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Are you being punished for your success? You have worked very hard to build your business. You have contributed to your community, and you have helped to improve quality patient care. You never had criminal intent. Your employees and vendors have a job because of you. You pay high taxes so that everyone else can benefit. And now comes the government and threatens to jeopardize everything you have accomplished? Isn’t it true that the government really wants to punish you for being more successful than others? Well, we think so. That’s why we have put together the A-Team of Federal Defense for you.

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Are you seeking a life saver? Imagine you have a heart attack. Would you call a dentist or a cardiologist? Probably a cardiologist, someone that has the specific background and the experience to fix the problem. Let’s be honest. A federal investigation is like a heart attack. Everything is on the line. If you or your practice are accused of healthcare fraud, you simply cannot afford to experiment. You need a cardiologist, a life-saver, to make sure that your business, your good name, and your freedom are protected.

You are at the right firm. Meet Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden. Nick has represented clients all over the country and demonstrated that healthcare fraud allegations are fixable. In fact, Nick has avoided civil liabilities and criminal charges in many hundreds of healthcare audits and FBI/OIG investigations, whistleblower cases, grand jury and CID proceedings, FBI interview requests, and even search warrants. No stranger to the court room, Nick and his team have dismissed indictments, obtained acquittals, and secured probation even in multi-million-dollar fraud cases. This is what clients have said about Nick publicly.

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The best strategy and personal experience will determine your outcome. To see how personal our service is, just text or call Dr. Oberheiden. Get a free and confidential consultation from Nick directly, including on weekends.

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How We Are Different

There truly is no firm like Oberheiden P.C. What makes us different compared to any firm you may find online is the experience of our team and the proven results. Some lawyers will tell you that they can help you when in fact they might experiment with your freedom; other lawyers may understand healthcare laws, but they have never argued a case in court or made a compelling defense presentation in a room filled with FBI agents and federal prosecutors. Well, that’s what WE do every day: WE don’t experiment, WE don’t surrender. We fight, we fix, we resolve, we litigate healthcare fraud accusations.

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Find out for yourself. Get the relief that allows you to focus on your business while we take care of your case. Call us today. We are confident that 10 minutes with us will save you hours spent with lawyers that don’t even understand your industry, billing/coding, or where you first need to explain healthcare laws. Don’t waste your time. When you call Dr. Nick Oberheiden and his team, you will see why so many clients before you have trusted us when their financials, their good name, and their freedom was under attack.

What is Healthcare Fraud?

The scheme to defraud a healthcare program normally involves false or fraudulent representations designed to access something of value— usually money. The intent of the accused is almost always the central issue at any healthcare fraud trial. Many times errors in billing and coding make up a large part of the government’s case against a defendant. That being said, the mere fact that there are errors in bills and coding submitted does not necessarily mean that a defendant had the requisite intent to defraud a health insurance program.

Burden of Proof

When an individual is accused of healthcare fraud, the government has to prove that the defendant engaged in a scheme to steal from a healthcare program, such as Medicare, DOL, Medicaid, Tricare, another government insurance program or a private insurance program.

Common Examples

As seen, healthcare fraud is a generic term that encompasses a variety of conduct designed to illegally obtain a financial benefit of a provider to the detriment of the state or federal government. The following list is not exclusive, but it summarizes some of the most common healthcare fraud examples.


The federal Anti-Kickback Statute is a criminal statute that prohibits persons or entities from knowingly
and willfully soliciting, receiving, offering, or paying remuneration for referrals for goods or
services payable to a government healthcare program, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. This
statute is designed to prevent fraud and abuse. Kickbacks may include referral fees, finder’s fees,
bonuses, discounted leases, research grants, excessive compensation, and travel or entertainment.

Up-Coding Services

Billing of government and private insurance programs utilize numerical codes that identify the specific
procedure or service being performed. For every necessary procedure, government healthcare programs
assign a dollar amount it will pay. Up-coding occurs when a healthcare provider submits claims for
healthcare services that represent a more serious and/or more expensive procedure than what was
actually performed. Up-coding is a form of healthcare fraud and may be a violation of the False Claims

Services Not Rendered

Billing for services not rendered is a form of healthcare fraud that consists of submitting claims for
healthcare services that were never rendered.

