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If you have been seriously hurt or injured in a car crash by someone else, our experienced Dallas car wreck lawyers will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Few things in life are more stressful than being hit by a car. Whether you were in a serious car crash with catastrophic injuries or whether you were a pedestrian or motorcyclist and became the victim of another person’s negligence, chances are your life will never be the same. The shock of collision, the heavy punch in your neck, the need for medical treatment and the risk of chronic pain resulting from the crash can lead to traumatic memories and ongoing need for treatment.

Unfortunately, the problems only begin with the crash. Invoices pile up quickly, the injury starts affecting your job/life, and insurance companies give you the run around— all while you are trying to recover and heal your sustained injuries.

We are here to be by your side in this difficult time. Our attorneys have the experience to evaluate your claim and help you recover fair and just compensation. Don’t let someone else’s negligence ruin your dreams of a life free of pain and hardship.

We Handle the Insurance Companies

Many clients tell us how difficult it is to deal with insurance companies after an accident. Unfriendly staff, mountains of paperwork, and the classic runaround! They downplay your physical injury, they ignore your emotional suffering, they may even blame you for the accident or the injury. Because they don’t want to open their big wallets, they are reluctant to pay you the compensation you deserve or try to make you settle for pennies on the dollar.

That’s where our experience and relentlessness come in.

Don’t sign anything without speaking to your Dallas auto accident injury lawyer. Don’t wonder what to do. Don’t accept their deal. Don’t get tricked into a release. Let us help you. Let us deal with the insurance companies. Let us form one team. Let us handle them together. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and we will do whatever it takes to get you fair compensation.

We Maximize Your Compensation

Calculating your damages is both sad and necessary. On the one hand, realizing you got hurt and looking at your medical notes and the injuries you sustained is heartbreaking. On the other hand, your injuries and the damage to your property are the starting point to send out a demand for monetary recovery and therefore needs to be done.

When assessing your fair compensation amount in a personal injury settlement or lawsuit for a claim in a Dallas car crash injury, lawyers look at two types of damages. First, we look at your financial losses caused by the accident. Among those common types of losses are:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Pain management and rehabilitation
  • Loss of income and future earning potential
  • All out of pocket expenses like car repair, replacement
  • And any other cost, now and future, caused by the car crash

In addition to these monetary losses and expenses, you are also entitled to those damages that are more difficult to calculate and that are intangible damages. Here are some examples of intangible damages in a Dallas car wreck.

  • The injury reduces your enjoyment of life.
  • You lose interest in activities you once enjoyed.
  • You feel embarrassed due to disfigurement or scars.
  • Your social life suffers from the accident.
  • You miss a job opportunity or a promotion due to the injury.

Our attorneys recognize that no amount in the world can get you back to where you would be without the fault of someone else hitting you on a Dallas road. Nonetheless, you can be rest assured that our attorneys will use every angle that the civil justice system provides to maximize your compensation.

We Answer Your Auto Accident Questions—Guaranteed

At Oberheiden Law, we recognize that dealing with a car crash is not what you expected. And it is very frustrating at times. We see it as our mission to stand by your side and do as much work for you as possible so that you can focus on getting back to a healthy and happy life. Although each case is different, we thought it would help you to see the types of questions that other clients ask us during the process of recovery. Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning the aftermath logistics to a Dallas car accident.

I Got Hit—What Should I Do?

Car accidents are traumatic events. A few seconds can dramatically switch your life upside down. You will have many questions. How and where can I treat my injuries? Will I be able to work? Who pays for my car? Do I need to tell my insurance company about the wreck? How do I file a claim? While there are certainly many things to do, our main priority is to make sure you are ok and receive proper medical care. We recommend a two-step approach.

  • See a doctor. Nothing is more important than your health. Make sure you are being carefully examined. Some injuries are obvious, others are not. Only a doctor can determine whether you suffered visible or hidden injuries and what to do against acute pain and how to prevent future long-term chronic pain problems.
  • See a lawyer. A Dallas car accident attorney can help you in several ways. Most importantly, an experienced attorney can evaluate your case and develop a legal strategy that will get you compensation for the damages you suffered. Just like you would not self-diagnose a meniscus fracture or conduct an elbow surgery on yourself, you should also restrain from taking your legal affairs into your own hands. There are no second chances in personal injury cases and a simple mistake can ruin your case. It is therefore in your best interest to have experienced and committed attorneys pursue your case for you to increase your chances of recovery. And there is another way a dedicated car wreck lawyer can help you. When you and our personal injury lawyers form a team to pursue your claims together, you will also have someone by your side that can help you with the administrative process. Dealing with police departments to get accident reports, finding you a competent doctor that can expedite your healing and recovery process, and piercing through uncooperative insurance companies—these are just some of the many ways your law partner can make your life easier.

