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What Can Turn a Lawyer into a Target?

Categories: Defending Clients

Contact Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys at Oberheiden P.C. to Make Sure Your Law License and Your Freedom Are Protected When the FBI Investigates You Given the number of lawyers in the United States, criminal prosecutions of lawyers appear to be a statistical anomaly. Obviously, any lawyer can be charged just like a non-lawyer for misconduct…

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Defending Against Claims of Employment Discrimination: What Employers Need to Know

Categories: Employment Matters

meeting with lawyer to discuss employment discrimination defense

Qualified Federal Employment Discrimination Lawyers Discrimination claims can lead to financial and reputational harm for employers; and, with the recent media coverage of several high-profile sexual harassment allegations, employers in all industries need to be prepared to take appropriate action at the first sign of a potential problem. While numerous state and federal laws tat…

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Do You Have Grounds to Sue? Understanding When Health Care Providers Should Take Legal Action Against Former Employees, Vendors, and Competitors

Categories: Litigation

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Knowledgeable Federal Attorneys for Health Care Litigation As a health care provider, you have enough to worry about without disgruntled former employees, vendors, and competitors interfering with your business or practice. From HIPAA compliance to avoiding mistakes under the Medicare billing regulations, avoiding legal issues is a constant struggle for physicians, pharmacists, hospital administrators, and…

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Termination of Disgruntled Employees

Categories: Employment Matters

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How To Deal With Disgruntled Employees Upon Termination One of the biggest risks to any business is that a former employee either is or will become disgruntled and seek a way to lash out at the prior employer, either through threats, lawsuits, online defamation, false reports of discrimination or harassment, or false claims of illegal…

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How To Structure A Whistleblower Lawsuit

Categories: Health Care Litigation


Experienced Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit Lawyers Serving Clients Across the U.S. If you are considering becoming a whistleblower, you may be enticed by the promise of receiving a portion of the recovery from the government after the case is proven.  More, you may hope to alert the government to illegal activity of which you are aware…

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