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5 Fraud & Abuse Laws That Every Physician Should Know

Categories: Anti-Kickback Issues

Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Esq. www.federal-lawyer.com Direct: (214) 469-9009 The purpose of this overview is raise awareness among physicians (or to remind them) of important laws that apply to their practice and underlying business transactions. Due to the constraints of this paper, a detailed account or legal analysis cannot be provided. For those interested in more…

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Exclusion from Participation in Federal Healthcare Programs

Categories: Health Care Law

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The United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is tasked with identifying and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse in the Department’s federal healthcare programs. The OIG carries out this mission by conducting audits, inspections, and investigations. The OIG also has the authority to exclude individuals and entities who…

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