Ghost Patients

Ghost patients are patients who either do not exist or who never received the service or item billed for
in the claim. Submitting claims for healthcare services of ghost patients are a form of healthcare

Inflating Cost Reports

Medicare reimburses hospitals and healthcare institutions for certain costs for the treatment of
particular patients. These hospitals and healthcare institutions are required to file Cost Reports with
Medicare. One common type of healthcare fraud has been for hospitals or healthcare institutions to
inflate the costs on their Medicare Cost Reports, or to otherwise falsify information on these cost
reports to maximize Medicare reimbursement. Cost report fraud scenarios may include falsely inflating
costs related to patient care; seeking reimbursement for costs that are not related to patient care;
seeking reimbursement for costs for non-Medicare patients; and improperly manipulating statistics.

Medicare Part D Fraud

In 2003, Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, which added
“Part D” to the Medicare Program. The Part D program consists of prescription drug coverage and
prescription drug insurance premiums. Since its enactment, it is expected that the Part D program will
be the target of substantial fraud in the coming years. Forms of Medicare Part D Fraud include claims of
duplicate billing; overcharging; enrollment fraud; red-lining; and improper rebates from pharmaceutical
manufacturers and wholesalers.

Lack of Medical Necessity

In order to qualify for payment by government healthcare programs, healthcare services must be
medically necessary. healthcare providers are required by law to document the medical necessity of the
treatment or services for which they are seeking reimbursement. Submitting claims for services,
treatments, diagnostic tests, and medical devices that are not medically necessary is a common type of
healthcare fraud.

Improper Financial Interest

Federal and state laws and regulations prevent physicians and other healthcare providers from having a
direct or indirect financial interest in certain services provided to their patients. An example of this
is the federal Stark Law, 42 U.S.C. § 1395nn and § 1396b. The Stark Law prohibits a physician from
making a referral for certain designated health services to an entity in which the physician has an
ownership or investment interest or with which he or she has a compensation arrangement. In addition,
the Stark law covers investments and compensation paid to any member of the physician’s immediate
family. Violations of the Stark Law or another federal can also result in a violation of the False
Claims Act.

Bundling & Unbundling

A common type of healthcare fraud has been to “unbundle” procedures or tests and bill each one
separately, which pursuant to Medicare and Medicaid guidelines are to be billed together. Medicare and
Medicaid often will have lower reimbursement rates for groups of procedures commonly performed together.
And, unbundling billing codes illegally increases a provider’s profits, resulting in greater
reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid.

False Certification

Physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers are required to provide certain certifications when
submitting bills to government healthcare programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. These
certifications include medical necessity, actual performance, and regulatory compliance. In addition,
healthcare providers that provide goods or services to government healthcare programs must satisfy all
contractual obligations with the government. Falsifying such certifications in order to get a health
care claim paid or to obtain additional business is a form of healthcare fraud and may also be a
violation of the False Claims Act.


The goal we have when representing clients accused of healthcare fraud is to avoid criminal investigations. Oftentimes, an experienced healthcare fraud defense lawyer, such as one of our former federal prosecutors, is able to channel a healthcare fraud case onto a civil path so that a provider’s license and freedom remain untouched and intact.

How Our Experienced Healthcare Fraud Defense Attorneys Have Resolved Healthcare Fraud Cases

Most healthcare fraud cases are based on the theory that a medical provider or a healthcare business (lab, pharmacy, hospital, home health agency) submitted fraudulent billing claims to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or a commercial insurance company. Because billing mistakes are not uncommon in an industry known for its regulatory complexity, for the government to be involved, the alleged fraud must be widespread, systematic, and financially significant. In this context, billing errors are financially significant if the received reimbursement exceeds tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. “Fraud” is a fairly undefined term and in most cases the government will allege that a healthcare service lacked medical necessity, was outside the accepted standards of care (e.g. excessive testing), was billed too high, or was billed for but not provided.

Oberheiden P.C. has proven that each of these scenarios is fixable. The sooner we get involved, the easier it is to resolve the matter. | 888-680-1745

You will know that you are under investigation if you or your business receives a healthcare audit request, a CID (Civil Investigative Demand), a subpoena from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG), a Grand Jury Subpoena from the Department of Justice (DOJ), or, if the case is already advanced, if your business experiences a federal search warrant or an indictment. An experienced attorney will understand the nuances of each of these scenarios and tailor a specific defense strategy.

