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How To Avoid Criminal Charges In Dallas, Texas Medicare Fraud Investigations

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Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP is a Dallas-based healthcare fraud defense law firm. Attorney Lynette Byrd served the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Dallas as a federal prosecutor in civil and criminal healthcare care matters. Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a recognized healthcare fraud defense attorney and managing principal of Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP. Our attorneys are local and we appreciate the opportunity to help you.

Serious Offense Requires Sophisticated Defense

Healthcare fraud charges are an extremely daunting prospect for any physician or health services provider.  In addition to facing civil and criminal penalties, including incarceration, merely being charged with fraud threatens your livelihood, reputation, and medical license.    With everything you have worked so hard for on the line, you need a proven team of defense attorneys who are familiar with the intricacies of healthcare cases.  At Oberheiden Law Group, we have combined the skills of seasoned healthcare defense attorneys with the knowledge and experience of former healthcare prosecutors to create a unique “Emergency Defense Package.” Our Emergency Defense Package allows us to quickly implement calculated defensive strategies specifically tailored to each client and tactically designed to avoid criminal charges and achieve the best possible outcome from an investigation.  Additionally, with years of experience on both sides of healthcare cases, our attorneys have developed a reputation in the Dallas legal community as experienced in healthcare defense and we benefit from the relationships we have developed with Dallas attorneys and government officials.  By hiring Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP, you can rely on the following:

  • Proven Protocols & Defense Plans
  • Profound Familiarity with Healthcare Laws
  • First-Hand Government Insights
  • Extensive Trial Experience
  • Successful Outcomes in the Past

Avoiding Criminal Charges

  • Our number one priority in any case is avoiding criminal charges and convictions. Utilizing our “Emergency Defense Package,” we have successfully steered criminal investigations away from criminal charges, preventing criminal prosecution of our clients before it even starts.
  • One successful tactic we use to avoid criminal charges is demonstrating to investigators and prosecutors that suspicious activity or billing practices are merely the result of human error and not fraud. As former prosecutors ourselves, we understand how to communicate with prosecutors and convince them that criminal charges are not appropriate.
  • Time matters when you are under federal investigation for Medicare fraud. From our experience, individuals and businesses who immediately hire experienced defense counsel upon learning of an investigation or audit are more likely the escape without criminal charges.

Our Dallas Team on Your Side

The attorneys of Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP are seasoned healthcare fraud defense attorneys that help clients from across the country with effective defense strategies against government investigations. Instead of being walled off by secretaries, paralegals, and junior lawyers, all our clients have direct access to the following attorneys.

  • Dr. Nick Oberheiden has successfully defended healthcare executives, physicians, and pharmacies against kickback, prescription fraud, false claims, and fraud allegations before the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Defense (DOD), IRS, FBI, DEA, and other agencies. He is trained in negotiations by Harvard Law School and he received his Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law as well as a PhD in law.
  • Lynette S. Byrd is a former federal prosecutor with extensive experience with civil and criminal healthcare investigations. At the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Ms. Byrd conducted False Claims Act, Stark Law, and Anti-Kickback prosecutions on behalf of the United States and she is now sharing her government insights with her clients in need of effective defense attorneys.

Free Consultation

If you are concerned that you are being audited or investigated or if you simply want to ask questions in a free and confidential setting, you should contact the experienced attorneys at Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP. We are available seven days a week, including weekends.

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