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Corpus Christi Federal Criminal Defense

A Federal Lawyer to Defend You In DEA & FBI Cases

Corpus Christi Federal Criminal Defense

Imagine a lawyer that takes all initial consultation calls himself, who does not delegate a case to junior lawyers, that is always available for his clients, and who routinely avoids criminal charges in federal investigations.

  • Opioid & Diversion Defense of Doctors and Pharmacies
  • Healthcare Fraud Defense
  • White-Collar Criminal Defense
  • Practice 100% Federal Cases

Meet Dr. Nick Oberheiden, one of Texas’ only and best-known federal criminal defense attorneys. While most federal criminal defense lawyers operate between state and federal systems, may take a DUI case today, and a federal bank fraud case tomorrow, Nick limits his practice to federal cases only.

Nick Oberheiden

Featured by media stations throughout Texas and nationally, Nick is a true resource with substantial experience when it comes to avoiding criminal charges and defending Texans against government investigations.

If you are under investigation or if you are accused of opioid prescription abuse, healthcare fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, or a serious computer crime, you should give Nick a call today to explore effective and proven defense strategies that have worked for so many clients before you. Nick will answer the phone at 888-680-1745.

Have You Ever Seen a Spine Surgeon Do Dental Operations?

Practicing federal law is not a hobby. Because approximately 90% of all criminal cases fall into the state justice system, few attorneys have the luxury of limiting their representations to federal cases. In hundreds of federal criminal cases and grand jury investigations Nick has demonstrated over and over what it means to master the federal litigation system and to convincingly negotiate with even the best trained federal agents and Department of Justice prosecutors.

  • Trained in Negotiations, Harvard Law School
  • Featured by Media Stations in ALL 50 States for Federal Litigation
  • D.; Juris Doctor (UCLA School of Law)
  • Practice Limited to Federal Litigation
  • Team of Former Justice Department Litigators

Nick has represented many high-profile clients, appeared in cases of national significance such as the investigation surrounding President Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen, defended not just physicians, business owners and lawyers, but Nick has been hired by active and current Department of Justice prosecutors and federal special agents when they themselves were in need of reliable legal advice. What greater appreciation can a defense lawyer ask for?

Proven Defense Strategies for the People of Corpus Christie

Most importantly, you should avoid the number one mistake people make when it comes to a government investigation. They wait too long to reach out to an experienced attorney that can intervene and pose the governments case while there is an opportunity to do so. Famously, unlike most classic criminal defense attorneys, Nick is known for early interventions and proactive negotiations to save clients from going through the process of an indictment and public humiliation.

“There is no hopeless case, there is only unnecessary delay defending a case…” Dr. Nick Oberheiden has turned around many cases and avoided jail time, federal criminal charges, and public humiliation for business clients, entrepreneurs, physicians, nurses, lawyers, current prosecutors, public officials, many other good citizens.

  • (1) FBI, OIG, DEA, IRS Investigations. Call Nick today and find out how he would defend your case. Ask him tough questions and ask him what results he obtained for clients in similar situations in the past. Don’t hire an attorney unless you get answers to all of your important questions. You must make sure that your lawyer has handled enough cases similar or identical to yours to bring the experience, confidence, and skillset to the table to impress and convince federal agents and sophisticated federal prosecutors. Your lawyer is a reflection of you and if your lawyer appears clueless or inexperienced, the government will simply roll over you and you will not get a second chance. That said, Nick can walk you through hundreds of examples, in which the FBI, the IRS, or healthcare fraud investigators investigated his clients— and nonetheless Nick was able to avoid, defend, resolve, or dismiss the case.
  • (2) Grand Jury Investigations. Grand jury investigations are important events in the life of a federal criminal case. If you receive a grand jury subpoena, it’s time to lawyer up. The grand jury is tasked to decide against whom to bring federal felony charges and the fact that you are considered a source of information should put you on high alert. Don’t let your attorney make the number one mistake when it comes to grand jury testimony or document productions. The number one mistake in a Corpus Christi federal grand jury case is to simply produce the documents without your attorney at the same time defending your case. Your attorney must educate you before producing a single document whether the government is planning to target you or whether you will have to provide testimony of cooperation services to stay out of criminal charges. Without appropriate intervention and communication with the federal prosecutors in charge of the investigation, you may end up being a low-hanging fruit for no justifiable reason (but the inexperience of your lawyer).
  • (3) Case Dismissals & Probation. If you are in the unfortunate position and have to defend yourself against actual charges, you will find comfort in the fact that Corpus Christi federal criminal defense attorney Nick Oberheiden has obtained a series of spectacular outcomes for his clients in federal proceedings. For example, Nick and his team convinced a federal judge to dismiss his client from the case of United States vs. Potash et al. while all other co-defendants had to stay on the case. Nick has also obtained probation outcomes in severe federal computer crime cases, complex healthcare fraud cases, and other federal proceedings.

Corpus Christi, Texas FAQs

What should I do if the FBI shows up at my house?


If the FBI or other federal agents show up at your home or place of business, how you handle the situation can have a significant impact on the investigation. It is critical that you do not speak with FBI agents about their investigation, even if they tell you that you are not under investigation and they “just want to talk.” Federal agents do not need to be truthful when discussing their investigations with you, and may be trying to catch you off guard in hopes you slip up and make an incriminating statement. While you will need to let agents inside if they have a search warrant, absent a warrant you can politely ask them to leave. However, don’t assume that is the end of the investigation or that they won’t return later with a warrant. If FBI agents came to your house or business—with or without a warrant—contact an experienced Corpus Christi, Texas federal criminal defense attorney to discuss your options.

What is a grand jury subpoena?


A grand jury subpoena is a document issued by federal prosecutors that demands you either appear in court to testify in front of a grand jury to produce certain evidence for the prosecutor’s inspection. Prosecutors use grand jury subpoenas to obtain the information they need to put a case together. If you received a grand jury subpoena, at best it means that you have information the federal government wants. At worst, it means you are the target of an open federal investigation. In either case, a knowledgeable Texas federal criminal defense attorney can help you understand your options and what you can do to protect yourself.

What should I look for when hiring a Corpus Christi federal criminal defense lawyer?


If you face criminal charges in federal court, the prosecutors assigned to your case will have extensive experience handling the particular type of case you are facing. Thus, you should ensure that your Corpus Christi, Texas federal criminal defense attorney is equally equipped. If possible, look for an attorney who not only has hands-on experience representing the accused, but also experienced prosecuting these particular cases. This will give your attorney valuable insight into how to best defend against the allegations you are facing.

Call 888-680-1745 from Corpus Christi Protect Your Rights

When you hire federal criminal defense and DEA defense attorney Nick Oberheiden to handle your case in Nueces County, Kleberg County, San Patricio County, and Aransas County— you select a lawyer with true experience. Unlike most lawyers, Nick will disclose to you his universe of healthcare law and healthcare fraud defense history—because he is proud of the track record he has built in hundreds of government investigations. And: calls with Nick are free and 100% confidential and they are not delegated to junior lawyers. Call or contact him online now.

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