Federal Healthcare Fraud (18 U.S.C. 1347)

  • United States v. Client: Client was indicted for Medicare Fraud. The damage amount was $ 7m. Nick obtained probation for his client.
  • United States v. Client: Client was indicted for Medicare Fraud. The damage amount was $ 3m. Nick obtained probation for his client.
  • United States v. Client: Client was indicted for Medicaid Fraud. The damage amount exceeded $ 1m. Nick obtained probation for his client.
  • See 100+ more examples of Oberheiden P.C. healthcare fraud cases here.

Anti-Kickback Law (42 U.S.C. 1320a-7b)

One of the most common allegations in healthcare fraud investigations are so-called kickbacks. Unlike most other industries, healthcare laws prohibit certain types of referral incentives to protect the integrity and independence of a physician’s professional judgment. Even though virtually anything of value may qualify as a kickback (not just straight payments, but also indirectly through physician distributions in MSOs or medical directorship agreements etc.), most kickback cases are surprisingly defendable. A successful client defense requires two attorney skillsets: a superb healthcare law understanding as well as the ability to lead tough negotiations through compelling arguments. The following are just a few representative examples of how Oberheiden P.C. has successfully defended civil and criminal kickback cases across the entire country.

  • United States v. Client: Federal kickback investigation against spine surgeon. No civil or criminal liability.
  • United States v. Client: FBI investigation against Client. No civil or criminal liability.
  • United States v. Client: Dismissed.
  • See 100+ more Anti-Kickback examples of Oberheiden P.C. cases here.

False Claims Act (18 U.S.C. 287)

Most False Claims Act cases originate as whistleblower cases. That is, someone, often a former employee or a competitor, reports alleged fraud to the government by filing a lawsuit in an effort to later collect a reward. Targets of these whistleblower cases often find out about the existence of an investigation when they receive a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) or another form of a government subpoena (e.g. OIG subpoena) requesting documents and corporate information. The absolute priority in all False Claims Act defense cases is to make sure that the investigation does not turn into a criminal case—that is something Oberheiden P.C. has accomplished in every single whistleblower case. By the same token, Oberheiden P.C. is an asset protection specialist and protected the financial stability of its clients by dismissing or favorably settling False Claims Act cases (e.g. in Los Angeles, in Florida, in Houston, in Philadelphia, in Dallas, in Portland, in Ohio etc.).

  • United States v. Client: OIG investigation against laboratory. Our defense resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for our client. Case dismissed, no liability.
  • United States v. Client: OIG/FBI kickback investigation against marketing company. Our defense resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for our client. Case dismissed, no liability.
  • United States v. Client: FCA investigation against physician practice. Our defense resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for our client. Case dismissed, no liability.
  • See 100+ more False Claims Act defense examples of Oberheiden P.C. here.

Aggravated Identity Theft

Aggravated identity theft is a good illustration to understand how important it is to be represented by trusted, experienced healthcare fraud defense attorneys. Recently, the Justice Department started to add aggravated identity theft to healthcare fraud indictments. Each count contains a mandatory two-year imprisonment. That means, probation is not an option. Oberheiden P.C. saw this trend quickly, and has successfully argued why aggravated identity theft is simply not applicable in the case—and saved clients from years of unnecessary prison time. Again, don’t gamble with your future. Call Oberheiden P.C. today.

  • United States v. Client: We avoided aggravated identity theft charges for our client and were able to stop the investigation against our client in its entirety. No charges.
  • United States v. Client: OIG/FBI kickback investigation against marketing company. Our defense resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for our client. Case dismissed.
  • United States v. Client: FCA investigation against physician practice. Our defense resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for our client. Case dismissed.
  • See 100+ more examples of how Oberheiden P.C. defended federal felonies here.

Federal Conspiracy (18 U.S.C. 1349)

Many federal healthcare fraud cases are brought as a conspiracy. The government essentially claims that multiple people have contributed something to the overall success of a fraud scheme. Let’s take the example of a marketer (M), a doctor (D), and a pharmacy (P). If a M unlawfully incentivizes D to send referrals to the pharmacy (“kickbacks”), then all three individuals may be charged by way of a conspiracy: the marketer for bribing, the doctor for accepting the bribe, and the pharmacy for billing claims that were based on a kickback. Oberheiden P.C. knows how to break that chain. We have successfully defended against hundreds of conspiracy charges, call us now to see how we did it!