Do I Need to Pay My Lawyer?

Good news! We do not charge you anything until and unless we collect. There are no hidden fees, no surprises. If we don’t win, you don’t pay a dime. If we win, we share the proceeds from recovery at a common market percentage while leaving the lion share to you! When we take your case, we are absolutely confident that we will collect and that you will receive your deserved compensation.

How Much Time Do I Have to Bring a Claim?

In personal injury cases, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to contact experienced legal advisors, the longer it will take to receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Although the law allows you to file a lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident, it is typically not needed (or advisable) to wait that long.

The much better and safer approach is to contact a respected Dallas personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident. That way, you and your trusted counsel can develop a strategy together as to how to pursue your claim successfully. Also, having someone by your side that knows all the tricks that insurance companies like to play will not just protect you from making mistakes but also save you unnecessary frustration and worries.

Note that in certain cases, the deadline to act (so-called “Statute of Limitation”) can be shorter. When, for example, government entities are involved, the time to notify the government or to bring suit may be as little as six months from the time of the tragic event. Vice-versa, under certain conditions, the timeline to file a personal injury lawsuit can be extended.

If you are the victim of a car accident, you should not wait or hesitate. Contact the skilled negotiators at Oberheiden Law to enforce your rights. Call today, don’t miss the opportunity to get the compensation you deserve.

Do I Have to Go to Court?

No, the vast majority of cases settle without court involvement. When insurance companies see that Oberheiden Law is involved, they will think twice about going to court against us because they know we are always ready and prepared to litigate the case to break their resistance.

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

The safest way to find out whether you have a claim or whether your claim is strong and worth pursuing is to consult with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney. At Oberheiden Law, we offer every caller a free and absolutely confidential claim assessment. Here are some factors we take into account when we review your case:

  • Who is at fault?
  • How severe is the injury?
  • What are the medical costs and other expenses?
  • Did someone die as a result of the negligence of another person?
  • What evidence exists to prove the claim?
  • What type of insurance does the wrongdoer have?

Generally speaking, among the injury claims that are most likely to result in significant compensation for our clients are those that involve serious injuries and sizable economic losses caused by the negligence of companies, corporate entities, or the government. However, it is important to understand that each case presents unique facts and only experienced attorneys are trained to provide reliable advice.

Don’t be frustrated or discouraged because you think (or someone else told you) that you don’t have a case. The attorneys at Oberheiden Law have proven over and over that there is no such thing as a weak case, there are only weak lawyers.

What If I Am at Fault Myself?

Feel lucky you are in Texas. Often times, more than one driver contributed to an accident. For example, one car ran a stop sign while the other party was texting and driving in a school zone or speeding when the crash occurred. Some state laws (e.g. Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia) deny any recovery if you were even 1% at fault.

Not so in Texas. Texas uses the so-called Modified Comparative Fault Standard. Under that rule, the injured person will be awarded damages as long as the damaged party is 50% or less at fault. Instead of not being allowed to bring a claim, Texas law allows you to recover 100% minus the percentage of your own fault. So even if you were at fault (50% or less), you can still recover in Texas.

Why Clients Trust Us— Our Track Record

Clients contact Oberheiden Law because they know they will be in good hands. They know we care about what happened. They know we will zealously and relentlessly represent your interests and pursue your claim. Our attorneys have significant experience to advise clients like you with respect to suffered personal injuries or property damage in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and bus collisions.

We Listen. Every case begins with you. We will listen to you because we care. We will take whatever time it takes to hear your story. We want to know exactly what happened and how you got hurt. We know that speaking about tragic events, pain, suffering, and sadness is not always easy. It can be overwhelming. It can be frustrating. It can be painful. But it is necessary. Just like a doctor needs to first learn how and where you got injured, a caring attorney must first learn the story behind the car crash. When you become our client, you become part of our family. Just like you care about your family members, we care about ours. We will do whatever it takes to get you the compensation you deserve. You will be center of our attention.

