How To Get Us On Your Team

We are available to discuss your situation at your convenience during normal business hours— including on weekends. You can text Nick Oberheiden, call us, or send us a message. Our consultations are completely free and confidential. We will keep everything we discuss to ourselves whether or not you decide to engage us.

Many clients under investigation contact us with their most pressing questions and concerns in times of peak stress and anxiety. We answer questions such as:

  • Am I going to get arrested?
  • If I hire you, who will handle my case?
  • Is my phone tapped?
  • Is the government monitoring my bank accounts?
  • Is there a chance I can avoid charges/prison time?
  • Should I discuss my situation with My spouse/friend/neighbor?
  • What are the next steps from here?
  • What is the worst-case, what is the best-case scenario?
  • What is your experience in cases like mine?
  • When can we meet?

The key is to reach out for help, to not sit at home or at work and resign. If you have a medical problem, you go to the doctor. If you have a legal problem, in particular a federal one, you contact Oberheiden P.C. The problem is unlikely to go away if you do not do anything. At the end of the consultation call or meeting, we will offer to send you a simple engagement proposal. If that proposal finds your approval, you will email us a signed copy and a confirmation of payment—and then you are our client!

There is No Reason to Wait. Call Oberheiden P.C. Right Now at 1-888-680-1745 or use the contact form below.