  • United States v. Client: We avoided aggravated identity theft charges for our client and were able to stop the investigation against our client in its entirety. No charges.
  • United States v. Client: OIG/FBI kickback investigation against marketing company. Our defense resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for our client. Case dismissed.
  • United States v. Client: FCA investigation against physician practice. Our defense resulted in no civil and no criminal liability for our client. Case dismissed.
  • See 100+ more examples of how Oberheiden P.C. avoided or defended federal conspiracy charges here.

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Our Federal Defense Lawyers Represent Clients in Federal Healthcare Fraud Cases Nationwide – Including all CMS, DEA, DOJ, and OIG Matters

Regardless of your role within the healthcare industry, facing federal fraud allegations is an extremely serious matter. If federal agents are targeting your business or practice based upon allegations of Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or Department of Labor (DOL) fraud, failing to find the best healthcare fraud defense could result in exposure to significant civil or criminal penalties.

Federal healthcare fraud allegations can take a variety of different forms, and federal prosecutors can pursue civil and criminal charges under a multitude of federal statutes. As a result, when facing a federal healthcare fraud investigation, a critical early step is to determine the scope and nature of the allegations against you. Are you being accused of overbilling Medicaid or Tricare? Are you being accused of using Medicare-reimbursed funds to pay “kickbacks” or referral fees? Are you being accused of improperly prescribing, dispensing, or billing for opioid medications? Until you know why you are being targeted, you simply have no way of asserting an effective defense.

At Oberheiden, P.C., a significant portion of our practice is devoted to defending clients in federal healthcare fraud matters. When you engage our federal defense team to represent you, our attorneys will work to quickly get to the bottom of the government’s investigation. To find out why you are being targeted and what penalties are on the table, call 888-519-4897 for a free and confidential case assessment from one of our senior healthcare fraud defense lawyers.

Defending Healthcare Fraud: Choosing the Right Lawyer

Healthcare fraud is a serious offense. Depending on the magnitude and the intent level of the wrongdoing, penalties range from civil monetary damages to imprisonment. More than ever before, the government is prosecuting healthcare fraud, and, for those that find themselves in the middle of a federal healthcare fraud the question becomes: which lawyer should I hire to defend me? This brief blog will explain how the complexity of healthcare laws and regulations and corresponding government investigations should discourage targets of a healthcare investigation from hiring just any lawyer.

While every lawyer offers a skillset for certain areas of laws, effective healthcare fraud defense demands more than just being a generalist. Three features should be immediately noticeable when you talk to an attorney to defend yourself against a potential or actual government investigation: (1) a profound understanding of healthcare law, (2) a proven experience with government investigations, and (3) an impeccable track record.

Healthcare Law Background

First and foremost, the attorney you engage must be profoundly familiar with all healthcare laws. Many healthcare fraud cases operate between fine lines of honest mistakes and criminal liability. Often, this fine line is the decisive factor. A potential client should ask the lawyer how many healthcare clients he or she has represented in the past in the area of the client’s needs. Advising a chiropractor to set up an LLC is different from providing a comprehensive regulatory analysis for a DNA testing facility or conducting an internal audit for a toxicology laboratory.

But don’t just stop at theoretical knowledge. While there are a great number of healthcare lawyers, very few of them are trained to negotiate with FBI agents and government lawyers, and even fewer lawyers have ever argued a case in court. In fact, most healthcare lawyers understand the theory of healthcare law, but lack the practical component of arguing a case at the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the Office of Inspector General.

Government Experience

Healthcare law and fraud and abuse investigations operate in a small circle of lawyers and government officials. Attorneys frequently run into the same FBI agents and work routinely with the same prosecutors and appear before the same judges. This experience may help the lawyer to better anticipate the government’s next step, and may ease settlement negotiations with the government. After all, if your lawyer kept his or her word in the last case, the prosecutor will remember and trust him or her in this case. People talk, and lawyers at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and healthcare fraud defense attorneys are no exception. Reputation and past interactions with the government can make a decisive difference, especially in areas like healthcare investigations where the line between mistake and criminal misconduct can be very thin at times.

Track Record

Finally, before hiring an attorney to represent you to maintain your freedom, you should find out what the lawyer’s track record is in cases similar to yours. Being a great general criminal defense lawyer is wonderful, when you are accused of assault or robbery. Instead, you should ask for the attorney’s track record in healthcare matters. What was the outcome in previously handled healthcare fraud cases? Was the lawyer able to avoid criminal charges? How many healthcare fraud cases were dismissed under your lawyer’s leadership?

