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Federal Criminal Defense in Boise

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Attorney Nick Oberheiden
Boise Federal Criminal Defense
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Boise address – by appointment only:
800 W. Main Street Suite 1460
Boise, ID 83702

If you or your company is under federal criminal investigation in Boise, Idaho, you need effective legal representation, and you need it fast. An investigation by any federal law enforcement agency is a serious matter that can escalate quickly, even if you are confident that you have done nothing wrong. If the investigation uncovers evidence of wrongdoing, criminal charges can be filed that carry substantial penalties and, even if you win the case, can harm your business’ reputation as well as your own. If the investigation finds nothing, it can still be costly to you and your business in the time, energy, and money that it takes away from your ordinary business practices.

The federal criminal defense attorneys at Oberheiden P.C. have helped numerous individuals and companies navigate federal criminal investigations and defend against criminal charges in Boise and the rest of Idaho.

Our Proactive Defense Strategy

There are a variety of ways to approach a criminal case. Some defense lawyers prefer to sit back and let the investigation take the path that it is going to take. The idea behind this approach is to avoid saying something incriminating that makes things worse in the long run.

While there are times when this is the ideal strategy, the defense team at Oberheiden P.C. tends to be more proactive, especially in the early junctures of a criminal investigation.

We like this proactive strategy because it is at the beginning stage of the federal criminal process that the federal law enforcement agency has the least amount of incriminating evidence that it will have over the course of the case. They have only just begun their investigation, so there is still much that they do not know and lots of evidence to discover so, from their perspective, the case could take lots of different turns. Some of those potential outcomes involve criminal liability, while others lead to an innocent explanation for what had at first appeared to be criminal conduct.

It is at this point of uncertainty that it is the most beneficial to open a dialogue with federal prosecutors and their investigators and give them the information that shows you and your company’s innocence. By proactively intervening in the investigation and presenting you and your business in the most positive light possible, it can convince investigators that your narrative is the most likely explanation for the potentially criminal conduct that they have found. This can persuade them to close the investigation and drop the case.

This is the ideal outcome. Not only will you have won the case; you will have done it without being charged, without suffering the negative publicity of facing criminal charges, without much of the hassle and stress that comes with being under investigation, and without the majority of the costs of raising a defense all the way to trial.

However, to achieve it, you need to get a federal criminal defense lawyer right away: It is only a viable defense strategy if you get an experienced federal criminal lawyer in the investigation’s nascent stages.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Dr. Nick Oberheiden



Lynette S. Byrd
Lynette S. Byrd

Former DOJ Trial Attorney


Brian J. Kuester
Brian J. Kuester

Former U.S. Attorney

Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall

Former U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

Joe Brown
Joe Brown

Former U.S. Attorney

Local Counsel

John W. Sellers
John W. Sellers

Former Senior DOJ Trial Attorney

Linda Julin McNamara
Linda Julin McNamara

Federal Appeals Attorney

Aaron L. Wiley
Aaron L. Wiley

Former DOJ attorney

Local Counsel

Roger Bach
Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (DOJ)

Chris Quick
Chris J. Quick

Former Special Agent (FBI & IRS-CI)

Michael S. Koslow
Michael S. Koslow

Former Supervisory Special Agent (DOD-OIG)

Ray Yuen
Ray Yuen

Former Supervisory Special Agent (FBI)

Cases We Handle

The federal defense lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. provide effective and experienced legal advice for a variety of federal crimes in Boise, including:

These are just a sampling of the federal cases that we have handled in the past for clients in and around Boise, Idaho. Our federal criminal defense lawyers have broad experience representing clients in the federal criminal justice system.

How Federal Investigations Can Escalate

If you learn that you or your company is under investigation by a federal law enforcement agency, you need to act quickly to protect your rights and your future. Federal investigations and audits have a tendency to get very serious, very quickly.

To start, it is important to remember that federal investigations hardly ever “just happen” anymore. They are triggered when federal agents notice something unusual that could be a sign of criminal activity. This can happen if:

  • Your company’s public disclosures do not line up with other public information
  • A whistleblower has alerted federal agents to your business practices
  • The media has run a story on you or your business

It is also important to appreciate just how big these federal agencies are. They have thousands of employees and have access to resources that amplify those workers’ productivity and give them access to information that other state and federal agencies have gathered. If the federal government thinks that you or your company has committed a federal crime, the investigation that they will conduct will be intense and very thorough.

If something criminal is to be found at your business, it is usually just a matter of time before a federal investigation finds it. Worse, what they find can lead to other incriminating information. It is not uncommon for a federal investigation into one criminal course of conduct to uncover other practices that lead to other criminal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Federal Criminal Defense in Boise

What Federal Courts are in Boise?

Federal criminal charges in the state will be heard in the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho. The only exception is for criminal charges over incidents that happened in Yellowstone National Park. The U.S. District Court for the District of Wyoming has jurisdiction in those federal criminal trials.

The District of Idaho has four divisions:

  1. The southern division in Boise
  2. The northern division in Coeur d’Alene
  3. The central division in Moscow
  4. The eastern division in Pocatello

Criminal charges in Boise will be heard at the James A. McClure Federal Court Building at 550 West Fort Street in Boise.

Appeals from the District of Idaho are heard by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Unfortunately, the Ninth Circuit only has locations in:

  • San Francisco, California
  • Pasadena, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Portland, Oregon

What Federal Agency is Conducting the Investigation?

It will depend on what the investigation is about. For example, if you are under investigation for securities fraud, then the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will be involved, while if the investigation is over Medicare fraud, it will be the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). However, it is not uncommon for the Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to play a part in the investigation and, particularly, the prosecution if criminal charges end up getting filed. Many federal law enforcement agencies, such as the SEC, do not have the authority to pursue criminal charges so they refer their cases to the DOJ instead.

These are all massive and well-funded law enforcement agencies. No matter what the case is about, your adversary will be a strong one.

What are the Penalties of a Conviction?

It will depend on the charge that gets filed, and potential sentences are outlined in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. However, federal offenses are generally more serious than state ones in Idaho, so the penalties that come with a conviction are often far higher. Furthermore, if federal law enforcement is involved, that is a sign that they think your case is severe enough to warrant federal attention: Minor cases are generally left to the states to prosecute.

It is important to remember, though, that criminal fines and prison time are not the only penalties that are on the table. After serving your sentence, you will have a period of strict probation that can last several years. The blemish on your criminal record can close lots of doors of opportunity for you. You may also have to pay restitution to the victims, and you and your business will suffer reputational harm.

Avoiding these penalties is extremely important.

What Sets Oberheiden P.C. Apart from Other Federal Defense Firms in Idaho?

One of the most important things that sets Oberheiden P.C. apart from other defense firms in Idaho is that we only employ senior level federal criminal lawyers. Unlike at other firms, where the attorney whose experience drew you to the firm will end up doing very little of the work on your case, you can count on experienced eyes handling every detail of your defense. We think this makes our legal representation better than our competition’s.

Why Don’t You Call Your Firm the Best Federal Criminal Defense Firm in Boise, Idaho?

We prefer to let those sorts of things come from our clients, rather than from us. Read their testimonials here.

The Defense Team at Oberheiden P.C.’s Boise Office

The defense team at Oberheiden P.C. know and understand how difficult federal investigations and charges can be, and work diligently to help individuals and businesses in Boise, Idaho, defend themselves and their companies against them. Call our national intake hotline at (888) 680-1745 or contact us online to get a federal criminal defense attorney started on your case.

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