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Jefferson City Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Trusted Federal Criminal Lawyers Defending the Citizens of Jefferson City

Jefferson City Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Jefferson City has seen new heights of arrests, search warrants, target letters, grand jury subpoenas, and investigations involving almost all federal agencies, including the DEA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices in Jefferson City, Missouri. Among the offenses that are on the top of federal government enforcement in Missouri are:

  • Conspiracy to Distribute Furanyl Fentanyl, Carfentanil, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Marijuana, or Cocaine etc.
  • Prescription Narcotic Investigations (21 U.S.C. 841, 846)
  • Healthcare Fraud (Medicare/Medicaid, Kickbacks)
  • Financial Fraud (e.g. Bank Fraud, Investor Fraud)
  • Violent Crimes

In this climate of federal scrutiny, reliable legal advice can mean the difference between freedom and a stormy road. Just like you would see a heart specialist (and not a foot surgeon) in case of a heart attack, you should look not just for any lawyer but specifically for Jefferson City federal criminal defense lawyers when you are facing an investigation by the federal government.

Oberheiden, P.C. Is a Criminal Defense Firm for Federal Cases in Jefferson City

Oberheiden, P.C. is a team of Department of Justice veterans, former Assistant and Special Assistant United States Attorneys, former federal prosecutors, and federal litigators.

Unlike other law firms, Oberheiden, P.C. represents Missouri clients exclusively in federal cases. Knowing how different the state and the federal justice systems are, our Jefferson City federal criminal defense attorneys dedicate their entire practice to federal matters reflecting upon the substantial experience with federal criminal defense work. This is our federal law background:

  • Former Department of Justice Trial Attorneys
  • Former Assistant United States Attorneys
  • Former Federal Healthcare Fraud Prosecutors
  • Experience of More than 1,000 Federal Cases
  • Handled More than 1,000 Grand Jury Subpoenas
  • Unmatched Trial Record Exceeding 500 Criminal Trials

Media stations have featured Dr. Nick Oberheiden, partner and founder of Oberheiden, P.C., across the U.S., including dozens of national shows (e.g. Fox News Live, Rusty Humphries Show, Jim Bohannon Show and many more) for his expertise with respect to federal and constitutional law.

Are You Accused of a Federal Crime or a Criminal Conspiracy in Jefferson City?

The most common ways to find out about a federal investigation is by way of an arrest or by learning that federal investigators are interviewing current or former affiliates.

  • Federal Arrest. If you or someone you know was recently arrested by the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, or any other federal law enforcement agency in Jefferson City, you need to get prepared to fight the charges brought against you in the most expedited way possible. Few things in life are more disturbing than being subjected to federal custody, whether briefly or even longer. Whether you need help securing bond in your case, overturn a denied bond request, or want to initiate a vigorous defense, Oberheiden, P.C. can assist. We understand that probable cause is needed to convince a magistrate judge to issue an arrest warrant. However, we also understand that being arrested or charged with a crime is not a sentence — and absolutely, by no means a sign of guilt. Let experienced Jefferson City federal criminal defense attorneys take control of your case and guide you through this difficult time. Call us and request an immediate consultation with one of our senior lawyers. Calls are free and confidential.
  • Federal Agents Interview. Among the core functions of a federal agent (e.g. from the FBI, the OIG, the Department of Defense etc.) is it to present information and evidence to a federal prosecutor and a grand jury to determine whether or not to charge someone. Part of the process of obtaining information is for agents to unexpectedly show up at someone’s house or business, show a badge, and use the moment of shock and surprise to ask you some questions. To make you feel more comfortable, the agents will often say that the investigation is not about you, even though in fact you may be the main target. Agents are allowed to mislead you and even lie to you as part of their investigative tactics. However, if you lie to an agent, you are facing a felony charge pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1001. So, caution is in order. It is never a good idea to speak to federal criminal investigators without discussing things with your attorney first to then make a decision whether to agree to the interview request or not. In our experience, many clients jeopardize their case by volunteering information to law enforcement when there is no need to and without realizing that they are talking to the people that are paid to put people behind bars.

Oberheiden, P.C. defends clients in Jefferson City, Missouri accused of federal law violations. We are a team of former Department of Justice Trial Attorneys, former Assistant and Special Assistant United States Attorneys and former federal prosecutors previously in charge of federal investigations at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

A Federal Criminal Defense Team You Can Trust in Jefferson City

While the full list of investigated offenses encompasses many more offense types (e.g. computer crimes and violent crimes), the following are among the most heavily enforced charges in Jefferson City’s federal court.