We Attack. Everyone can make a mistake. However, when someone negligently or recklessly hurts you, that person must be held accountable under the law. Indeed, many Dallas car accidents involve drunk drivers, distracted drivers (e.g. through texting), as well as preventable accidents caused by defective products such as defective car engines, malfunctioning brakes or unstable seat belts, and lose and exploded tires. We go after the party responsible for your injury and your damages. We will not stop until justice is restored.

We Collect. We don’t take a “No” from insurance companies. If you got hurt and you have a case, we will take your case wherever it takes to collect. What makes us different from other law firms and insurance lawyers is that we are not afraid to go to court or to ask a jury to help us. Actually, we don’t mind at all. The courtroom is our living room, the court house our second home. Because insurance lawyers and claims adjusters know our capabilities, in most cases we don’t even need to go to trial. In fact, in many cases the mere threat of us filing a lawsuit is sufficient to get a case settled. Put differently, our trial and litigation reputation allows us to settle fast and to collect within short periods of time.

Speak With an Experienced Dallas Car Accident Lawyer

Let the experienced attorneys of Oberheiden Law handle your personal injury case. Contacting us is the easiest step in the entire process. Call us today at 214-469-9009 and tell us what happened or fill out our online contact form so that we learn about your case and can get ready to collect for you.

Car Accident: Top 10 Lists

  • 10 Most Common Causes for Dallas Car Accidents
  • 10 Most Common Injuries Suffered in Dallas Car Accidents
  • 10 Most Important Things to Do After a Car Accident
  • 10 Most Common Mistakes After a Dallas Automobile Accident

10 Most Common Causes for Dallas Car Accidents

Oberheiden Law PLLC offers victims of car accidents free, immediate, and professional assistance with all aspects of car wrecks. You will not have to pay our lawyers unless we collect. We will form a team to fight reckless drivers and rude insurance agents. Don’t miss your deadline to collect your fair and just compensation. Call the experienced Dallas car wreck lawyers of Oberheiden Law PLLC today to recover your losses.

How nice could life be if everyone just followed basic rules to avoid hurting others! The reality is that every year many good citizens get hurt in Dallas car accidents due to the negligence of drunk, speeding, and inattentive truck drivers, corporate drivers, and private cars. You would be surprised to learn how many car crashes and car wrecks on Dallas roads could actually be prevented if everyone remembered the key lesson from driving school: drive in such a manner that no one else gets hurt.

1. Distractions

We all spend much time, often hours per day, commuting. In order to not lose valuable time (or to get ‘bored’), we distract our attention from the road. We drink, we eat, we text, we talk, we read, we search for better radio channels, we type in destinations in our GPS, we follow maps and directions— our cars have become somewhat of a mobile command center. Unfortunately, driving remains an utmost dangerous thing to do and distractions while driving are by far the most common cause for car wrecks in Dallas.

2. Speeding

Late for a meeting? Eager to get home? There are many reasons why people ignore the law and excess the speeding limit. Unfortunately, there are no good reasons for speeding. Speeding—whether within city limits, in a school zone, or the wannabe race driver on a crowded highway— creates dangers to others and more than occasionally these dangers result in fatal accidents where innocent people get hurt or even killed.

3. Tiredness

Let’s face it. We are often tired when we get behind or stay behind the wheel. Long days at work, long-distance driving, stress, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, alcohol, drowsiness, darkness and so many other factors all may contribute to reduced reaction times, lack of alertness, and the so fatal microsleep. On the latter, microsleep is the phenomenon whereby a driver falls a sleep for a temporary, often very short episode of time (typically even less than 1-2 seconds) while losing complete control of the vehicle. If you drive when you are tired and you hurt someone, our attorneys will punish your recklessness for our clients.

4. Drugs & Alcohol

Despite all warnings, political lobbying, and police campaigns: drugs and alcohol continue to be significant causes of car wrecks on Dallas’ streets. Although everyone knows that drinking alcoholic beverages reduces our ability to safely control the car (or other machines), drunk driving remains a major factor when it comes to car wrecks in Dallas. That’s equally true for drugs. Whether prescription drugs or illicit street drugs, driving under the influence of drugs can drastically impair your maneuvering skills and lead to serious injuries of others and yourself.