Why Choose Oberheiden, P.C. for Federal Healthcare Fraud Defense

Our firm is comprised entirely of attorneys who are highly-experienced in federal civil and criminal matters, and many of our attorneys have well over a decade of experience in federal healthcare fraud defense. This includes founding attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden, who is recognized nationwide for his results in civil and criminal healthcare fraud investigations, as well as several former senior prosecutors and trial attorneys with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

With centuries of combined experience in high-level federal matters, including more than 70 years of experience as DOJ prosecutors and trial lawyers, our attorneys have handled federal healthcare fraud cases involving all relevant federal agencies. This includes assisting in and defending against investigations and prosecutions conducted by the Department of Justice, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and other agencies ranging from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our attorneys have been on both sides of cases involving all relevant statutes and sources of regulatory authority, and we have avoided charges and won trials in cases involving virtually all healthcare fraud allegations prosecuted under federal law.

If you or your business or practice is being targeted by federal authorities, this is the type of experience you need on your side. You need attorneys who can not only level the playing field, but who can tip the scales in your favor. With our attorneys’ vast federal defense experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal and medical principles involved in federal healthcare fraud investigations, we have become go-to defense counsel for healthcare providers and medical industry businesses across the country.

This is Why You Are in Good Hands

Nick has been there since the beginning. Throughout this experience he has had made me feel like my case is his most important. He excels in his area of law and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that needs assistance. I am honored to have had him help me through this period.
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Quick response, very knowledgeable, passionate, with a caring team with real experiencewith the same federal agencies that I was corresponding with (Roger Bach!) thus making all the legal concerns understandable. I would recommend to any other health care professional or would use Nick Oberheiden again if ever needed.... Thank you!read more
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Shaunna R.
I am compelled to recommend Nick Oberheiden after dealing with many blood thirsty attorneys. Nick was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. His expertise and relationships in the realm of federal healthcare is great. I wish I would have called him sooner. If you are facing a federal investigation... or suit, make Nick the first call you make. He really cares and is looking out for his clients best interest. His expertise has allowed my situation that seemed so daunting to be very more
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I found myself in an unfortunate situation with the federal government. I hired Nick Oberheiden as my attorney and it has been a life saving decision. His expertise and knowledge along with his commitment is superior and of utmost importance in federal cases. Nick has kept his word throughout this stressful process... and helped me receive the best possible outcome. You will not regret hiring Nick and his law firm to defend you!!!read more
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Over the past decade I have plenty of experience with health care and federal attorneys. The one that has stood by far above and beyond the most intelligent, thoughtful, straight-forward, and strategic in defense and actions has been Nick Oberheiden. Nick has achieved results that others claim they could not. He has... taken on circumstances that felt as if not winnable, and worked to create a positive outcome. Nick has become a rock and support person through my troubling time and a beacon of hope and action that things will come out in the best possible manner. There is no attorney that I could support more then Dr. more
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Dr Nick Oberheiden is a truly excellent attorney in every way! He’s knowledgeable and responds to all phone calls and emails swiftly. He is concise, and puts information in understandable terms. He is happy to explain and clarify any confusing matters or material. He will put your mind at ease immediately. For me,... it was like a superhero was protecting and helping me through what was one of the most stressful situations of my professional life! Nick is worth every single bit of the five star rating from me, and from other clients who have given him five star reviews as well!read more
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We needed legal service and advise, Nick Oberheiden made a bad situation better. Prompt service, responded to email , and phone calls, addressed the problem professionally and on time. Would highly recomend them.
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I have conferred and worked with Nick on several healthcare fraud defense cases, representing doctors, laboratory/pharmacy owners, durable medical equipment providers and marketing companies all investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice. Nick's level of expertise when it comes to the intricacies of medicare... billing, operational regulations and corporate structure is unmatched. His experience and knowledge, combined with his high-level contacts within the Department of Justice, nationwide, make him an invaluable resource to anyone who finds themselves being investigated or audited by the Government. Nick is easy to communicate with, and goes above and beyond to make himself available to his clients and colleagues in their time of more
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Joseph N.
As a healthcare regulatory expert consultant and witness I have worked with a lot of attorneys over the years! But only a few actually stand out and would be someone I would refer my family or closest friends to if they had a legal need. One of these attorneys is without a doubt Nick Oberheiden! Nick is extremely... knowledgeable, professional, and plays chess while the other side is playing checkers. The old adage you get what you pay for is never more truer in Nick’s case. Highly recommended when your license and/or freedom is on the line!read more
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From the moment we walked into Nick’s office, he made us feel safe and secure. Nick exemplifies kindness and compassion for his clients, qualities that I have found rare with attorneys. Nicks passion and expertise in Healthcare and Law are unrivaled.I strongly encourage and recommend others to use Nick.... Professionally, Nick is a Genius!read more
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Shawn C.
