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Kansas City Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Aggressive Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Oberheiden, P.C. serves clients in Kansas City. We are a Kansas City federal criminal litigation defense firm that provides clients with proven defense strategies to suppress or challenge federal criminal charges in Kansas City and surrounding communities. If you are subject to investigation (e.g. for a conspiracy, healthcare fraud, money laundering, tax or mail fraud, computer offenses, drug trafficking, or other federal offenses), it is important to have lawyers by your side that have the experience and the track record of successfully resolving federal matters. Trusted by and featured by the media in Missouri and throughout the United States, our attorneys are ready to help you!

Are You Accused of a Federal Criminal Conspiracy in Kansas City?

Are you concerned that the government is investigating you or your business? Are there rumors that you are under federal scrutiny? Do you think the feds are watching you? Did federal agents recently arrest you? Or did you receive a federal grand jury subpoena, or a target letter? Are you looking for lawyers that can find out for you whether you are under investigation and what for? Did FBI agents recently try to interview you or your affiliates?

If you answer any of the above questions with a “yes,” it may very well be time to seek experienced counsel with a Kansas City federal criminal defense lawyer. The Department of Justice recently instructed federal prosecutors across the country, including in Kansas City and throughout Missouri to intensify law enforcement efforts and to aggressively prosecute any violation of federal law. As a consequence, Kansas City has seen a wave of arrests, raids, and a significant increase of prosecutions—in particular with respect to drug and opioid cases, Medicare and Medicaid fraud matters, computer crimes, as well as federal fraud offenses such as mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering.

The 3 Differences: Oberheiden, P.C.

There are three facts that make Oberheiden, P.C. different to any other law firm in Missouri. Our federal law experience is broad and unique:

  • Former Department of Justice Trial Attorneys
  • Former Assistant United States Attorneys
  • Experience of More than 2,000 Federal Cases
  • Dismissed Federal Indictments
  • Avoided Criminal Charges in the Majority of Cases
  • Handled More than 2,000 Grand Jury Subpoenas

1. We Only Handle Federal Cases

If you look around, you will see that virtually every firm offers clients representation in state and federal cases. That’s not us. Unlike other law firms, Oberheiden, P.C. does not practice state law in Missouri. We are former Department of Justice Trial Attorneys, former Assistant and Special Assistant United States Attorneys, former federal prosecutors, and federal litigators. We offer clients 100 years combined of federal litigation experience. If you are accused of a federal offense and need a Kansas federal criminal defense attorney, we can help you with the experience of more than a 2,000 federal cases handled. The following list represents some of the most commonly charged federal offenses in the Kansas City area.

  • Federal Drug Conspiracies
  • Controlled Substances Act
  • Bank Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Commodities Fraud
  • Computer Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Federal Procurement Fraud
  • Federal Program Fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Violations
  • Identity Theft
  • Aggravated Identity Theft
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Other Federal Fraud
  • Theft of Government Property
  • Counterfeiting
  • Customs Violations
  • Environmental Offenses
  • Money Laundering-Narcotics
  • Regulatory Offenses
  • Corruption & Bribery
  • Terrorism Charges
  • Internet Crimes

2. No Junior Lawyers

We do not use junior lawyers, paralegals, or legal secretaries. If you hire us, we will treat your case as important as it is for you. You will be represented by senior attorneys only, lawyers with a distinct federal background, and with the experience needed to navigate you safely through a federal criminal investigation.

3. Federal Trial Attorneys, Featured by Media

Oberheiden, P.C. is a Kansas City federal criminal defense law firm, featured by Missouri and national media for its expertise on federal law, federal litigation, and constitutional law questions. Former DOJ Trial Attorneys and veteran litigators make sure that if your case needs to go to trial, we will have the resources and skillset to convince judge and jury with compelling arguments, sound analysis, and effective communication skills.

Important Stages of Federal Criminal Cases in Kansas City

Call our former federal prosecutors and defense attorneys today (including on weekends) if you are involved in a federal case from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Kansas City. The more time you allow the government, the more difficult it becomes to challenge the case.