5. Running Stop Signs & Red Lights

Believe it or not: there is a reason for stop signs and traffic lights. Put simply, stop signs and traffic lights are designed to control traffic by establishing reliable rules as to who is allowed to drive and who is expected to wait. We all know that. Nonetheless, many feel tempted to ignore these basic rules and quite often such recklessness results in serious consequences for others, the drivers themselves, passengers, pedestrians, and other innocent victims.

6. Darkness (Night Driving)

Humans are no owls. Our night-vision is significantly impaired when compared to pleasant daylight driving. Adding rain, fog, or tiredness to already reduced visibility explains why many car accidents in Dallas occur after darkness in the late evening hours or early in the mornings before sunset.

7. Car Defects

Despite all progress, cars remain dangerous machines. Cars can kill people. Much technology has been invented to make driving safer and to increase chances to survive car accidents without major injuries. The flip side of this laudable progress is that cars more and more look and feel like cockpits—sometimes with unreliable technology. Malfunctioning software, over-challenged and exploding engines, non-functioning airbags, unreliable brakes, torn seatbelts, and blown out tires remind us that technology has limits and can backfire at us! No matter how much safety has improved on paper, Dallas street reality is that many crashes in Dallas are caused by car defects.

8. Unsafe Road and Weather Conditions

Clearly, Dallas is not Minnesota and snow and ice are rare weather conditions in North Texas. The fact that snow, ice, and fog are rare here seems to overwhelm many drivers when the sky actually opens up with winter conditions. Similarly, heavy rain, flooding, fog, heavy storms, and other unpleasant weather caprioles all dramatically increase the chances of automobile and motorcycle accidents. If the weather gets bad, drive extra carefully, and expect others not to do so.

Dallas roads are not all perfect. Some are bumpy, other streets have potholes, and highways, too, show signs of constant overuse and sun damage. Many drivers, however, act and drive as if they were on a closed course with no pedestrians and impeccable street conditions. Many accidents in Dallas are impacted by unsafe road conditions such as dangerous curves, potholes, defective traffic lights, and other factors responsible drivers have to always anticipate when they start their engines to get on the road.

9. Unexpected Car Stops

There may be no driver in America that has not experienced the adrenalin going through our body for just missing the car in front of us by few inches. Sudden, unexpected stops of cars in front of us can be fatal. Modern city life with crowded streets and vanishing space does not always allow us to keep the distance to the car in front of us that would be required to be in the absolute safe braking zone. Nonetheless, if the unexpected stop involves negligence and our client gets hurt, we will hold you accountable.

10. Inexperience

Every parent in America will experience relief and fear at the same time when their kids finally get to driving school and pass the driving test. With increased independence comes the concern about safety. Indeed, young drivers are frequently involved in Dallas wrecks because they lack the routine and the experience that 20-year veteran drivers may have. Alcohol and speeding are only some of the reckless behaviors that you will find on many Dallas police reports when young drivers are involved.

Car Accident Injury Lawyers Serving Dallas County Are Ready to Help You

If you have been hurt or injured in a car crash by someone else, our experienced Dallas accident lawyers will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

10 Most Common Injuries Suffered in Dallas Car Accidents

If you have been hurt or injured in a car crash by someone else, our experienced Texas car wreck lawyers will help you recover your losses.

Car accidents can be traumatic, devastating, and tragic. Despite all progress, cars remain a dangerous tool and one of the most common causes for human injuries. Many good citizens get hurt in Dallas automobile accidents every year. While each accident poses unique threats to human health and well-being, the following 10 injuries are representative for what can happen when someone else acts negligently or recklessly.

10 Chest Injuries

The chests hosts important organs and any damage in this area of the body must be considered serious and possibly life threatening. Anyone who had suffered a broken rib, or even just a bruised rib, knows how sensitive human ribs are and how painful rib injuries can be. Clearly, the most important internal organ in the chest is the human heart. If, for example, the victim driver hits the steering wheel due to the force of the collision, chest concussions and contusions can quickly lead to traumatic injuries necessitating immediate medical care.

