Companies, Laboratories, Pharmacies, and Hospitals.Call Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden Directly: (214) 692-2171 Anyone in...

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What Are the Reporting Requirements under the Sunshine Act?

The Sunshine Act requires applicable manufacturers to report payments or other transfers of value to physicians or teaching hospitals, as well as ownership and investment interests held in the company by physicians and their immediate family members.  See 42 U.S.C. § 1320a-7h. Important Terminology The key to understanding the requirements...

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When Is Healthcare Fraud Criminal?

  Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. www.federal-lawyer.com (214) 692-2171 Call Us on Weekends A question of critical importance in every healthcare investigation is whether the case can be resolved civilly, i.e. without recourse to criminal prosecution. Often, the determination as to whether a case is civil or criminal is unclear at...

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5 Fraud & Abuse Laws That Every Physician Should Know

Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. www.federal-lawyer.com Direct: (214) 692-2171 The purpose of this overview is raise awareness among physicians (or to remind them) of important laws that apply to their practice and underlying business transactions. Due to the constraints of this paper, a detailed account or legal analysis cannot be provided....

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Avoiding Illegal Kickbacks In Healthcare Contracts

Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. www.federal-lawyer.com (214) 692-2171 Call Us on Weekends Physicians and other healthcare providers are frequently confronted with new business opportunities. Whether it is for toxicology services, DNA testing, pharmaceutical referrals or other ancillary services, all opportunities have in common that they need to be conform with applicable...

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Federal Pharmacy Investigations At All-Time High

  Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. www.federal-lawyer.com (214) 692-2171 Call Us on Weekends As we have been advising our clients over the past years, federal agencies are demonstrating heightened and increasingly penetrative investigations into compound pharmacies.  In particular, the Department of Defense has stepped up its investigation into such pharmacies and...

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