Our lawyers handle the following federal offenses in Jefferson City, Missouri: Healthcare Fraud, Federal Drug Conspiracies, Controlled Substances Act, Bank Fraud and Embezzlement, Commodities Fraud, Computer Fraud, Federal Procurement Fraud, Federal Program Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Investment Fraud, Securities Fraud, Tax Fraud, Intellectual Property Violations, Identity Theft, Aggravated Identity Theft, Mortgage Fraud, Other Federal Fraud, Theft of Government Property, Counterfeiting, Customs Violations, Environmental Offenses, Money Laundering-Narcotics, Regulatory Offenses, Corruption & Bribery, Terrorism Charges, Computer Crimes, Violent Crimes.

So, who will represent you if you become our client? The Oberheiden, P.C. client commitment is very simple: we do not delegate, we do not use junior lawyers, and we do not wall you off with secretaries. If you become our client you will be represent by true federal litigation veterans like attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden.

Experienced Law Firm for Jefferson City, Missouri

Perhaps the most unique thing about Oberheiden, P.C. is the fact that we only practice federal law in Missouri. We have spent most, if not our entire careers in the federal court system, as former federal prosecutors, Department of Justice lawyers, as clerks to federal judges, and as lawyers representing individual and corporate clients with their federal compliance questions. In our opinion, the federal system is too complex, too challenging, to only do the work part-time. If you suffer a shoulder injury that requires surgery, we are certain you will see a shoulder expert and not the best foot surgeon in town.

Our clients know that several of our lawyers were previously in charge of federal investigations and supervised FBI and DEA and OIG investigators for many years before leaving the government and going into private practice at Oberheiden, P.C.. The insights gained from this first-hand encounter, the understanding of how the government operates, has proven to be extremely helpful to many clients and we would be delighted to share this experience also with you.

Oberheiden, P.C. does not use associates, paralegals, or legal secretaries. You can go through our list of attorneys and you will not find a single lawyer that does not fit the group or the theme of our federal practice focus. This is what other clients think of us:

“It is very clear to me that Nick Oberheiden has a deep understanding of health law issues. [He] has been instrumental in managing and resolving many difficult legal matters [and] is always relentlessly focused on the critical issues that matter most. Nick is very dedicated and . . . displays a high degree of professionalism. I would not hesitate in recommending Nick for the most important of legal matters.” – Satisfied Client

“The very best!”
“I hired Nick Oberheiden and Oberheiden, P.C. to defend me in a criminal healthcare matter. From the first moment I met with Nick[,] my wife and I knew that he [would provide] the help I need[ed]. And yes, Nick got me out of trouble. No charges. Case Dismissed.” – Satisfied Client

Jefferson City Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Jefferson City, Missouri federal criminal defense attorney help me?


Hiring an attorney to represent you in your Jefferson City federal criminal case is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your case. An experienced attorney will prefer to get involved in your case as early as possible. In some cases, they may be able to limit the scope of a federal investigation to prevent the filing of charges in the first place. If you are already indicted, an attorney can conduct a thorough investigation of the case to determine possible defenses. In some situations, your attorney may be able to convince prosecutors to drop certain charges or to offer a plea agreement with favorable terms. An attorney can also litigate all pretrial motions and try the case in front of the jury. If you are convicted or plead guilty, the assistance of a Missouri federal criminal defense attorney is critical at the sentencing stage.

What should I do if I receive a subpoena?


Receiving a grand jury subpoena is nerve-wracking and for good reason. If you are in receipt of a subpoena, it means the federal government believes you are either involved in the commission of a federal crime or have information pertaining to an ongoing investigation. In either case, it is essential that you reach out to a Jefferson City, MO federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even if federal agents told you that you were not a suspect, that may not be the case. And, even if they are being truthful, a single wrong move can shift the focus of an investigation onto you.

What is a grand jury?


A grand jury is a term used to describe a group of citizens who act as an “investigative body” that hears a federal prosecutor’s case and determines if there is probable cause to believe the target of the investigation committed the offenses. Federal grand juries are conducted in secret, outside the presence of a judge or defense counsel. Thus, if you are the target of a grand jury investigation, you won’t know it unless the grand jury finds that you more than likely committed the crimes in question. If you recently were indicted on federal criminal charges, or received a grand jury subpoena, contact an experienced Jefferson City, Missouri federal criminal defense attorney for immediate assistance.

Call Now: Free & Confidential Consultation With Knowledgeable Jefferson City Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

The Jefferson City federal criminal defense lawyer of Oberheiden, P.C. is available to discuss your case, free of charge and entirely confidential. Find out how experienced federal defense lawyers evaluate your case and what they have to say of how to avoid or fight federal charges. Contact our knowledgeable team now.

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