Philadelphia White Collar Crime Attorneys - Federal Lawyer
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Philadelphia White Collar Crime Attorneys

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Attorney Nick OberheidenPhiladelphia White Collar
Criminal Defense Team Lead
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Philadelphia address – by appointment only:
1515 Market Street Suite 1200
Philadelphia, PA 19102

You need trusted legal representation if you or your business has been accused of committing a white-collar crime. Federal white-collar crime allegations are serious and should not be taken lightly. Those convicted could face years in prison or hefty fines and penalties that may significantly damage your company.

The federal white-collar criminal defense attorneys at Oberheiden P.C. protect businesses and individuals accused of committing federal crimes in Philadelphia and across the United States.

How Is Oberheiden P.C. Different from Other Criminal Defense Firms?

Oberheiden P.C. stands apart from other criminal defense practices because:

  • We exclusively handle federal offenses
  • Our investigators and lawyers have extensive experience in the field, and
  • Your legal representation is handled by senior attorneys.

Oberheiden P.C. Is a Federal Defense Law Firm

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Many criminal cases take place at the state level. Usually, they are prosecuted by local or state prosecutors, with a judge presiding over the case. These criminal statutes are considered state laws that the local state appellate courts can interpret.

Federal and state crimes are not the same. Those attorneys with federal defense experience should handle federal white-collar crimes. These defenses should not be left in the hands of the inexperienced. Some defense lawyers think their experience in the state courts can carry over to those federal districts. However, defending federal cases requires a learning curve, which you do not want when your freedom and livelihood are on the line.

Federal crime prosecution uses more resources than state cases. As a result, you will have to defend yourself against the largest law enforcement agencies in the world.

Also, the conviction costs are higher for federal crimes than state offenses. When you face the possibility of several decades in federal prison, it is vital to find an attorney who will not make a mistake because they are unfamiliar with the complexities of the federal criminal justice system.

All federal offenses are outlined by the United State Code instead of the state’s legislation. Federal white-collar crime attorneys must be familiar with the intricacies of federal laws. These jurisdictions interpret the laws and define words slightly differently. When you need an experienced federal defense lawyer, you want to choose a law firm that thoroughly understands the federal court system to craft the best defense for your case.

Our Legal Team Has Experience

Plenty of law firms throughout the area tout the experience of their lawyers and investigators, but what is their legal background? At Oberheiden P.C., our legal team is unmatched when it comes time to defend you and your interests. All our federal crime attorneys have experience defending these crimes in court. Others have investigated them for the same agencies that may be working on your current case. Many of our defense attorneys have experience working on both sides of the law, which can provide an invaluable tool in your defense arsenal.

Our supporting investigators and experienced attorneys will work hard to gather evidence and information about your case. We don’t base your defense on what law enforcement agencies have stated. Instead, we will determine what happened in your case. Many of our investigators have a background working for these federal agencies, and are highly experienced in putting together cases like yours.

Cases Handled by Senior Attorneys

Many law firms have lawyers with extensive backgrounds and experience defending federal white-collar crimes. However, that does not always translate to having access to their legal knowledge. Your criminal defense case could be undertaken by paralegals and junior assistants who just don’t have the legal savvy to defend these cases properly.

When you hire Oberheiden P.C. to represent you against a federal criminal charge, our senior attorneys will personally work on your case. You can be assured that an appropriate legal team member will address your questions and concerns.

What White Collar Crimes Do You Defend?

Any type of white-collar crime is a serious allegation about you and your company. These crimes include alleged fraudulent and misconduct activity. Since defendants can commit fraud in various ways, numerous federal laws can be involved in these crimes. Some of the most common federal white crime allegations we have defended include the following:

  • Antitrust Violations
  • Bank Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Computer Fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Currency Schemes and Cryptocurrency Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Insider Trading
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Crimes
  • Investment Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Wire Fraud

During a federal white-collar investigation, the first step to creating an effective defense strategy is determining the type of charges against a client. These federal investigations can focus on several federal offenses. Prosecutors and federal agents will work hard to establish the validity of these charges. No matter the circumstances, you must be defended against all potential charges. Even a single federal conviction has the potential to carry substantial fines, federal prison times, and other consequences.

