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Wheeling, WV, is home to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and U.S. Courthouse for the Northern District of West Virginia. As such, it not only plays host to some of the state’s highest-stakes criminal cases, but it is also among the most active areas of the state in terms of active and ongoing federal investigations. If you are being targeted by federal prosecutors in Wheeling, West Virginia, you need to mount an aggressive and strategic defense – and this starts with choosing the right legal representation. It is vital you hire a proven and winning Wheeling federal criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a highly experienced Wheeling federal law defense attorney who represents clients in WV, and across the nation. With a significant record of success in West Virginia and across the country, Dr. Oberheiden brings an insightful and experience-based approach to defending clients in federal matters. With particular experience representing physicians and other healthcare providers in cases involving allegations of Medicare fraud, opioid fraud, and other healthcare-related offenses; Dr. Oberheiden also routinely represents licensed professionals, business executives, and other clients facing allegations ranging from drug cultivation and manufacturing to mortgage and securities fraud.

Avoiding Charges and Prison Time in Complex Federal Cases

In federal cases, the best-case scenario is to terminate the government’s investigation before it leads to criminal charges. If it is too late to avoid prosecution, an effective defense strategy will focus on negotiating a favorable pre-trial resolution or minimizing the potential negative outcomes of going to trial. Focusing his practice exclusively on federal matters, Dr. Oberheiden takes on the goal to help clients avoid charges and prison time when substantial penalties are on the table:

  • Defense of federal investigation involving drug diversion overdose: No charges.
  • Defense of client facing possible life sentence for federal drug crimes: No charges.
  • Defense of healthcare provider in federal grand jury indictment: No charges.
  • Defense of search warrant for opioid prescription fraud investigation: No charges.
  • Defense of client facing severe penalties for federal computer crimes: Probation.

Q&A with Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden

Q: Why Is My Healthcare Practice Being Investigated by the DEA, OIG, or U.S. Department of Justice?

Physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers are increasingly being targeted in federal fraud investigations. Typically, these investigations focus on either: (i) alleged healthcare benefit program fraud (i.e. Medicare or Tricare fraud), or (ii) alleged involvement in opioid prescription diversion or fraud schemes. Program fraud has been a top federal law enforcement priority for several years. And under the new federal administration, healthcare providers have become a central focus in the fight against the nation’s opioid epidemic.

Q: If I Am under Investigation, Does This Mean I am Going to Be Charged?

No, not necessarily. An investigation is just that – an investigation. At this stage, federal agents are looking for the information they need in order to pursue criminal charges. If you (or your defense lawyer) can convince the investigators that they don’t have the evidence they need to obtain a conviction, then you may be able to avoid prosecution entirely.

Q: What Should I Do If I Am Contacted by Federal Authorities?

If you are contacted by federal authorities, your next step should be to seek legal representation. You do not have to give them everything they ask for, and attempting to “cooperate” can backfire if you voluntarily hand over the information prosecutors need to obtain a conviction. As an experienced and proven Wheeling federal criminal defense lawyer, Dr. Oberheiden can deal with the authorities for you, and he can help you avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your defense.

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