As a former supervising investigator with a large New York State agency investigating health care fraud, I have conferred with many defense attorneys over my thirty-year career. I can honestly say that I was not impressed with many of them, that is, until I met Dr. Nick Oberheiden. Not only is he an exceptional... attorney, who provides his clients with expert strategic legal guidance, he is highly regarded for his extraordinary character and integrity. Nick is extremely ethical and always has his clients' best interests at heart. Today, I am proud, honored and privileged to work with Nick in assisting him with his clients' needs, whether it is to determine if they have any criminal liability or to proactively establish a compliance program to prevent them from falling victim to any government audit/investigation. Nick works very efficiently - saving his clients time and money. So, if you are looking for an attorney to represent you or to offer you expert guidance, don't hesitate and contact Dr. Nick Oberheiden. You'll be glad you did!read more
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Greg M.
I was a federal agent for over 30 years and have worked with many of the most successful DOJ and DoD attorneys. Dr. Oberheiden leads a team made up of the best former Federal, State, local attorneys and investigators that can quickly assess any type of federal legal matter. The collective knowledge and experience of... Dr. Oberheiden and his "Dream Team" have yielded successful outcomes in a significant number of federal legal matters which have benefited his clients time and time again! He and his team are determined to work each case to anticipate a prosecutor's case strategy and identity weaknesses in that strategy. Dr. Oberheiden is a relentless legal strategist that has earned him his favorable reputation among the legal community nationwide! If you want a reliable and results-oriented lawyer working for you, Oberheiden P.C. has my highest recommendation and confidence!read more
During the past year, i had the privilege to work alongside Dr. Nick Oberheiden as a team-member defending the owners of a specialty pharmacy being investigated by the HHS-OIG and the USDOJ. Thanks to Nick's leadership, knowledge and expertise, "Team Oberheiden" earned the pharmacy and its owners exoneration from... criminal and civil penalties. Case closed!read more
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Excellent lawyer! I have been very happy with his legal services and highly recommend Dr. Nick Oberheiden.
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Nick was extremely professional, polite, helpful, and friendly. He put my friend at ease and made us feel welcome to be with her. He answered our questions even though we were just there for support. Would definitely recommend him to anyone and would use myself if ever needed.
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Nick is not smart, he is BRILLIANT! He knows the proceedings of the court extremely well and is a genius when working with prosecutors and judges!He is extremely hard working, and although I knew he was working on multiple cases, every time we dealt with mine, he made me feel that my case is the most important to... him. I will most certainly not be where I am, had it not been for Nick. I had worked with a couple of lawyers before Nick came so highly recommended to me, and I can tell you that he simply light years above them. Nick bats for the big leagues!!read more
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Lorraine Emma De B.
I am a retired FBI Special Agent, who worked extensively with many attorneys. I find Dr. Oberheiden ti be very knowledgeable of the healthcare issues. He has a vast knowledge of all federal violations. He is very conscientious about the benefits of his clients. I saw him working around the continent of North America... to assist his clients. One of the great traits of the Oberheiden Law Firm, is that he tackles the allegations long before they reach the court stage. His capable staff is also very qualified and assist all clients as if they are the only client in their firm. I strongly recommend the Oberheiden Law Firm to anyone who has a federal more
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Nick is extremely professional and knows what he is doing. He is also very kind as a person (unless he is in court!) I would recommend him to just about anyone if they need an amazing lawyer that is top notch and would frankly be scary to face in the court room. He will always do a great job representing his clients.... Thank you very more
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Dr. Oberheiden has served as council and represented our company on several occasions, even during depositions, contract reviews and providing invaluable advice on multiple occasions that transpired into multilevel success in our business. He and his teams knowledge of both local, state and federal statues,... accompanied by their areas of expertise law regarding best asset protection, estate planning and wealth management solutions have provided both professional and personal growth for my companies, safeguarding them and protection my family’s name and legacy. I would recommend this firm and Dr. Nick Oberheiden without hesitation. I have no doubt that you will experience success with his more
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I have worked with Nick Oberheiden for over ten years on various litigation matters in and around New York City. Nick is an accomplished and seasoned lawyer and litigator---efficient, reliable, practical and, at the same time, highly academic. Nick will take the time necessary to understand a client's short- and... long-term goals, and tailor his representation and advice to work toward and achieve those ends. Nick is a zealous advocate for his client, and will never sacrifice his client's interests for a quick or easy resolution to a case. At the end of the day, Nick is a great person to know if you or your business is in need of a top litigator or defense more
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I am a healthcare compliance consultant with almost 25 years of experience. The one advice I have for anyone seeking a lawyer with unbeatable healthcare law experience is to hire attorney Nick Oberheiden. For the past 8 years, I have worked with Nick on a variety of healthcare matters—from DEA compliance to DOL... supervisory rules to setting up PT and pain management clinics. I have never once seen a client not being 100% intrigued by Nick’s proven expertise in the field of healthcare structuring and compliance.Dr. more
Nick Oberheiden is a spectacular lawyer, a true life saver. Nick is simply the very best!
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Michael P
Nick Oberheiden is the absolute best federal litigation attorney. Nick gives you the immediate comfort of feeling 100% protected. He is polite, respectful— and extremely compelling. His legal strategy turned out to be brilliant.
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Great firm, with a great firm record of experienced healthcare and litigation attorneys.
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Chris A.

