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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Salary: How Much Do They Make?

Working as a federal criminal defense lawyer is a fulfilling career for many different reasons. Not only do federal criminal defense lawyers get to spend decades honing their craft while witnessing (and perhaps influencing) changes in the law first-hand, but they get to do so while helping people who are...

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Shoplifters Coughing to Elude Security Face Potential Federal Charges

Shoplifters have been claiming to have COVID-19 to avoid arrest. But what ordinarily could be considered a petty theft case could be elevated to a felony robbery prosecution, Nick Oberheiden and other legal experts say. [our-team-block] See the full video clip on KTVU

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Nick Oberheiden on Newsy 4.24.20

Nick was recently interviewed again on Newsy. Listen as they discuss healthcare workers' rights and the COVID-19 pandemic. Nick Oberheiden on Newsy 4/24/20 from Annie Scranton on Vimeo. [our-team-block]

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Nick Oberheiden on Newsy 4.20.20

During this interview on Newsy, Nick explains the coming litigation and also how hospitals are trying to correct course now. Nick Oberheiden on Newsy 4.20.20 from Annie Scranton on Vimeo. [our-team-block]

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Nick Oberheiden on Newsmax

Nick Oberheiden on Newsmax from Annie Scranton on Vimeo. [our-team-block]

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Coronavirus Pandemic and the Aviation Industry

In an interview with Cheddar Inc., Nick Oberheiden, federal attorney and founder of Oberheiden P.C., discusses just how dire the Coronavirus pandemic is for the U.S. aviation industry, and what the worst of it could look like for airlines. [our-team-block]

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Bayer Paid Doctors Millions for Questionable Birth Control Device

July 8, 2018 Bayer Paid Doctors Millions for Questionable Birth Control Device Bayer AG, the pharmaceutical giant responsible for drugs and devices such as Aleve, Aspirin, and Yaz, is facing tens of thousands of lawsuits from women who claim that its new Essure birth control device is dangerous and defective....

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Impact of the Government Shutdown on the Federal Court

As the government shutdown continues into its fourth week with no signs of ending on the horizon, most people have heard of the effects on the national parks, the lines at TSA screening stations at the nation’s airports, and even the President personally sponsoring dinner to the winners of the...

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Oberheiden, P.C. Brings Healthcare Lawyers to New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - January 20, 2016Dallas-based Oberheiden, P.C. announced today to expand its healthcare law practice to New Mexico. Founder Dr. Nick Oberheiden explained this step in a brief statement.“Healthcare law is a highly defined area. Experience is necessary to draw the right lines between regulatory compliance and government...

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Myth and Failure of Physician-Syndicated “MSO Models”

Introduction A recent trend in structuring physician-based healthcare deals is the so-called Physician-Syndicated MSO-Model (“PSMSO”). In contrast to well-respected traditional management services organizations, PSMSOs are based on the suggestion that physicians “manage” companies by providing a plethora of atypical physician “services” such as billing, accounting, marketing, and recruiting. This brief...

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