  • Arrested? First off, getting arrested does not mean that you actually committed an offense. Getting arrested means that the government was able to convince a federal magistrate judge in Kansas City, Missouri that there is probable cause that you violated federal law or helped someone else to do so. Often, probable cause so required is established by an affidavit of a federal agent familiar with or in charge of the investigation. Because this affidavit does not become public until after the fact of your arrest, you and your lawyers have no opportunity to contradict the agent’s statements or to provide your version of the true facts to the government or the deciding judge. If you did get arrested, or someone you are/were affiliated with, you nonetheless have no time to waste. You should immediately contact experienced attorneys that know how to protect your rights, get you federal bond, and how to defend you moving forward. Because with an arrest often comes an indictment (formal charges), you must realize that this is a serious situation and you cannot afford to hire lawyers that will experiment with your livelihood and freedom. PLEASE call Oberheiden, P.C., Kansas City federal criminal defense attorneys, right away, and get a free consultation from former DOJ lawyers that understand the system and that know how to effectively defend against any type of federal charges. All consultations are free and are also available on weekends.
  • Raids & Search Warrants. Search warrants mark another key stage in a federal investigation. Just like an arrest warrant, search warrants must be authorized by a federal magistrate judge under complete exclusion of defense lawyers. If federal agents announce themselves with a search warrant for your house or business, it is important to immediately call experienced attorneys that know how to discuss the situation with the agent in charge of the search warrant execution. Importantly, once authorized by a judge, no defense attorney will be able to stop the search; however, experienced lawyers will be able to make sure that the search stays within the confinements of the court order and will not further infringe your privacy or violate your constitutional rights. Often, our presence during a warrant execution is also an excellent opportunity to begin exploring or negotiating a case resolution with the agents involved. Oberheiden, P.C. can guide you, protect your interests, and intervene into the investigation. Call us as soon as feasible and we will take control of your situation.
  • Grand Jury Subpoena. Among the two most common ways to receive notice from the government about a pending case are a federal grand jury subpoena and a so-called target letter. Sole task of a federal grand jury is to decide whether or not the government should be allowed to bring criminal charges against an identified individual or company. To make that decision, grand jurors need information. Such information may come from witnesses testifying before the grand jury or derive from documents and other tangible information that the grand jurors can inspect and review. The grand jurors can order witness testimony or pertinent documents by issuing a subpoena to individuals or entities expected to be in possession of such information. To be clear, being involved in a grand jury investigation, whether as witness or subject or target, always means that you may be only an inch away from being charged. The experience of more than 2,000 grand jury proceedings handled as prosecutors and defense attorneys has taught the lawyers of Oberheiden, P.C. how fatal it can be to lack experience when it comes to responding to a federal grand jury. Don’t handle a grand jury subpoena yourself and don’t let someone experiment with your case. You will never be able to undo your mistakes.
  • Target Letter. The second common way to receive notice from the government about a pending investigation is the so-called target letter. A target letter informs the recipient that the government has reason to believe that you committed a federal offense or assisted someone else to violate federal criminal law. While the receipt of a target letter can be shocking given the immediacy of actual prosecution, Oberheiden, P.C. considers a target letter much more an opportunity to prepare for a defense case and, as we have done so many times, open a dialogue with the prosecutor to clarify the facts in order to make criminal prosecution unnecessary. Either way, if you receive a target letter from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Kansas City or another branch of the Justice Department, you must not ignore the letter and the deadline typically contained in it. Consult with experienced attorneys right away, not next week, not tomorrow, but instantly, and find out what options exist to avoid criminal charges before it is too late. Oberheiden, P.C. offers free consultations, including on weekends, under full protection of your identity and confidentiality interests.

Call now to get a free and confidential case assessment, including on weekends. If you are in a situation of concern or investigation, you should not hesitate to reach out to those attorneys that previously led and supervised federal investigations before representing clients like you at Oberheiden, P.C..

This Is Why Clients Trust Oberheiden, P.C.