When you should choose Oberheiden, P.C. for your federal healthcare fraud matter:

  • We will begin working on your defense immediately. With our attorneys’ experience representing healthcare providers and medical industry businesses across the country, we have cultivated a body of knowledge that allows us to get to work on our clients’ cases immediately. Unlike other firms, we do not need time to get up to speed on the legal and medical issues involved.
  • We will work diligently to secure an efficient and discrete resolution. In today’s world, even unproven allegations can have devastating consequences for a business or practice. Our attorneys understand these types of concerns, and we will work to secure a discrete and favorable outcome as efficiently as possible.
  • We will promptly assess your risk. By immediately intervening in the government’s investigation, we can quickly discern the allegations against you, including the volume of these allegations and whether they are civil or criminal in nature.
  • We will be fully prepared if your case goes to trial. If your only option is to go to court, we will be fully prepared to represent you at trial when the time comes. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of civil and criminal trials in federal jurisdictions nationwide
  • We will help you and your team make informed decisions. When facing a federal healthcare fraud investigation, there are several critical mistakes you need to avoid. Our attorneys will walk you through everything you need to know and train your staff so that you can effectively aid in your defense.

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Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Dr. Nick Oberheiden



John W. Sellers
John W. Sellers

Former Senior Trial Attorney
U.S. Department of Justice

Local Counsel

Joanne Fine DeLena
Joanne Fine DeLena

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

Joe Brown
Joe Brown

Former U.S. Attorney & Former District Attorney

Local Trial & Defense Counsel

Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall

Former U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

Aaron L. Wiley
Aaron L. Wiley

Former Federal Prosecutor

Local Counsel

Roger Bach
Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Michael Koslow
Michael Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Chris Quick
Chris Quick

Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Kevin M. Sheridan
Kevin M. Sheridan

Former Special Agent (FBI)

Ray Yuen
Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Dennis A. Wichern
Dennis A. Wichern

Former Special Agent-in-Charge (DEA)

More about Our Federal Healthcare Fraud Defense Practice

Cases We Handle

We represent individuals and businesses in civil and criminal healthcare fraud matters nationwide. This includes representing licensed professionals, practice and business owners, facility administrators, clinics, laboratories, hospitals, hospices, home health agencies, and other clients in audits, investigations, and prosecutions in all 50 states. With a significant portion of our practice devoted to federal healthcare fraud defense, we routinely represent clients facing allegations such as:

  • Overbilling Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or the DOL
  • Improperly prescribing, dispensing, or diverting opioid medications
  • Billing for services not provided (so-called “phantom billing”)
  • Improper practices related to physician certifications or patient election statements
  • Billing for services that were not medically necessary
  • Falsifying patient records or test results
  • Double-billing federal benefit programs and/or a private health insurer
  • Offering or accepting illegal kickbacks, bribes, or referral fees
  • Billing and coding violations (including “upcoding” and “unbundling”)
  • Attempt or conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud

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Proven Results at All Stages of Federal Healthcare Fraud Prosecution

If you have been contacted by federal agents or auditors working with CMS, it is important that you seek the best healthcare fraud defense attorney promptly. While going to trial on federal charges is a very real possibility, it is also possible that you could resolve your case short of trial – and potentially without charges ever being filed. In fact, we have resolved the vast majority of our clients’ cases at the investigative stage; and, to date, we have avoided prosecution in every False Claims Act investigation we have handled.