9. Pelvic and Abdominal Injuries

Signs of pelvic and abdominal injuries include abdominal pain, pain when urinating, nausea, vomiting, as well as distension. The problem with abdominal injuries is that are no bones assigned to protecting critical organs such as the liver and the stomach making these areas of the body particularly vulnerable and likely for injuries in car accidents.

8. Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are among the most heartbreaking and devastating consequences of car accidents in Dallas. As much as we humans depend on our bones and muscles, much of this dependency turns helpless when our brain is no longer intact and can no longer delegate our anatomic commands. Virtually all brain injuries require intense medical care and often hospitalization. X-rays and MRIs will reveal what type of brain injury was sustained and how severe the damage to our brain is. Examples of brain injuries caused in car and truck accidents are brain concussions, contusions, and diffuse axonal.

7. Head Injuries

Our head is our control center and any injury to our head can have horrible consequences to our ability to live and to enjoy life. When two cars collide, even at low speed, the possibility of suffering damages to our head becomes real. The force of the collision, the sudden and unexpected clash, can lead to a wide range of head injuries—from broken noses, broken cheeks, to eye sight impairment, to the loss of our ability to hear. This is all the more true if we don’t wear the seatbelt or if the seatbelt or airbag was malfunctioning.

6. Leg Injuries

Depending on the type of collision and the specific circumstances of the crash, leg injuries are among the most commonly observed medical consequences of car accidents on the roads in Dallas. Victims, in particular pedestrians and other bystanders to an accident, may experience leg fractures, contusions, and other severe harm to their lower extremities.

5. Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are among the most complicated and long-lasting injuries one can suffer from a car accident. Anyone with knee pain or impairment knows how valuable pain-free-knees were prior to the injury. Even the smallest infractions can result in months or even years of rehabilitation. Knees have an extremely complex anatomic structure. While the entire list of feasible knee damage from car crashes is long, among the most common knee injury types are joint dislocation, ruptured tendons, ligament hyper-extensions, as well as ACL and PCL tears.

4. Hand Injuries

Wrists are the most commonly fractured bones in accidents. About 25-30% of all broken bones are wrist fractures. The reason for this perhaps surprisingly high number is that when humans fall or are about to clash, their natural instinct is to protect their head and eyes. We do so by utilizing our hands as the last resort, the final airbag, to shield our head from injury. Put differently, our instinct tells us to sacrifice our hands in order to protect our head. This natural inclination and reflex behavior helps to understand why hand and wrist fractures (and related strains and sprains) are among the most common injuries sustained in a car crashes.

3. Neck Injuries

Neck injuries often go hand in hand with back injuries. From neck-sprain to hyper-flexion and hyperextensions injuries, to pinched nerves and herniated slipped and ruptured discs, neck injuries are likely even when the crash itself was not heavy. The neck is a classic example to remind and illustrate how severe even “small” and “lighter” collisions can be.

2. Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle damage are among the most commonly occurring musculoskeletal injuries sustained in car wreck events. While many sprains can be treated conservatively with ice and resting, many car accidents are so severe that ligament repair or reconstruction and other surgical procedures may be warranted to heal broken and damaged foot and ankles as results of car crashes.

1. Back Injuries

Millions of Americans know how impactful back pain can be. In fact, lower back pain is among the most treated conditions in the U.S. That said, car accidents can both increase and worsen existing back conditions or cause and create them. Herniated discs, bulging discs, compression fractures, axial bursts, lower and upper vertebral fractures, spine twisting, dislocations, and soft tissue damages are among the most frequently treated back injuries that directly or indirectly stem from car accidents.

Car Accident Injury Lawyers Serving Dallas County Are Ready to Help You

If you have been hurt or injured in a car crash by someone else, our experienced car accident attorneys will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

10 Most Important Things to Do After a Car Accident

Oberheiden Law PLLC offers victims of car accidents free, immediate, and professional assistance with all aspects of car wrecks. You will not have to pay our lawyers unless we collect. We will form a team to fight reckless drivers and rude insurance agents. Don’t miss your deadline to collect your fair and just compensation. Call the experienced Dallas car wreck lawyers of Oberheiden Law PLLC today to recover your losses.

