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We represent business executives, healthcare providers, public officials, and other clients in federal criminal litigation in Oakland, CA. Our Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys have centuries of combined legal experience, and we have secured favorable results for clients in federal district courts across the country.

Oberheiden, P.C., is a federal litigation law firm with a nationwide presence. With a team that consists entirely of senior attorneys (many of whom are former long-time prosecutors with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)), we have an extensive track record in federal district courts around the country and we bring strategic insights and in-depth knowledge to representing clients in high-stakes federal matters.

Our firm was founded by Dr. Nick Oberheiden, a federal defense attorney who is well known for his results in federal investigations and litigation. He leads a litigation team that brings centuries of combined legal experience to defending clients in federal criminal litigation. The Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys on our team have represented clients in more than 1,000 federal investigations and 500 criminal trials, and we use this experience to our clients’ advantage.

If you live or work in Oakland, CA, and you are facing federal criminal prosecution, we can help you – but you need to contact us as soon as possible. We will arrange for you speak with a member of our federal litigation team right away, and our Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys can be on the ground in Oakland on a moment’s notice.

Are you under federal investigation or facing criminal charges in Oakland, CA? Call our criminal trial/litigation attorneys 24/7 at 888-680-1745 to speak with an experienced federal litigation attorney.

Strategic Legal Representation for High-Stakes Federal Litigation in Oakland, CA

Regardless of the current status of your federal case, our attorneys can step in to challenge the government’s tactics, assert your legal and constitutional rights, and help you avoid mistakes that could lead to unfavorable results at trial. Our winning Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys aggressively pursue case strategies that are designed to resolve our clients’ cases as quickly, discretely, and favorably as possible, and we constantly apply pressure in order to make it clear that we will not back down if it is in our clients’ best interests to go to trial.

6 Stages of Federal Criminal Litigation

1. Federal Agency Investigation

If you have not yet been charged, this is the best-case scenario. This means that we can intervene in the investigation and fight to resolve your case without a federal indictment. We have a significant track record of protecting healthcare providers, business executives, public officials, and other individuals during the investigative process, with the vast majority of our clients never facing criminal charges.

2. Grand Jury Subpoena and Indictment

If the U.S. Attorney’s Office has proceeded to request a grand jury subpoena, you will need to shift your defense to protecting yourself against an indictment. This starts with responding to the subpoena and, most likely, preparing your grand jury testimony. We work extensively with our clients to prepare to appear before a grand jury, and we attend our clients’ grand jury proceedings so that we can advise them as necessary (federal procedural rules prohibit legal representation in front of the grand jury, but our dedicated Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys can wait outside of the courtroom and advise you outside of the grand jury’s presence).

3. Strategic Pretrial Litigation

For clients who have been indicted, we prepare and execute comprehensive pretrial litigation strategies focused on securing a favorable outcome by the most efficient means necessary. We use pretrial discovery and motions practice to gather critical information about the government’s case and whittle down our clients’ potential exposure to the greatest extent possible.

4. Negotiation with Leverage

By making strategic use of the pretrial process, we are often able to gain significant leverage for negotiations with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Negotiating with prosecutors can mean securing a favorable plea bargain. But, in some cases, it can also mean having your charges dismissed entirely. We have effectively obtained dismissal of our clients’ charges after an indictment and before trial. And in appropriate circumstances, our skilled and knowledgeable Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys have negotiated plea deals that allowed our clients to keep their businesses or professional practices up and running.

5. Trial and Sentencing in Federal District Court

If negotiations prove fruitless (which can occur for a variety of different reasons), then you will need to prepare yourself to fight for your freedom at trial. As highly experienced trial litigators, our attorneys prepare every case for the possibility of trial and we will be ready to fight for you in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California if and when the time comes.

In federal district court, sentencing is a completely separate process from the trial on the merits (the “guilty or not guilty” phase). If you get convicted of any crime on any number of counts, we will go to sentencing with the goal of mitigating the consequences of your conviction to the greatest extent possible.

6. Federal Appellate Litigation

In addition to representing clients in federal trial litigation, we maintain a robust criminal appellate litigation practice as well. If you have been convicted of a federal crime and there are grounds available to challenge your conviction on appeal, we can take your case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and potentially even the United States Supreme Court.

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Federal Criminal Cases We Handle

We tailor our representation to the unique factual and legal circumstances of every individual case. We rely on our senior attorneys’ extensive experience representing clients in federal criminal litigation to craft custom-tailored defense strategies for clients in Oakland, CA, charged with:

    • Healthcare fraud
    • Federal drug crimes
    • Tax crimes
    • Bank fraud
    • Securities fraud
    • Public corruption and bribery
    • All other white-collar federal offenses

When you choose Oberheiden, P.C., for your federal criminal case, you can expect to work closely with our senior attorneys throughout the duration of our representation. Unlike other firms, we do not employ junior associates or paralegals. Our trusted Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys emphasize maintaining personal contact with our clients to seek their input, help them make informed decisions, and keep them up-to-date on the status of their case.

How We Defend Our Clients: 4 Key Defense Strategies for Federal Trial Litigation

As part of our approach, we utilize four key defense strategies that we custom-tailor to the unique facts of each client’s case. Certain defense strategies may be more relevant (and more effective) than others, depending upon the circumstances. But we leave no stone unturned when it comes to looking for the best way to defend our clients. These four key defense strategies are:

  • Constitutional Defenses – In federal criminal litigation, your constitutional rights are not without meaning. If federal agents or prosecutors violated your constitutional rights during the investigation or prosecution of your case, we can use the violation to defend you. For example, a confession or incriminating statement you made while in custody may be inadmissible if federal agents failed to read you your Miranda rights. Or, if you were subjected to an unlawful search, we may be able to have any evidence obtained during or as a result of the search suppressed from your trial as well.
  • Affirmative Defenses – In certain circumstances, affirmative defenses can provide a complete defense to criminal culpability. Since asserting an affirmative defense necessarily involves assuming that you engaged in conduct that would constitute a crime were the affirmative defense not available, going this route requires a knowledgeable and strategic approach. Our Oakland criminal trial/litigation attorneys have effectively asserted numerous affirmative defenses on behalf of our clients. And if you have an affirmative defense available, we will use it to protect you against conviction.
  • Evidence Suppression – As noted above in our brief discussion of constitutional defenses, there are various circumstances under which evidence can be deemed inadmissible at trial. Critically, these circumstances are not limited to constitutional violations. If we can keep probative evidence out of your trial, this could prevent the government from meeting its burden of proof or it could provide the leverage you need to negotiate a favorable pretrial outcome.
  • Burden of Proof – Even if all of the government’s evidence is legally admissible, this does not necessarily mean that the evidence is sufficient to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Since the government carries the burden of proof in criminal cases, all it takes is one shortcoming or oversight by the prosecution to provide the window we need to protect you.

Once again, every case is unique – this cannot be overemphasized. When we represent you, we will use the facts surrounding your investigation, interrogation, and arrest to build a comprehensive and cohesive defense that we believe provides the best possible opportunity to protect you from a lifetime of negative consequences. Learn more about our experience and how we defend clients in federal criminal litigation:

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To discuss your case in Oakland, CA, with our federal criminal litigation team, please contact us to schedule a free and confidential case assessment. Our Oakland criminal trial/litigation lawyers are available to speak with you, so call 888-680-1745 or inquire online now.

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