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Corporate Audit Services Firm

Is Your Company at Risk Due to Compliance Failures or Other Issues? If You Don’t Know, It’s Time to Find Out

As a corporate executive, board member, or in-house lawyer, you cannot afford to make decisions based on incomplete information. You need to have a comprehensive understanding of your company’s risks, and you need to be prepared to confront – and manage or resolve – these risks when they arise. While you will collect certain information in the course of your day-to-day work, this information will only go so deep, and it may or may not provide an accurate representation of your company’s current risk profile.

At Oberheiden P.C., we provide corporate audit services to help executives, board members, and in-house lawyers make informed decisions. Companies across the country utilize our corporate audit services to uncover risks both as a preventative measure and in response to specific legal threats. From cybersecurity to employment-related issues, and from FTC compliance to federal fraud investigations, we advise companies in all areas. Whether you have a specific concern or you simply need to know what you don’t know currently, we can tailor an audit solution to your company’s specific size, risks, and needs.

What Do You Need to Know about Your Company’s Operations and Risks?

Our corporate audit services encompass all aspects of legal compliance and risk management. Whatever it is that you need to know, and whatever the reason may be that you need to know it, our lawyers and former federal investigative agents can diligently formulate and execute an audit strategy designed to gather the data and intelligence you need as efficiently as possible. Some examples of the types of issues we frequently address during our corporate audits include:

  • Cybersecurity Threats – Cybersecurity threats are a growing concern for companies of all sizes and in virtually all industries. If your company’s firewall has been breached, or if you have concerns about whether your company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure is vulnerable to a malicious attack, we can audit your company’s cybersecurity policies and protocols and tell you what you need to know.
  • Corporate Security Evaluations – In addition to cybersecurity, corporations often need to address physical security concerns as well. We can audit your company’s security measures both remotely and on-site in order to determine where your company’s risks lie and what additional security measures (if any) are warranted.
  • Employee Complaints – Employee complaints can lead to litigation, internal discord, and public relations nightmares. Our lawyers and former federal investigative agents can audit your company’s employment policies, procedures, and practices, and we can advise you as to whether your company is currently exposed to unnecessary risks that it can – and should – manage.
  • State Audits and Investigations – Audits by state authorities can target various issues, from consumer fraud and securities fraud to licensing and regulatory compliance failures. We can tell you if your company is compliant at the state level—either in order to prevent or in order to respond to an outside inquiry.
  • Federal Audits and Investigations – Much of our practice is focused in the area of federal compliance. We assist companies nationwide in preventing, preparing for, and responding to audits and investigations conducted by all major federal regulatory and law enforcement agencies.
  • Commercial and Corporate Litigation Risks – When faced with the prospect of commercial or corporate litigation, corporate leaders must make informed and strategic decisions based on comprehensive and reliable intelligence. We give our clients the information they need to formulate litigation strategies, institute litigation holds, and begin preparing for e-discovery.
  • Legal Compliance – A key aspect of legal compliance for corporations is conducting periodic compliance audits. If your company is not compliant in any respect, you need to know about it, and you need to remedy the issue before it is discovered by state or federal authorities.
  • Intellectual Property Risk Management – From combatting trade secret theft to managing the risk of infringement litigation, companies need to have a comprehensive understanding of how and where their intellectual property (IP) assets are being stored and used. We conduct comprehensive IP audits focused on helping our clients protect, monetize, and enforce their IP rights.
  • Transaction Preparation – When preparing for a corporate merger or acquisition, it is necessary to gather as much data about the target entity as possible. But, you need to know whether your company is capable of absorbing the target entity and integrating its operations into your company’s existing operations as well. We help companies with all aspects of pre-transaction due diligence, and we are able to assist with conducting the transaction and managing post-transaction integration (and litigation) as well.

Proactive and Reactive Corporate Audit Services for Companies of All Sizes

We provide our corporate audit and corporate investigation services on both a proactive and reactive basis. Corporate leaders have a responsibility to ensure that their companies’ operations are legally compliant and that they are managing their companies’ risks effectively, and conducting periodic audits facilitates this crucial function. When a corporate threat arises, conducting a prompt and comprehensive audit is crucial to formulating an effective response strategy (and defense strategy, if necessary), and this is a step that needs to be taken as soon as possible.

1. Mitigating Risk Through Proactive Corporate Audits

Our lawyers and former federal investigative agents conduct ad hoc and scheduled periodic audits focused on discrete issues and on assessing companies’ risk profiles in their entireties. Examining risks before they lead to problems is a crucial aspect of effective risk management, and it can save companies substantial sums while also saving them from the intangible costs of litigation and negative publicity.

2. Gathering Intelligence for Responding to Corporate Threats

When a corporate threat arises, the response needs to be discrete, targeted, and effective. This requires a clear understanding of both the scope and nature of the issue at hand. When engaged to respond to a corporate threat, we work diligently to gather critical intelligence and provide executives, board members, and in-house lawyers with all of the data they need in order to make informed and strategic decisions.

FAQs: When is It Time for (and What are the Benefits of) a Corporate Audit?

Q: Should my company be conducting periodic compliance audits? If so, what does this entail?


Yes. When it comes to compliance, auditing compliance on an ongoing basis is just as important as putting compliance policies and procedures in place. Regulators expect companies to monitor their compliance efforts, and failure to do so will almost certainly lead to enhanced scrutiny in the event of a government audit or investigation.

Q: What types of corporate events trigger the need for a targeted audit?


The types of corporate events that will trigger the need for a targeted audit include cybersecurity breaches, physical security breaches, employee allegations, whistleblower complaints, government audits and investigations, and other litigation threats. Any time there is a risk that your company could face liability in litigation or a government enforcement proceeding – even if formal allegations have not yet materialized – it is advisable to conduct an audit so that the company’s leadership team can make an informed and reasoned decision.

Q: How do corporate audits add value?


Corporate audits add value by mitigating risk—and thus preventing unnecessary litigation and government enforcement actions. They also allow corporate leaders to make informed decisions about business strategy and proposed transactions, and can help leaders ensure that decisions made at the corporate level serve shareholders’ best interests. When uninformed decisions have the potential to be costly, conducting a corporate audit allows corporate executives, board members, and in-house lawyers to move forward with confidence.

Q: Does my company need to engage outside counsel to conduct a corporate audit?


There are several benefits to engaging outside counsel to conduct a corporate audit. Conducting an effective audit requires intimate familiarity with the processes and procedures involved, and it requires access to the technological resources required to effectively gather and analyze large amounts of data from multiple platforms.

Additionally, during a corporate audit, the insights of non-lawyer investigators can be invaluable. At Oberheiden P.C., our senior attorneys work closely with our former federal agents to develop and execute corporate audit strategies backed by several decades of experience auditing and investigating corporations on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other federal agencies.

Q: Does Oberheiden P.C. provide corporate audit services on an emergency basis?


Yes. When necessary, our senior attorneys and former federal investigative agents can conduct corporate audits on an emergency basis. We can be on the ground at your company’s facilities within a matter of hours, and we can work quickly to assemble an audit team and audit strategy that are suited to the particular needs and risks at hand. You can inquire about our emergency response services 24/7.

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Dr. Nick Oberheiden



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John W. Sellers

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