As if a car accident is not already tragic enough, much of the problems only begin after the crash. Your case and your chances for recovery often depend on what you do (or not do) after you got hit by a vehicle and whom you trust to handle your legal affairs. Let us introduce you to our Car Accident Checklist.

1. Get Medical Help

First and foremost, get medical help. If you or someone else got injured in a car wreck, make sure to call Dallas police and the Dallas Fire Department at 911. Nothing is more important and nothing is a greater priority than your health. Even if you first think that nothing happened to you, think again. You are likely under shock and your body is filled with adrenalin that numbs your body to feel the actual pain you suffered. There is nothing wrong with being conservative when it comes to your life and health. Let’s err on the side of caution and if there is any indication that you or someone else got hurt, then please call for help.

2. Call the Police

If you need help to secure evidence or need assistance to block the accident scene, call the police. Dallas police officers are trained and experienced to examine the events that led to your accident and will provide you with the important police report.

3. Take a Picture of the License Plate

Taking a picture of the license plate of the involved cars is very helpful because it allows your lawyers to track down the owner of the car if other forms of securing the license plate such as a police report are missing. Believe it or not, more than occasionally, responsible accident causers escape the scene. Some leave because they literally want to escape liability or want to avoid police encounter (e.g. they know or have reason to believe that there is a warrant out for their arrest). Others leave the scene because they were so distracted that they did not even notice that they hit and hurt someone else with their car.

4. Secure the Identity of the Negligent Driver

Owner and driver of the car that caused the accident are not always identical. A father lets his son drive the car, an employee drives a company car, someone drove a friend’s car, visiting family members cruise while in town—there are many reasons why people drive the car of someone else. Because that new driver is not always authorized to do so under the car owner’s insurance policy, it is important to establish the identity of the negligent driver to later compare it with the owner’s policies. In many of the cases in which owner and driver are not identical, an opportunity arises to hold both, owner and actual driver responsible for the accident.

5. Secure Witnesses

Few accidents go unnoticed. If you are the victim of a car crash, you should look for witnesses. Pay attention, as much as you can, and see if there are uninvolved people or other involved parties that could serve you as witness. If you were the driver of the car that got hit and you had passengers in your car with you, make sure you serve as alerted witnesses for each other to later show that not you but the other car/driver caused the accident. Similarly, if there were pedestrians or other bystanders, approach them and secure them as your fact witness. Get their information so that they can later assist clarifying the occurrence and cause of the accident.

6. Take a Picture of Your Injuries

A picture can say more than a 1,000 words. Original photographs from the time of the event can be powerful tools if a personal injury case goes to trial. In order for a jury to better understand as to what exactly happened and to get the visual of how badly you or someone else got hurt due to the negligence of someone else, we strongly recommend to take pictures of injuries sustained. Do so in a respectful, discrete way. Cuts, fractures, bruises— any form of injury should be photographically preserved.

7. Take a Picture of the Scenery

We always recommend taking pictures of your vehicle. Do so from all angles. Even include areas of the car that you think did not got hit should be captured so that car experts later may have a better foundation should the degree of damage come into question. Your car will never look the same after it is being moved from the road. Take pictures that show where your car came to a stop.

8. Stay Calm and Quiet.

It is almost natural to engage in a conversation and to comment on an event as traumatic as a car accident. After all, you are under shock. Because you are under shock you may say something that is not true and that you may later regret. For example, you may think you caused the accident and you may tell the real accident causer that you are sorry for the accident. Some of these statements may be admissible if your case goes to court. The much better approach, albeit difficult, is to simply be quiet and to observe the situation in as much of a controlled way as possible. Car wreck situations are not suited to let your feelings and emotions out and you should not start to accuse yourself, blame anyone, engage in arguments, or even feel tempted to engage in a physical fight. Stay calm and quiet and let your lawyer be loud and clear. This strategy will maximize your chances of successful recovery—and that is perhaps the sweetest revenge!

9. Call Your Lawyers

Sooner or later, it is advisable to involve experienced personal injury lawyers. Doing so offers the advantage of avoiding mistakes, receiving competent help with the bureaucratic insurance process, and increasing your chances for recovery. When you call the lawyers at Oberheiden Law PLLC, you will experience the relief you were looking for. When you become our client, we strive to help you with every aspect of your case from finding the best doctor, to dealing with insurance paperwork, to securing you a compensation that you deserve for going through the inconvenience and the pain caused by someone else.