In many of these cases, a specific allegation can vary from one case to another. For example, bribery cases often focus on payments to state or local officials or obtaining government favors from foreign countries. Federal securities fraud cases can range in charges from stockbroker fraud to corporate accounting violations.

With that in mind, your federal defense team must understand the nature of the allegations against you. Our federal agents and prosecutors will advise you on every step, giving you confidence that your defense is focusing on the correct claims and not exposing you to additional federal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oberheiden P.C. and Federal White-Collar Defenses

How Do Many White Collar Investigations Begin?


Typically, law enforcement agents will find something suspicious with the company’s billing practice or public filing, kicking off a white-collar investigation. Sometimes, a person can blow the whistle on alleged wrongdoing at your company. Any of these groundless accusations can be a significant inconvenience for you and your company.

Federal law enforcement agencies will use data analysis and algorithms to detect any signs of suspicious activity within your business. These methods are prone to creating false positives that can harm your company’s reputation.

Whistleblowers can cause even more frustration in these types of cases. They are often ex-clients or ex-employees who claim to know personal information or hold incriminating evidence. Even when the claims are groundless, they can create suspicion about your company, alerting federal law enforcement agencies. Once again, these allegations are more than an inconvenience. They can cause a legal threat of liability for your business.

What Are the Potential Penalties for a White Collar Crime Conviction?


The consequences of a conviction for a federal crime depend on the specific offense. Additionally, any past prior criminal convictions can affect your case. A previous criminal charge increases the penalties for a federal white-collar crime.

White-collar crimes run the spectrum of severity. For example, wire or mail fraud can carry up to 20 years in federal prison for a single conviction. Almost all of these crimes are considered felonies, which carry at least one year in prison.

Along with prison time, a convicted individual could face hefty fines, pay restitution to victims, or have to serve a set amount of time on probation after their initial prison sentence.

Can Law Enforcement Pursue Civil Penalties?


Unfortunately, federal white-collar crimes can lead to civil charges. In many cases, the investigating law enforcement agency has the option to pursue criminal or civil charges against the defendant. Often, a civil investigation can occur after the agency has discovered evidence of intent. Federal investigators may believe there is criminal activity within your business, but the evidence shows that the government cannot secure a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. In those instances, the defendant may believe that is the end of the case. However, federal agencies and prosecutors will look towards moving forward with a civil lawsuit.

When To Hire a Defense Lawyer?


After you have learned about a white-collar investigation or allegation against you or your company, reach out to a federal defense firm. If you have been indicted or charged, you need the assistance of an attorney immediately. Hiring a federal defense firm does not mean you’re guilty of any crime. You are protecting your legal rights and interests against an overly aggressive federal investigation. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible ensures that you have a strong defense that can strengthen your case from the start.

Why Doesn’t Oberheiden P.C. Refer To Itself as the Best Federal White Collar Defense Firm?


At Oberheiden P.C., we want our team of lawyers and investigators to stand on their own track record of success. Our attorneys have worked on the prosecution and defensive side of federal white-collar crimes. Also, our investigators have experience finding evidence and establishing facts for cases. Over the years, we have assisted numerous clients in the area in defending against any allegation of a federal white-collar crime.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Dr. Nick Oberheiden



Lynette S. Byrd
Lynette S. Byrd

Former DOJ Trial Attorney


Brian J. Kuester
Brian J. Kuester

Former U.S. Attorney

Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall

Former U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

Joe Brown
Joe Brown

Former U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

John W. Sellers
John W. Sellers

Former Senior DOJ Trial Attorney

Linda Julin McNamara
Linda Julin McNamara

Federal Appeals Attorney

Aaron L. Wiley
Aaron L. Wiley

Former DOJ attorney

Local Counsel

Roger Bach
Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (DOJ)

Chris Quick
Chris J. Quick

Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael S. Koslow
Michael S. Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Ray Yuen
Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Contact Oberheiden P.C. for Your White Collar Crime Defense

You need professional legal representation if you or your business have been charged with a white-collar crime or are under a current investigation from any federal agency. Conviction of a federal white-collar crime can lead to serious consequences for you and your business. Leave the case to a reputable federal defense law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Contact our federal white-collar crime defense team at Oberheiden P.C. by calling them at 888-680-1745 or by contacting them online today.

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