Nick Oberheiden High Profile Lawyer - Federal Lawyer
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Nick Oberheiden High Profile Lawyer

Nick Oberheiden high profile lawyer

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is the high-profile lawyer that public officials, celebrities, executives, and prominent professionals contact to seek a discreet “peripeteia” of their legal problems.

Notably, as just one sign of Nick’s reputation as an ethical and effective counsel, countless members of the United States government, including White House and Justice Department officials, FBI agents, and diplomats have chosen Nick as their counsel of trust.

  • Nick was featured by the media in all 50 states
  • Trusted TV commentator in the U.S. and abroad
  • Interviewed by more than 200 U.S. and international newspapers including Forbes Magazine, L.A. Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal.

Among Nick’s high-profile clients are politicians, diplomats, a current U.S. Governor, lawyers, FBI agents, senior law enforcement personnel, Justice Department prosecutors, CEOs and board members, physicians, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and business owners. All of them unite the desire for Nick to fix and resolve their most important case, be it to avoid a federal investigation, defending their licenses and reputation, or representing them in high-stake litigation cases. Verified clients said this about Nick:

  • Simply the best.”
  • A true life saver.”
  • Brilliant.” “Mesmerizing.” “Top notch.”
  • Smart. Smarter. Nick

Nick has guided these and many other clients through sensitive, often classified government investigations, grand jury subpoenas, federal litigation and trials involving the Justice Department, the SEC, the FBI, the Inspector General, the Department of Defense, and many other key federal law enforcement agencies.

attorney Nick Oberheiden

In his capacity as a federal criminal defense attorney, Nick has defended clients against virtually any form of fraud allegations including healthcare fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, government contract fraud, investment fraud, False Claims Act allegations, public corruption, and bribery cases to the highest satisfaction of his clients. In the vast majority of cases, Nick’s decisive and experienced approach resulted in no public charges against his clients.

In his civil practice, Nick has represented clients in cases totaling more than $ 10 billion such as whistleblower matters and complex federal litigation proceedings throughout the country.

Small Selection of High-Profile Cases (Civil & Criminal):

  • Served as lead counsel to a U.S. Governor in a federal probe involving various agencies.
  • Represented business partner of former attorney to the President, Michael Cohen, in the highly publicized investigation out of the Southern District of New York. Successfully invoked various privileges to protect Client. Nick’s defense approach resulted in no conspiracy charges against Client.
  • Represented a diplomat in federal criminal investigation involving foreign U.S. Embassy. Resolved the matter with high-level Justice Department officials. No charges for Nick’s Client.
  • Represented granddaughter of one of the country’s most famous TV stars in a civil litigation matter. Achieved all Client’s goals and settled within three weeks.
  • Represented business in multi-district litigation and successfully argued for new federal precedent still followed by federal judges across the United States.
  • Represented presidentially appointed official in a federal matter. Nick’s client was cleared.
  • Represented U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor in federal criminal investigation involving DOJ-OIG. No criminal charges against Client.
  • Represented CEO in $ 1.2b fraud case. Client cleared, no charges, no liability.
  • Represented executive in $ 500m fraud case. Client cleared of all wrongdoing.
  • Represented business client before Department of Defense. Representation resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for the client.
  • Represented business executive in largest criminal investigation ever conducted in that federal district involving bribery schemes, violations of international arms treaties. Client was not charged.
  • Represented numerous individuals in one of the largest federal fraud schemes in U.S. history. Clients were not charged.
  • Represented the interests of a major international law firm in the United States in a case involving various federal statutes applicable to foreign officials in the Southern District of Texas and the Southern District of New York. Client left the matter unharmed and with stellar reputation intact. Zero liability for Nick’s Client.
  • Represented former bank employee in a bank fraud case. Extensive negotiations with government let to an agreement on probation. To comply with a technicality in the sentencing rules, judge ordered client to a “one hour” jail sentence to be served while sitting in that court’s hearing.
  • Represented attorney directly involving the White House. No charges, no disciplinary findings.
  • Represented prominent attorney in potential obstruction of justice investigation. Defense strategy led to no charges and no disciplinary action against the attorney.
  • Represented a Maryland attorney who was investigated for investment fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, and mail fraud.
  • Represented a Florida lawyer who was investigated for aiding and abetting a massive Ponzi scheme. Extensive negotiations with the Justice Department led to no charges. The government declined to prosecute.
  • Represented a high-profile Las Vegas attorney in a federal matter.
  • Represented prominent DC attorney before the bar in complex multi-jurisdictional ethics question. The ethics committee declined to continue the investigation. No disciplinary action or sanction against the Client.
  • Represented prominent NY attorney before the bar in complex ethics dispute. The bar declined to continue the investigation. No disciplinary action or sanction against the client.
  • Represented the former executive of a national healthcare service company in a federal criminal jury trial and secured acquittals at trial.
  • Represented large government contractor in a federal criminal investigation involving alleged government fraud and bribery as well as import-export violations. Government declined to prosecute the Client.
  • Represented physician in a federal criminal kickback investigation. Extensive negotiations with the government led to no charges. Government declined to prosecute the Client.
  • Represented major healthcare company in a series of OIG Investigations alleging every imaginable form of healthcare fraud and kickbacks. A comprehensive internal investigation and extensive negotiations with the government led to no civil and no criminal liability of client. The government declined.
  • Represented foreign CEO in an international criminal investigation.
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