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Shreveport Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

Shreveport Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

Under federal law, offenses such as money laundering, healthcare fraud, counterfeiting, insurance fraud, drug dealing, and others attract severe penalties. If the federal government is auditing/investigating you for a federal crime or has charged you in court in Shreveport, Louisiana, you need a legal representative who understands the relevant laws and constitutional principles. We at Oberheiden P.C. can represent you. Call (888) 680-1745 for a free and highly confidential consultation.

When federal authorities launch investigations or charges against you, you need to defend yourself effectively to reduce the risks of liabilities. For you to do it successfully, you’ll need to fully understand the allegations, as well as the applicable laws and constitutional principles. Even if you’re entitled to a “fair” trial, this information won’t be made readily available by your accusers, and it can be extremely tough to figure out the exact allegations for which you need to establish your defense.

At Oberheiden P.C., we have a team that has handled many trials and over 1000 federal investigations. We rely on that experience and our legal knowledge to quickly evaluate our clients’ cases, determine what they entail, and figure out the exact allegations they’re facing. Our federal criminal defense attorneys in Shreveport also know methods to slow down investigations by the federal government so that they can get more time to glean key details from the situation. With all the relevant information, they can create a custom-tailored defense to protect our clients and fight for favorable outcomes. We do all these while working closely with you or your company’s team to inform you about any developments and let you know how you can help.

We have federal criminal defense attorneys in Shreveport, and they’re available 24/7 to provide legal assistance. Whether you’re being investigated, have been arrested, served with a target letter or grand jury subpoena, or charged in federal district court, we can represent you. The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can start positioning your case for a desirable outcome. Call us at (888) 680-1745 to speak to one of our senior attorneys in confidence.

Oberheiden P.C. Law Firm – The Cases We Handle

Regardless of the federal criminal allegation you’re up against in Shreveport, our federal criminal lawyers can represent you. Whether the federal government is investigating you for a white-collar offense or wants to charge you with drug dealing or fraud, we can quickly get up to speed and start implementing a suitable defense strategy to safeguard your interests.

We can handle criminal accusations involving: bank fraud, healthcare fraud, drug dealing, intellectual property theft, mortgage fraud, money laundering, counterfeiting, public corruption and bribery, terrorism, tax evasion, government property theft, securities fraud, mail, and wire fraud, conspiracy, and attempt, among others.

Note that you may be prosecuted for numerous related and unrelated federal crimes. An excellent example is when you’ve been charged with healthcare or public corruption – in these cases, federal prosecutors may as well seek to pursue money laundering, mail fraud, and wire fraud charges against you. Another thing is that even if you didn’t complete the crime, you could still be prosecuted for attempts and conspiracy. The prosecutors can try to prove that you planned with one or several other individuals to commit the crime and did an “overt act” toward the crime’s commission. Attempt and conspiracy are severe and carry substantial penalties; sometimes you may face the penalties as you would have if you completed the crime.

With all these complexities in the federal litigation process, you need someone who understands to navigate them. We have senior federal criminal defense attorneys here at Oberheiden P.C. with decades of experience in federal matters. They have resolved thousands of cases for various clients, and they can work on your behalf to secure desirable results. Our team also includes former high-ranking agents in various federal agencies such as the DEA and the FBI. These former agents act as consultants to offer better insights into cases for overall better defense. Don’t risk your serious federal criminal case to a law firm that will assign it to a junior associate or paralegal; hire Oberheiden P.C. and access experienced senior attorneys with a proven track record.

Understanding the Federal Criminal Prosecution’s Three Fundamental Stages

From when allegations are launched against you to when you’re convicted, this process involves three key stages. Our federal criminal defense attorneys are always keen to establish tailored strategies in each stage, depending on the specific procedural aspects and most recent legal and factual developments. We stay on top of any developments, re-evaluate strategies, and shift focus as necessary for a comprehensive and successful defense.

Stage One: Investigations by Federal Authorities

For the authorities to indict you, they’ll need to prove you committed the offense by demonstrating evidence. This collection of evidence occurs during the federal investigation stage, and depending on the crime, various agencies may be involved. You may be investigated by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Attorney’s Office, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and other agencies and task forces that handle criminal matters. Since the trial process is lengthy and costly, our attorneys’ objectives at this stage are terminating the investigations before they graduate into charges. We quickly assess the facts relevant to the case and determine the best ways to persuade prosecutors not to file a formal charge.

Stage Two: Grand Jury Subpoena

Prosecutors can’t file formal charges without first obtaining a grand jury subpoena. This is a written document requesting you to appear before a grand jury. During this appearance, the prosecutors will show evidence indicating you committed the said offense and demonstrate there is “probable cause” or “reasonable grounds” to press charges. Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended against indictments for various clients and terminated cases at this stage.

Stage Three: Criminal Trial

This is the stage where prosecutors file formal charges, and your case gets set for trial. When they do that, your status changes to a “defendant” instead of being just a “target” or “suspect.” Even though going to verdict is a real possibility, chances may emerge to get a desirable outcome before your trial date. Our federal criminal lawyers have had charges dismissed, fought for the reduction of felonies to misdemeanors, and produced “not guilty” results for numerous of our clients’ cases that have gone to trial.

Q&A with Nick Oberheiden, Ph.D., Founding Partner and Federal Defense Attorney

Q: Which penalties do I risk for the criminal allegation I am facing?


There is a broad array of penalties carried by federal crimes, and how much you’re penalized depends on the crime committed and other factors. Incarceration can range from years to decades, and fines can be as high as tens of millions. To know what’s at stake in your specific situation, get the help of an attorney. Your Shreveport, Louisiana federal criminal defense lawyer will assess your situation, determine the scope of the investigations, and tell you your risk levels. When you hire us as your legal counsel, we’ll get in touch with all the investigative departments and task forces involved in your case to get in-depth details.

A thorough case evaluation is not only crucial to assess your risks, it also ensures we’re not defending against the wrong allegations and making uninformed decisions. Establishing defense strategies for the wrong things can waste resources and time, and we’re always keen to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Q: What time do I have before I am charged?


If the federal government has been targeting you for some time now, charges may be imminent. But if the OIG, FBI, DEA, or IRS have just initiated their investigations, you may have more time to prepare your defense. Whichever the case, our federal criminal defense attorneys are always ready to present you. Even if the situation you’re facing is an emergency, you can take advantage of our Emergency Defense Package (EDP) to get the representation you need.

Q: What does the burden of proof mean in a federal criminal case?


The burden of proof means that the prosecution carries the responsibility to prove that you’re guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” and with over 99% certainty. If the prosecutors can prove that and convince the jury, then they can obtain a conviction. While this burden is extreme, federal prosecutors are incredibly talented when it comes to their job. That’s why it’s crucial to put every resource, time, and effort into your defense.

Q: Am I guilty? Will I go to prison?


Assuming that you’re already guilty or you will go to prison won’t do you any good. Especially if it’s at the federal investigation stage, it’s too early to make any assumptions. The investigative agencies have to collect enough evidence so that they can charge you, and all through this journey, there are opportunities to obtain a favorable outcome.

Five Reasons to Choose Oberheiden P.C. in Shreveport

  1. A countrywide reputation of high-quality legal representation services
  2. A 100% focus on federal matters
  3. Over 1000 investigations and many trials handled by our team
  4. Former federal prosecutors with the DOJ and the United States Attorney’s Office in our team
  5. A free and confidential consultation

Are you looking for an experienced lawyer to represent you in Shreveport? Get to know our team of federal criminal defense lawyers.

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