10. Get the Police Report

Arguably, the police report is the most important document to secure. Police reports summarize the car accident event and contain many valuable pieces of information such as responsible parties, sequence of events, damage assessment, potential witness information, and much more. When you call us, we will always ask you for the police report. If you don’t have the police report yet at the time you call us, we will need to get it as soon as possible to start our claim review and case assessment.

Car Accident Injury Lawyers Serving Dallas County Are Ready to Help You

If you have been hurt or injured in a car crash by someone else, our experienced car accident attorneys will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

10 Most Common Mistakes Following a Car Crash

Oberheiden Law PLLC offers victims of car accidents free, immediate, and professional assistance with all aspects of car wrecks. You will not have to pay our lawyers unless we collect. We will form a team to fight reckless drivers and rude insurance agents. Don’t miss your deadline to collect your fair and just compensation. Call the experienced Dallas car wreck lawyers of Oberheiden Law PLLC today to recover your losses.

Mistakes in personal injury cases can ruin a case. A casual remark at the scene of the accident, hesitation to file a claim, ignoring medical advice, or not getting properly examined are among the most common reasons for promising claims to settle for pennies on the dollar or not to settle at all. Purpose of the following list is to raise awareness of what mistakes to avoid in the immediate aftermath of a Dallas car accident.

1. Discussing Your Case or Fault

You are upset. After all, someone just destroyed your car and caused you injuries to your body. You are in shock. The push that went through your body, that moment when you realized you got hit bad time, that feeling of collision makes you not think clearly. Naturally, you want to talk, you want to confront the person that did this to you. You want to tell the world how you feel. Restrain yourself. Comments you make subsequent to an accident may be admissible in court. It is never never never a good idea to discuss the accident, your injury, or your fault with anyone without your attorney’s knowledge and presence. You may say things like “I should not have texted” or “I think it is my fault” when in fact you don’t even know whose fault it is. Comments like these can ruin your case and may make you end up with nothing. Don’t comment on your case or your fault after an accident.

2. Not Calling an Attorney

Chances are high that you will miss out on something you are entitled to when you don’t call experienced attorneys to help you with your Dallas car wreck incident. While it first may appear obvious as to what needs to get done, you will quickly run into questions that are less obvious and may require research or consulting. A classic example is what to do when driver and owner of the car that negligently hit you are not the same. Another example is the situation of settlement. What are you going to do when the other side realizes that you are trying to handle your case on your own and therefore tries to lowball you? What experience and what comparison do you have to know what a good settlement amount is? What are you going to do when the other side refuses to pay you any money, refuses to acknowledge any liability, and refuses to settle with you: are you then also going to court by yourself? The safest thing to do is to hire respected and feared attorneys to avoid all of these shenanigans. Hire aggressive and competent lawyers right away and send a clear signal to the other side: I will fight my case to the better end and I have the right team to do so!

3. Not Getting a Police Report

A car accident police report is like a roadmap in a personal injury recovery case. Nothing works without it. The police report contains important information about the sequence of events, the status of the investigation, involved parties and their identities and addresses, and names of individuals that may serve as fact witnesses. Most importantly: a police report references the officer’s initial fault assessment, which provides the basis for any lawyer’s initial claim assessment and significantly impacts a law firm’s decision to take your case or not.

4. Not Attending Necessary Medical Treatment

In car accident and personal injury cases, medical treatment serves two purposes. First and foremost, because the examining doctor prescribed you certain procedures or physical therapy or other rehabilitation exercises, it is important to follow these orders to regain maximum strength and to increase the likelihood for you to recover completely. Second, the degree of medical treatment necessary to recover from sustain injuries is a critical factor in the case resolution process—either in settlement discussions or at trial. If the other side learns that you quit rehab, they must assume that your injury was not as severe as originally assumed and, with that, your demand for compensation needs to be readjusted to the allegedly lower level of injury.