1. Federal Trial Lawyers

As mentioned, Oberheiden, P.C. limits its practice in Missouri to federal cases. Many of our attorneys come from leading positions at the Department of Justice and have litigated jury and judge trials on behalf of the United States. This specific background allows us to better understand how the government operates in federal investigations and what mistakes to avoid (for example when it comes to grand jury proceedings). Most importantly, the federal trial background allows us to assess each case from the unique perspective of a federal jury and a federal prosecutor.  How would a jury look at the evidence if we go to court?— allows us to be effective advisors for our clients. Over the decades, we have honed this trial evaluation performance almost to a mastery science. In our opinion, this critical—federal— case assessment resulting in reliable advice is one of the key features of Oberheiden, P.C..

2. Our Results

Experience produces results. Our routine appearances in federal court cases and our day-to-day meetings with federal law enforcement personnel at the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Offices across the country allow us to constantly improve our knowledge of federal proceedings. As a result, Oberheiden, P.C. has been able to resolve a great number of federal investigations without criminal charges being filed against our clients.

3. Our Team

Oberheiden, P.C. is a team of former prosecutors and seasoned defense attorneys that offer clients several decades of specific federal law experience. Our client commitment means that we will not delegate your case to inexperienced or junior lawyers but we will professionally handle your matter from the moment you call us to the completion of your case on a partner and senior attorney level. This is what other clients shared about us:

“It is very clear to me that Nick Oberheiden has a deep understanding of health law issues. [He] has been instrumental in managing and resolving many difficult legal matters [and] is always relentlessly focused on the critical issues that matter most. Nick is very dedicated and . . . displays a high degree of professionalism. I would not hesitate in recommending Nick for the most important of legal matters.” – Satisfied Client

“The very best!”
“I hired Nick Oberheiden and Oberheiden, P.C. to defend me in a criminal healthcare matter. From the first moment I met with Nick[,] my wife and I knew that he [would provide] the help I need[ed]. And yes, Nick got me out of trouble. No charges. Case Dismissed.” – Satisfied Client

FAQs from a Kansas City, Missouri Attorney

What should I do if the FBI shows up at my house?


Any experienced Kansas City, Missouri federal criminal defense attorney will give you the same advice: when the FBI knocks, don’t talk. FBI agents often will tell a person who is under investigation for a federal crime that they “just want to talk.” However, this may not be the case. FBI agents are under no obligation to be truthful in their communications with a suspect or target of a federal investigation. Thus, anything you say to an FBI agent can later be used against you. That said, if FBI agents have a valid search warrant, you will need to let them in. However, don’t assume that just because they left with evidence that you are guilty of a crime. Instead, contact a dedicated Missouri federal criminal defense attorney to discuss your options.

What should I do if I’m indicted?


If you recently learned that you were indicted for a federal crime, your first step should be to reach out to a respected Kansas City federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner your attorney gets involved in the case, the sooner they can get to work creating a compelling defense strategy. There is no reason to delay contacting an attorney; federal prosecutors rarely “drop” cases without being compelled to do so.

How can a Kansas City, Missouri federal criminal defense attorney help me?


An attorney is vital to anyone who is facing federal criminal charges. Depending on the stage in the government’s case, an attorney may be able to limit the scope of the investigation to prevent the government from bringing charges, suppress harmful evidence from trial, negotiate on your behalf with federal prosecutors, or advocate for a more lenient sentence. Federal prosecutors are highly experienced; if you want to protect your interests, you need a Missouri federal criminal defense attorney with the same level of experience.

Contact Trusted Kansas City Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Kansas City federal criminal defense lawyers of Oberheiden, P.C. are now available to discuss your case. Find out how experienced prosecutors and defense attorneys assess your case and what recommendations they offer once they learn the facts of the case from you. Contact us today. Calls are free and confidential.

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  • Former Department of Justice Trial Attorneys
  • Former Federal Prosecutors, U.S. Attorney’s Office
  • Former Agents from FBI, OIG, DEA
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