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Omaha Federal Healthcare Fraud Defense Lawyers

Recently, the federal government has shown an increased interest in prosecuting doctors, hospitals, and others in the healthcare industry. If federal investigators with the FBI, OIG, DOJ or DEA contacted you about an investigation, it is imperative the veteran Omaha, Nebraska healthcare fraud defense lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. are here to help. Call 888-680-1745 today to schedule a free consultation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with several other federal agencies, is tasked with enforcing the nation’s healthcare fraud laws. While some allegations of fraud require prosecutors to prove that you intentionally defrauded the government, the government will often pursue civil liability based on mistakes that, while unintentional, had the effect of depriving a federally funded program.

If federal authorities are looking into your practice, you should immediately contact a local federal healthcare fraud defense lawyer for assistance. These investigations tend to advance very quickly, and what started off as a few inconsistencies can quickly snowball into something much more serious. At Oberheiden P.C., we initially focus on eliminating the possibility of criminal charges because we know that your freedom is your top priority. From there, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive defense strategy to address any remaining civil charges.

Types of Omaha Healthcare Fraud Cases Oberheiden P.C. Handles

At Oberheiden P.C., we are a nationally recognized healthcare fraud defense law firm. Our attorneys have handled more than 500 federal jury trials and resolved more than 1,000 cases without the need for a trial. Many of our senior-level attorneys spent decades prosecuting healthcare fraud cases on behalf of the government before joining Oberheiden P.C. This provides us with a unique and valuable insight into how the government prepares its case and what defenses are best suited to take on the allegations our clients face.

Our Omaha federal healthcare fraud defense lawyers handle all types of investigations and prosecutions, including those involving the following:

Physician Self-Referrals

The Stark Law limits a physician’s ability to legally refer patients to another practice in which the physician shares an economic interest. The Stark Law is relatively narrow in scope in that it only applies to physicians.

Kickbacks and Rebates

The Anti-Kickback Statute is a criminal healthcare fraud law that prohibits anyone from paying or receiving anything of value in exchange for referring Medicare or Medicaid patients to another provider. Violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute carry a potential jail sentence of up to five years as well as a fine of up to $50,000 per violation.

False and Fraudulent Claims

The False Claims Act is one of the most commonly used healthcare fraud statutes in the United States. At its core, the False Claims Act focuses on preventing healthcare providers and medical supply businesses from overcharging federally funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Liability under the False Claims Act can be either civil or criminal. However, often, it is not immediately apparent whether the government is pursuing criminal charges. A knowledgeable healthcare fraud defense attorney at Oberheiden P.C. can quickly help you identify what’s at stake in a False Claims Act investigation and develop an effective defense strategy.

Billing and Coding Violations

Participation in Medicare and Medicaid requires a provider to comply with extremely strict and complex billing and coding requirements. Even honest providers with the best of intentions can find themselves committing errors that may result in a healthcare fraud investigation. Some of the most common billing and coding violations involve:

  • Billing for medically unnecessary services and equipment;
  • Billing for non-allowable costs;
  • Billing for kickbacks or referral fees;
  • Billing for services or equipment not provided;
  • Billing for unlicensed or excluded services;
  • Submitting duplicate claims;
  • Failure to comply with secondary-payer rules;
  • Unbundling of services;
  • Upcoding; and
  • Using the wrong billing code.

At Oberheiden P.C., our team of Omaha healthcare fraud defense lawyers has centuries of experience handling these claims and many others. We can get started on your case today. Give us a call at 888-680-1745 to schedule a free consultation.

The Top Five Reasons to Choose Oberheiden P.C.

From the moment you call Oberheiden P.C., you will see what makes us different from the many other Omaha healthcare fraud lawyers out there.

Hands-On Experience – Oberheiden P.C. has hundreds of years of combined experience investigating, preparing, and litigating complex healthcare fraud cases. Many of our lawyers held high-ranking positions with the federal government before joining the firm. With experience handling these cases on both sides, we’re able to develop comprehensive and effective defense strategies that have a high likelihood of success.

Uniquely Focused – Unlike many other law firms, we are selective in the types of cases we take, focusing primarily on healthcare fraud cases. This laser-like focus results in an unrivaled depth of knowledge that we put into each of our clients’ cases.

Early Intervention – At Oberheiden P.C., we will not wait around to see how the government’s case shapes up to get started working on a favorable resolution. We will immediately get started, often, by reaching out to the prosecutors or investigators overseeing your case. Frequently, we’re able to resolve our clients’ cases before formal charges are even filed.

Custom-Tailored Solutions – Given our vast experience and deep knowledge in all federal healthcare fraud matters, our attorneys provide an unmatched level of personal service. At Oberheiden P.C., we know that no two cases are the same, and the way your Omaha healthcare fraud defense lawyer handles your case should reflect that.

Aggressive Representation – Our Omaha federal healthcare fraud defense lawyers have handled thousands of cases on behalf of practitioners nationwide. We have developed a reputation for providing aggressive advocacy at all stages of the process, starting from the moment you pick up the phone to give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the federal government bring criminal healthcare fraud charges?


Typically, federal prosecutors file criminal charges when they believe that there is evidence you intentionally engaged in a scheme to defraud the federal government. In most cases, these cases involve allegations of Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud. For example, improper referral relationships under the Anti-Kickback Statute are frequently the target of federal investigations. If you or your practice is under investigation, contact the dedicated Omaha healthcare fraud lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. today.

What should I look for in an Omaha federal healthcare fraud defense attorney?


The most important consideration when looking for an attorney to represent you in an Omaha healthcare fraud case is experience. However, not all experience is created equal. You deserve an attorney who has specific, hands-on experience handling all stages of these complex cases. At Oberheiden P.C., we have earned a national reputation for providing healthcare providers with an exceptional level of representation, due in large part to our broad base of experience handling these complex cases.

Should I be worried if a whistleblower claims I committed healthcare fraud?


Yes, while whistleblowers may have no other motivation than obtaining a reward for naming you in a healthcare fraud lawsuit, that doesn’t change the fact that the allegations expose you and your practice up to civil, and potentially criminal liability.

Contact Oberheiden. P.C. to Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Omaha Healthcare Fraud Defense Attorney

If you face federal healthcare fraud charges in Omaha or elsewhere in the District of Nebraska, contact Oberheiden P.C., as soon as possible. Our attorneys are standing by to discuss your case, answer your questions, and offer whatever assistance we can. You can reach our Omaha healthcare fraud defense lawyers at 888-680-1745 or reach us online through our contact form.

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