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What should you do if you are under investigation by federal authorities? What should you do if you have received a grand jury subpoena? What if you have just been indicted? Each stage of the federal criminal justice process involves its own unique legal standards, rules, and defense strategies. In each case, your first step is clear: You need to engage experienced defense counsel immediately.

The attorneys on our federal defense team bring centuries of combined legal experience to representing clients who are facing federal prosecution. Several of our attorneys are former senior prosecutors with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). And with experience on both sides of high-stakes federal matters, we know what it takes to secure a favorable outcome. Our Santa Ana criminal defense attorneys have handled thousands of investigations and grand jury proceedings and more than 500 criminal trials, and we are licensed to practice in Santa Ana, throughout California, and in various other federal jurisdictions nationwide.

If you are facing a federal investigation or federal charges in Santa Ana, we urge you contact us immediately. Our attorneys can take aggressive legal action to protect you – from intervening in the government’s investigation to preparing to defend you at trial. We provide free case assessments that are comprehensive and completely confidential. So call 888-680-1745 to speak with a member of our trusted Santa Ana criminal defense lawyers about your case, today.

A Team of Highly Experienced Federal Defense Lawyers Representing Clients in Santa Ana, CA

The best strategy for your case depends upon where it currently stands in the criminal justice system. Defending against an investigation is very different from fending off an indictment, and fending off an indictment is very different from fighting for your freedom at trial. While we strongly advise engaging our federal defense team as soon as possible, we have significant experience assuming representation at each stage of the process.

1. Investigation

We represent licensed professionals, public figures, business owners and executives, and other clients in investigations involving the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Office of Inspector General (OIG), as well as various DOJ special teams and task forces. We pursue a strategy of prompt and aggressive intervention with the goal of disrupting the investigative process while gathering as much information about the government’s case as possible. Once our Santa Ana criminal defense attorneys know what you are up against, then we can focus on finding a way to terminate the investigation without charges being filed.

2. Grand Jury

In federal grand jury proceedings, the government’s burden is to prove that it has “probable cause” to pursue criminal charges. This is a much lower standard than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that applies at trial. However, there are still several defense strategies available. We represent and advise our clients at all stages of the grand jury process – from deciding whether (and to what extent) to challenge their grand jury subpoenas to preparing to testify in federal district court.

3. Pretrial

Following a grand jury indictment, the pretrial process involves conducting discovery, engaging in motions practice, and negotiating with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in order to either (i) secure a favorable pretrial resolution, or (ii) set the stage for a successful defense at trial. Our attorneys engage in aggressive pretrial litigation practice, and we use the process strategically in order to minimize (or eliminate) our clients’ risk of conviction at trial.

4. Trial

In trial litigation, our highly skilled Santa Ana criminal defense attorneys take an equally aggressive approach that challenges every aspect of the government’s case and seeks to leave little room, if any, for deliberation. From preventing the introduction of inadmissible evidence and questioning the credibility of the government’s witnesses to presenting our own case-in-chief (which may or may not include having you testify), we utilize every aspect of the trial process to further our objective of securing an acquittal.

5. Appeal

Our appellate attorneys have vast experience challenging all aspects of federal criminal convictions. The appellate process is very different from trial litigation, and pursuing a successful appeal requires a comprehensive understanding of the laws, rules of procedure, and particular strategies involved. We represent clients in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and other federal courts of appeal nationwide.

Learn More about Your Case

When your finances and freedom are on the line, the more you know about your situation, the better. We make it a point to educate our clients about their cases as much as possible, and we keep our clients informed and involved every step of the way. For an introduction to what you can expect during your federal criminal case, we encourage you to read:

  • What Are Conditions for Pretrial Release? – If you are detained pending trial, there are strategies we can use to seek a pretrial release that will allow you to go home to your family and resume your career. However, securing a pretrial release can be difficult, especially if the Assistant United States Attorneys assigned to your case are intent on keeping you in custody.
  • Federal Grand Jury Subpoena Defense – Defending against your grand jury subpoena helps ensure that you are not required to provide any more documents or testimony than absolutely necessary, and this helps to mitigate your risk of indictment. We have extensive experience in federal grand jury proceedings, and these are some of the strategies we use to defend our clients.
  • What Are My Options after Being Federally Indicted? – Following an indictment, the posture of your case can change significantly. Find out what you need to know about protecting yourself after being indicted from nationally-recognized federal defense lawyer, Dr. Nick Oberheiden.
  • What Is the Burden of Proof in Federal Criminal Cases? – What does it take for the U.S. Attorney’s Office to prove your guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”? While this is a very high standard, avoiding conviction still requires a comprehensive and cohesive defense.
  • How to Prepare for a Criminal Trial – If your case is headed for trial, everything you say and do can potentially have implications for your defense in court. To give yourself the best chance of hearing a “not guilty” verdict at the end of trial, there are both steps you need to take and mistakes you need to avoid.
  • How Can I Prepare for My Sentencing Hearing? – In federal district court, your sentence is decided separately from your guilt or innocence. Learn about four ways you can strengthen your defense during sentencing and potentially keep yourself out of federal prison.

Avoiding Conviction in Federal Criminal Cases: Answers to FAQs

Q: How often do DOJ, DEA, FBI, IRS, and OIG investigations lead to criminal charges?

In federal investigations, there are too many factors involved for general indictment rates to have any bearing on your defense. In order for you to avoid a grand jury subpoena and indictment, you need to focus on presenting the strongest possible defense in light of the unique facts and circumstances at hand. Engaging experienced legal counsel will improve your chances of terminating the investigation without charges, tremendously. If you are under investigation, we encourage you to contact our highly experienced Santa Ana criminal defense lawyers to discuss your defense right away.

Q: What are some of the strategies your lawyers will use to defend me at trial?

If your case goes to trial, our defense team will utilize multiple strategies in order to prevent the U.S. Attorney’s Office from meeting its burden of proof. These strategies include:

  • Arguing for the suppression of evidence that is irrelevant or that was obtained by unconstitutional means;
  • Cross-examining the government’s fact and expert witnesses in order to raise doubt about their credibility and the veracity of their testimony;
  • Challenging the government’s proof of each element of each crime alleged; and
  • Presenting constitutional and affirmative defenses that provide protection against criminal culpability.

Q: Is it possible to negotiate civil penalties instead of criminal penalties?

Potentially. During federal investigations, one strategy we utilize is to try to keep our clients’ investigations civil in nature. If you have already been charged, this may no longer be an option. However, our Santa Ana criminal defense attorneys may still be able to negotiate a plea deal that keeps you out of prison. This, of course, assumes that you are guilty of a federal offense, and you cannot afford to make this assumption until you have a clear understanding of the specific legal and factual issues involved in your case.

Q: Can Oberheiden, P.C., represent me in Santa Ana, CA?

Yes. We have offices in Southern California, and we have attorneys who are licensed to practice before the United States District Court for the Central District of California (which serves Santa Ana). We routinely represent clients across California.

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