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Our Health Care Defense Team represents pharmacies, national hospital chains, national toxicology groups, spinal hardware and implant companies, individual medical providers as well as talented health care entrepreneurs.

Health Care Compliance

Health care compliance is a tricky matter. Next to the atomic industry, no industry in the United States is as heavily regulated, monitored, and enforced as the national health care industry. With health care monies in excess of $15 billion, it is no surprise that Many health care service or marketing contract

In stark contrast to the sophistication of enforcement stands the level of naivety and unpreparedness observable throughout the industry. To this day, it is a widespread—and often fatal— misconception to believe that laconically adding some boilerplate sentences into a servAice contract (“The parties intend to comply with all laws” or “The fees in this contract reflect fair market value”) produces effective protection against regulatory investigation. In fact, our direct negotiations with the Department of Human and Health Services, the Office of Inspector General, and other health care enforcement specialists show that health care compliance requires careful planning and skillful drafting.

Making sure physicians and business owners successfully stand regulatory investigations is what we do every day.

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