5. Underestimating Your Injuries.

If you break your wrists as a result of a Dallas car crash, it is very obvious that you are injured. Pain will tell you. However, many injuries are not visible and may not even be noticeable in the beginning especially if you are under shock or filled with adrenalin. You may wake up with nausea the next day, have discolored urine, or suddenly feel like you need to throw up. Each of these symptoms can stand for a serious medical condition. Internal organ injuries, nerve damage and many other frequent consequences of car crashes need to be treated immediately. Before treatment comes the discovery. Even if you feel like you made it out ok when another car hit you, you may be well advised to seek medical care nonetheless. After all, only a licensed professional can tell you with certainty that you are ok or that you need medical care.

6. Missing the Deadline to File Suit.

There is a time limit to file your claim and there is deadline, the so-called Statute of Limitations, to file suit in a Dallas personal injury case. If you miss either of these deadlines, you may not be entitled to receive the compensation you would otherwise get as a result of your injury and property damage. In general, Texas law requires victims in personal injury cases, including car accident claims, to file a lawsuit within two years, typically from the day of the accident—regardless as to whether you were a driver yourself, a passenger of a hit car, a pedestrian, motorcyclists, bicyclist, or just an innocent bystander. So, for example, if a car hit you on December 5, 2017, you must bring your case by December 4, 2019 in order to a chance for recovery. By the way, this two-year deadline also applies to property damage. So, if you want to recover for your personal bodily injury or damages to your property (e.g. your car), you must do so within a two year period. But, don’t wait to the last minute. Claims and lawsuits require time to prepare and a proper strategy will take time to develop. Consult with experienced personal injury and property attorneys as soon as you can to secure your claims. Note, in wrongful death cases, the Statute of Limitations is also two years, but it typically runs from the day of death, which may or may not be the day of the accident.

7. Simply Accepting Your Faith.

Tendency of some people is to simply resign and quit the fight instead of asking others for help. Don’t be one of those, don’t make yourself a victim twice: first of the car accident and then of your lost opportunity to recover for your losses and pain. The aftermath of a car crash truly is one of the most challenging times in your life-time. Bureaucratic hassle, bills, medical treatment, the uncertainty about your recovery, and many other obstacles lie ahead of you. Resignation is an option, but not a good one. Rely on someone that can provide you with effective advice, someone that you learn to trust, someone that you know works with you and will be on your team and will represent your interests. Call us, your lawyers.

8. Self-Assessing Your Claim.

A properly and successfully handled car accident has many components. Getting a rental car, finding the right doctor, up-fronting the bills, organizing life with health conditions or injuries, not losing your job, getting a police report, dealing with insurance adjusters, and many other challenges lie ahead of you. That’s a lot of work. At the outset of all of this work stands the question whether or not you have a claim and if so against whom and for how much and at what point. The answers to those questions are rarely obvious and require professional expertise. Under what circumstances do you have a claim against a corporate entity if one of its drivers hit your car? What can you do when the other side carries only partial insurance? How can you turn your medical injuries into compensation? Who should cover your doctor’s bills in the meantime? Already these routine considerations demonstrate that assessing a claim should be left to experienced professionals that know from their daily routine how to evaluate a case and how to maximize enforcement of your claim.

9. Fighting Insurance Lawyers Yourself

No matter how tough you are and no matter what you do for a living, unless you are a personal injury attorney yourself, there is little or no benefit for you to fight rude and aggressive insurance attorneys yourself. Save your energy for your medical recovery and spend time with your loved ones. Let lawyers that know which buttons to push and that know how to assess and negotiate damages in PI cases handle your case. We have the ultimate threat, we can always say, we will see you in court, when settlement negotiations don’t go fast or promising enough. In many cases, the mere threat that we are ready to pick a Dallas jury to decide your case for us creates enormous settlement dynamics. And with Oberheiden Law PLLC, insurance lawyers always know that we are not kidding. We will go to court, we will ask the judge and we will ask the jury for help.

10. Not Calling the Right Lawyer

Experience matters. When you get injured in a car accident or your car gets damaged due to the negligence of someone else, you are entitled to compensation. How much of that compensation you will actually get largely depends on the negotiation and litigation skills of your attorney. Some settle quickly and accept a first offer. That’s not our firm. We diligently assess your case and will relentlessly negotiate on your behalf. Our biggest weapon? Our trial reputation. Insurance lawyers know they have a choice: they can give us what we ask for in our settlement discussions or they will have to prepare for court and face our distinct and feared trial lawyers.

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