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Pueblo Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Effective Defense Against DEA Opioid Investigations in 81001-81012 Pueblo

Pueblo Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Pueblo, Colorado may look small on a map, but it is big on the federal government’s law enforcement agenda. Pueblo experiences an enormous amount of federal scrutiny with particular emphasis on federal drug trafficking, opioid fraud, and healthcare fraud investigations. If your business is on the government’s radar, you should immediately consult with experienced Pueblo federal criminal defense attorneys to avoid criminal charges and to vigorously oppose absurd charges.

Featured by media stations across Colorado for his federal litigation practice, attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden serves clients in Pueblo County against DEA, FBI, OIG, and IRS government investigations. What makes Nick’s practice unique is that he limits his cases to federal cases allowing him to offer clients the experience and track record of many hundreds of federal cases—together with proven and effective defense strategies.

Nick Oberheiden, an attorney handling a federal criminal defense case in Pueblo.

Physicians from across the country reach out to Nick when their practice is accused of opioid over-prescriptions, commercial insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, Medicare fraud, mail fraud, billing fraud, wire fraud, or violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute. Nick has successfully represented hundreds of healthcare providers in grand jury investigations, OIG investigations, search warrants, and against criminal charges. His hard-to-beat track record of protecting physicians’ licenses and freedom in the last three months alone include:

  • Example 1: Drug Diversion Overdose: No Charges, License Maintained.
  • Example 2: Drug Diversion Overdose: No Charges, License Maintained.
  • Example 3: DEA Opioid Search Warrant: No Charges, License Maintained.
  • Example 4: DEA Opioid Investigation: No Charges, License Maintained.
  • Example 5: DEA Opioid Investigation: No Charges, License Maintained.
  • Example 6: Healthcare Fraud Grand Jury (Controlled Substances Act): No Charges, License Maintained.
  • Example 7: Healthcare Fraud Grand Jury (Controlled Substances Act): No Charges, License Maintained.
  • Example 8: Healthcare Fraud Grand Jury (Controlled Substances Act): No Charges, License Maintained.

There is a reason why media stations and clients from across the United States seek Nick’s advice when it comes to healthcare fraud defense, federal litigation, and federal criminal defense—because Nick is one of the few attorneys in the country that only takes federal criminal cases. Do you want a free consultation? Call Nick today. No secretaries, no junior lawyers.

Get Trusted Experience on Your Team: Call our Pueblo Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal cases are not the same as a DUI or shoplifting offense. Nothing is scarier than facing the Department of Justice and the FBI trying to prosecute you. In federal cases, you simply can’t wait to hire a lawyer; you can’t experiment and start off with the wrong lawyer. By the time you realize that hired a clueless lawyer, you may already be charged. Nick is not a DUI defense attorney and he is the wrong lawyer to call for shoplifting. However, when the United States government, the Department of Justice, the Little Rock U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, the IRS, the DEA, or the OIG-HHS agents are after you, you may consider Nick’s federal experience to avoid jail or to get the case dismissed.

10 Important Questions Regarding Federal Criminal Cases in Pueblo County

Most clients contact Nick because they are were contacted by federal agents, received a federal grand jury subpoena, a target letter, had to go through a search warrant of their business, or because they were recently arrested and charged with federal offenses. If this happened to you, you should immediately reach out to an experienced Pueblo federal criminal defense attorney. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to federal cases in Pueblo County.

What Happens If I Fail to Defend Myself on Time?


If found guilty or convicted, prescribers or pharmacy owners must expect significant fines and years of federal incarceration. Both, the penalties under the Controlled Substances Act at 21 U.S.C. 841 and under the general federal healthcare fraud statute at 18 U.S.C. 1347 impose 0 to 10 years of imprisonment for a single count of violating either statute.

How Does Sentencing in Federal Cases in Colorado Work?


Federal judges in Colorado must consider the (not mandatory) Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Under the guidelines, the U.S. Probation Office will recommend a sentence to the court, which the court may depart from at the judge’s discretion. In general, the probation officers will spend weeks or months compiling a Presentence Report that summarizes the defendant’s personal, educational, professional, and financial background as well as calculates a sentencing range based on the defendant’s conviction, cooperation credit, prior criminal history, and many other factors.

What Should I Do When DEA or FBI Agents Want to Interview Me?


If DEA investigators or drug diversion agents show up at your office, you should resist the temptation to discuss your case, even if you are convinced that you did not do anything wrong and that you are innocent. Let the experienced Pueblo federal criminal defense lawyers explain to you first how dangerous it is for anyone to speak to federal law-enforcement without adequate preparation and approval by an experienced lawyer. You will never be able to undo your statement and, in some cases, you may be surprised how your statement was misconstrued turning you from a witness to a target of the investigation. You may be the best doctor in town, but you are not the best DEA defense attorney.

What Should I Do When I Receive a Grand Jury Subpoena from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado?


If your practice receives a grand jury subpoena from the U.S. Attorney‘s Office in Denver or other branches of the Department of Justice in Colorado, you must refrain from the mistake to just simply produce requested documents without obtaining reliable advice from a Colorado grand jury defense attorney first. The only way to exit a grand jury investigation is to have a skilled attorney actively and relentlessly intervene on your behalf and communicate with federal prosecutors for you—instead of simply sending over requested documents that may have the potential to incriminate you.

How Can I Get a Free Consultation?


Nick Oberheiden is always available for free and confidential consultations. If you have questions about a federal situation arising out of Pueblo, Colorado, you should call Nick at 888-680-1745 today. Nick will not delegate you to junior lawyers. Nick will take all calls himself and immediately address your questions and concerns.


Call 888-680-1745 to Defend Your Future

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is admitted to practice in all federal courts in Colorado and his practice in Colorado is limited to federal law. If you would like to speak with Pueblo federal criminal defense lawyer Nick, or meet him in Colorado, call him directly on his mobile phone, including on weekends at 888-680-1745. Or, you can contact him online. All consultations are free and 100% confidential.

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