1. Fee-For-Service Contractor Audits (MAC, RAC, ZPIC)

Fee-for-service contractors working with CMS audit Medicare-participating healthcare providers on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these auditors have a financial incentive to find violations, and they often lack the up-to-date and in-depth knowledge required in order to accurately assess providers’ compliance with the Medicare billing regulations. We regularly represent providers in audits and appeals involving Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs), Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs) / ZPIC audit, and other CMS fee-for-service audit contractors.

2. Federal Investigations

Federal healthcare fraud investigations can be civil or criminal in nature, and they can involve agents from CMS, DEA, DOJ, FBI, IRS, OIG, and various other agencies and task forces. The majority of our federal heath care fraud defense practice involves representing clients at the investigative stage, and we have protected the majority of our clients against any civil or criminal liability.

3. Grand Jury Proceedings

If you have been served with a grand jury subpoena, you do not have any time to waste. Federal prosecutors are pursing criminal charges, and an indictment will put your case on the path toward trial. We have extensive experience representing clients in federal grand jury proceedings, from challenging subpoenas to providing advice and representation in the courthouse.

4. Pre-Trial Practice and Plea Deal Negotiations

Once an indictment or civil charges have been issued, there will still be a significant amount of time before your case goes to trial. While many firms use this time exclusively for trial preparation, we use it as an opportunity to continue to fight for a favorable pre-trial resolution. From having indictments dismissed to negotiating plea deals that protect our clients’ practices and keep them out of prison, we utilize a variety of aggressive pre-trial defense strategies to protect our clients from the possibility of a “guilty” verdict at trial.

5. Trials and Sentencing

At the federal level, trial on the merits and sentencing are separate proceedings. Each requires a different approach, and our attorneys have extensive experience on both sides of federal healthcare fraud trials. We can use this experience to protect you, whether that means convincing the jury that the government has not met its burden of proof or arguing for a sentence below what is called for under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

6. Appeals

In addition to handling civil and criminal healthcare fraud cases at the trial level, we also represent clients on appeal. Our defense team includes highly-experienced appellate attorneys who are licensed to practice before multiple U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal.

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Potential Consequences of a Federal Healthcare Fraud Audit or Investigation

The potential consequences of a federal healthcare fraud audit or investigation vary depending upon the type of fraud alleged and the number of violations of which you are being accused. In all cases, however, the consequences can be severe, and some practitioners and business owners will face business-threatening and life-altering consequences as a result of the government’s inquiry. Depending on the circumstances involved, the consequences of being targeted for healthcare fraud can include:

  • Recoupments – Providers and businesses accused of overbilling Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or the DOL will be required to repay all overbilled amounts and may be subjected to pre-payment review going forward.
  • Program Exclusion – Civil and criminal healthcare fraud violations can result in exclusion from Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and DOL program participation.
  • Treble (Triple) Damages – In addition to recoupments, providers and businesses will also generally be required to pay treble damages, or three times the government’s actual losses.
  • Licensing and/or Registration Consequences – Healthcare fraud offenses can result in loss of DEA registration and trigger disciplinary action by state licensing boards.
  • Civil or Criminal Fines – Civil and criminal healthcare fraud offenses also carry steep fines, with fines often applying on a “per-claim” basis.
  • Federal Imprisonment – In criminal healthcare fraud cases, practitioners and business owners can face the potential for years, or even decades, of federal imprisonment.
  • Civil or Criminal Fines – Civil and criminal healthcare fraud offenses also carry steep fines, with fines often applying on a “per-claim” basis.
  • Costs and Attorneys’ Fees – Providers and businesses found guilty of healthcare fraud may also be required to pay the government’s cost of prosecution.

How to Select the Best Healthcare Fraud Defense Attorney

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