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Tyler, TX Criminal Defense & Healthcare Fraud Attorneys

Tyler, TX Criminal Defense & Healthcare Fraud Attorneys

We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, simple errors in judgment can open the door to criminal prosecution, often when the defendants least expect it. Prosecutors are constantly on the prowl for suspects that they can charge with crimes — sometimes with an “as many charges as possible” attitude.

That’s unfortunate because it encourages sloppy police work, sometimes unfounded accusations, and ruined lives.

Police make mistakes too. Those errors often lead to misidentified suspects, misleading evidence, and prosecutorial overreach. It’s inexcusable, but it happens with surprising regularity.

You may find yourself facing criminal suspicion yourself. If so, these are some of the scariest days of your life. You do not have to face them alone. There may very well be hope in the face of criminal prosecution.

At Oberheiden, P.C., we offer compassionate and aggressive legal representation for the people of Tyler, TX and beyond — including the rest of Texas and the entire country.

We represent individuals facing Texas criminal charges and the same is true of our experience with federal law, which often intersects and overlaps with the Texas state criminal code in the course of any given criminal case.

If you are facing criminal charges in Texas or believe you may currently be under investigation, please get in touch with our office right away. Our criminal defense attorneys can take immediate action to protect your rights.

Our mission is clear: end an investigation or seek to have the charges dropped and protect your freedom. Dismissal is always our goal. Contact us today.

Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Defense for Tyler, Texas

With a population of more than a quarter-million people, Tyler, TX has emerged as a major metropolitan center all its own in recent years, establishing itself as a significant draw in northeast Texas. With this new growth, the city has seen a simultaneous rise in criminal prosecution.

In addition to a bustling residential population, Tyler is home to a number of major employers, educational institutions, and tourist attractions, including several large-scale annual conventions.

Accordingly, we see prosecutions in and around Tyler that range from blue-collar crime to white-collar crime, including fraud allegations, drug crimes, Internet crimes, and beyond. Our criminal defense lawyers can assist with these and other charges.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice maintains a heavy presence in the city and its surrounding suburbs, often aided in their efforts by federal investigators and special agents. They have a reputation for aggressive policing, which sometimes leads to unfounded investigations, unfair allegations, and unlawful arrests.

While most police officers are decent, hardworking people, they nevertheless make mistakes. The same is true of the prosecutors at the state and federal level, who may overreach and drag innocent people through the mud along the way.

The people of Tyler need an ally on their side. Our criminal defense attorneys work with a network of invaluable professionals, including former FBI agents, federal prosecutors, forensic accountants, and more. We strive to be courtroom warriors and we are ready to fight for you.

Our Practice Areas

As federal criminal defense lawyers, we are prepared to defend against a wide range of state and/or federal criminal charges. Our practice areas include:

  • Drug and alcohol charges (possession, distribution, manufacturing, DUI, conspiracy, and more)
  • Drug trafficking (state and/or federal)
  • Healthcare fraud (OIG subpoena, billing fraud, Medicare fraud, etc.)
  • Alleged healthcare compliance violations
  • Guidance for avoiding healthcare noncompliance
  • Fraud and theft charges (including identify theft, wire fraud, etc.)
  • Money laundering
  • Bank fraud / white-collar crime (including check fraud, forgery, etc.)
  • Tax violations (tax evasion, tax fraud, IRS investigations, etc.)
  • Embezzlement
  • Internet crimes

Answers to Questions Asked by Tyler, Texas Federal Criminal Defense Clients

What should I do if the FBI shows up at my house?


If the FBI unexpectedly (or expectedly) shows up at your home or place of business, it is imperative that you do not speak with agents any more than necessary. If they have a warrant, ask to verify its existence, double-checking that they have the correct address. If it checks out, you should let them side, otherwise, they could force their way in. However, if they do not have a warrant do not let them in and politely tell them that you are not interested in speaking with them. They should then leave. Once they do, depending on what they think your role is in their investigation, that isn’t necessarily the last you’ll see them. To protect yourself, it is important that you reach out to a dedicated Tyler, Texas federal criminal defense attorney to learn more about the FBI’s investigation and what steps you can take to limit their investigation.

When does the federal government bring criminal charges instead of the state?


Federal prosecutors are charged with bringing criminal cases in federal court for any violation of federal law. However, certain crimes fall under both state and federal law. State prosecutors will typically handle the majority of these cases; however, when a case is especially serious, newsworthy, or complex, the federal government may pick up the case. For those facing federal charges, the fact that the case is in federal court is an indication that the offense is believed to be a serious one. If you’ve been indicted or believe you are under investigation for a federal crime, protect yourself by reaching out to a dedicated Texas federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Should I try to negotiate a plea agreement or take the case to trial?


Most experienced Tyler, TX federal criminal defense attorneys will tell you that the vast majority of defendants enter into plea negotiations far too soon. So, while a plea agreement is always an option, it should never be the first option. This is because a defendant gives all the negotiating power to federal prosecutors the moment they open the door to pleading guilty. A better approach is to find a Texas federal criminal defense attorney who can conduct a deep-dive into the government’s case, looking for any signs of weakness. These weaknesses can later justify a prosecutor offering a far better plea agreement. If you have a case in federal court, contact an experienced Tyler, Texas federal criminal defense attorney to discuss your case.

Talk to Our Tyler Criminal Defense Attorneys Today

Any criminal charge is a serious criminal charge. Defendants are often shocked to learn that their cases are more complicated, the prosecutors more powerful, and the penalties more severe than they ever imagined.

Timing, experience, and strategy may mean everything. Our criminal defense attorneys strive to implement strategies that are designed to achieve an outright dismissal for Texans facing criminal charges.

Our services extend to residents throughout all of Smith County, Texas, including:

  • Arp
  • Bullard
  • Hideaway
  • Lindale
  • New Chapel Hill
  • Noonday
  • Overton
  • Tyler
  • Troup
  • Whitehouse
  • Winona

We are proud to offer free case reviews, so please don’t hesitate to call us and ask for answers. There is no cost or obligation. Contact the criminal defense attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C. right away.

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