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State and federal law penalize murder above virtually every other criminal offense.

Similarly, government officials pursue murder investigations and relevant criminal charges with tremendous aggression. The public insists that detectives and prosecutors solve murder cases, and so they are relentless in their effort to do so.

It goes without saying, of course, that criminal murder is a horrible thing, and every loss of life is a tragedy. Sadly, these cases can become all the more tragic when innocent people are falsely accused for atrocious crimes that they didn’t commit.

Sloppy investigations, illegal evidence, and rushes to judgment have all been responsible for mistaken homicide accusations. By the time the truth is revealed (if it is ever revealed), the defendants have already suffered irreparable damage to their reputation, psychological health, and quality of life.

Shocking as it seems, false murder charges happen more often than you think. Maybe you’ve been wrongfully accused, or perhaps you’re part of a criminal investigation simply because you talked to the wrong person or were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As experienced federal murder defense lawyers, we’ve seen terrible injustice play out in murder investigations in our own communities. We are determined to thwart those wrongs, and we have done exactly that for many of our clients.

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Oberheiden, P.C. is an aggressive private criminal defense firm in Dallas, TX. We represent the criminally accused against both state and federal charges, ranging from petty offenses to capital felonies.

We are confident in our abilities, and we think our record of success speaks for itself. We believe that each person is entitled to a vigorous legal defense – and that means fighting with passion to keep your future free.

If you fear that you might be under suspicion or investigation for any murder, manslaughter, or criminal homicide charge, you should contact our office as soon as possible. The earlier we begin, the better your chances are for victory.

Compassionate Representation in Murder Cases

Murder cases are, of course, the most serious and sensitive matters that we handle. While we focus our full efforts on securing your freedom and advancing your best interests, we also understand that no murder case has a happy ending.

The charges you’re facing (or could face in the future) don’t only affect you. They undoubtedly impact your family, friends, and community members, too. Whether you knew the victim or not, we acknowledge the substantial emotional impact that this whole experience can have on you and the people you care about.

Our team is deeply committed to defending your reputation. We strive to provide a shoulder of support, and that includes tips on how to handle your social life, social media accounts, family members, and more during a criminal case. You must be careful about what you say and do. One of our primary goals is to help you avoid making critical mistakes that could compromise your legal interests.

You can count on our federal murder defense lawyers for the smart, strategic, and sensitive representation you need.

The Definition of Murder in Texas

Texas defines murder as knowingly and intentionally causing the death of another person.

Alternatively, one can also be convicted on murder charges for committing acts that pose a clear danger to human life, with the intent to cause serious bodily injury. (Those specific actions must cause the death to support conviction.)

Some murder cases seem so egregious that the government will seek the death penalty. To do so, they must not only prove that the defendant is guilty but also that an additional, morally reprehensible factor was at play. These are called capital murder cases.

Intent is central to the murder charge. Cases in which a defendant recklessly causes a death but doesn’t mean to are typically tried as manslaughter instead.

Federal Murder Charges in Texas

Most murder cases are handled by the state. Occasionally, though, murder becomes a federal case. For example, federal murder charges might apply when:

  • The victim is a federal official (including federal judges).
  • The victim is a federal law enforcement officer (or the immediate family member of one).
  • The murder is allegedly committed in an attempt to obstruct a federal legal proceeding or seek revenge in the same.
  • The murder happens as part of another serious federal offense (e.g., terrorism, drug trafficking, interstate felonies, bank robbery, rape, child sex crimes, etc.).
  • The murder happens on a ship or in a body of water.
  • The murder involves the U.S. mail system or any interstate commerce (commonly applies in murder-for-hire cases).
  • The murder happens on federal property.

These are only examples. If your case involves a federal investigation, you need to seek immediate assistance from our experienced federal murder defense lawyers. Our services are available throughout the United States.

Aggressive Representation from Experienced Federal Murder Defense Lawyers

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