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Tribal Law / Native American Criminal Defense

Federal criminal defense attorneys serving Native Americans in North Dakota, South Dakota and Oklahoma.


  • Law firms with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys focused tribal law defense can be hard to find.
  • Oberheiden, P.C.’s Tribal Law Defense Team can help Native Americans defend against federal accusations involving Tribal Nations and tribal governments in all types of cases, including, for example, assisting Tribal Nations in drafting laws and contracts; and resolving tax challenges for tribal clients.
  • Five critical reasons why clients should choose Oberheiden, P.C. as their tribal law defense firm include the following: (1) extensive experience; (2) intricate knowledge; (3) proven results; (4) passionate representation; and effective communication.
  • Consider hiring Oberheiden, P.C.’s Tribal Law Defense Team today to defend you against federal charges involving Tribal Nations and fight for your rights.

Experienced Tribal Law Criminal Defense Team

Do you need legal advice on tribal law? Are you under investigation or have been charged in connection with Tribal Nations or involving tribal law? If so, now is the time to take action in your defense.

Federal regulation and enforcement of Tribal Nation frauds and thefts have increased as a response to the business, trading, and gaming expansions of tribes.

It is important now more than ever to secure legal counsel that is competent to handle cases involving Tribal Nations and who has a solid understanding of tribal law.

At Oberheiden, P.C., we have a dedicated group of federal defense attorneys that can handle tribal law cases. Our Tribal Law Defense Team provides legal advice on tribal law to our clients who are under federal investigation, going through litigation, or facing other challenges involving Native American tribes and tribal governments.

We are experienced in tribal law and are ready and eager to fight federal accusations and avoid criminal penalties and imprisonment for our clients.

Finding a tribal lawyer does not have to be hard to find. At Oberheiden, P.C., our tribal law defense attorneys are licensed and living across the nation—particularly in North Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.

To speak with a Muskogee federal criminal defense attorney for tribal law representation, contact Oberheiden, P.C. today to fight for your rights and freedom. We also serve clients throughout Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Dakota.

How Tribal Law Is Unique

Tribal law involves the law of Native American tribes and the relationship these tribes maintain with their state and federal governments.

The interaction between these governing entities have significant consequences for tribal communities that can affect all parties involved—including the federal government.

The law regulating tribes is unique in that it is distinct from U.S. law in the local, state, and federal sphere. An attorney representing tribes should be focused on the law governing Native American tribes in order to provide clients with the most thorough and comprehensive representation.

Many law firms are not familiar with tribal law; therefore, the imperative of researching “Tribal Law Defense Attorney” will be critical to your success.

At Oberheiden, P.C., our law firm is proud to introduce our Tribal Law Defense Team—composed of highly experienced and knowledgeable federal defense attorneys in the field of tribal law.

How Can Oberheiden, P.C. Help Me?

Oberheiden, P.C.’s Tribal Law Defense Team has a detailed and thorough understanding of tribal law and how to help clients defend against federal accusations in Oklahoma, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Our Team is prepared to help you resolve legal uncertainty in your favor. Below are a few examples of how we accomplish this for our Native American clients:

  • negotiating program agreements with federal agencies
  • negotiating deals regarding economic projects, financing, and gaming plans involving Tribal Nations
  • defending against federal criminal accusations of theft of tribal funds or theft of federal funds
  • defending against federal criminal accusations of bribery, corruption, or other tribal frauds
  • advocating against decreases in Bureau of Indian Affairs budgets
  • assisting Tribal Nations in drafting laws
  • assisting Tribal Nations in drafting contracts and compacts—such as those between tribes and states
  • helping clients protect their natural resources and environment
  • resolving tax uncertainty and other tax challenges for our tribal clients
  • obtaining relevant licenses for our clients
  • negotiating rights-of-way and other easements with utility companies involving tribal lands
  • advocating in favor of our tribal clients’ sovereignty
  • helping to gain federal approval for land acquisitions
  • working to increase federal support for miscellaneous tribal projects

This list is non-exhaustive of the many legal services we provide to our clients involving tribal lands, tribal communities, and tribal governments.

If you have a question regarding a service on this list, are curious about a service that you need which is not on this list, or just have a general question about tribal law defense, contact our Tribal Law Defense Team as soon as possible.

Oberheiden, P.C.’s Promise to Native American Tribes

We help our clients succeed during all stages—from initial investigation to litigation in district courts as well as appeals.

Our attorneys promise to our clients that we will use every tool and strategy in our power to fight for your rights and defend against federal accusations.

This includes striving to protect tribal sovereignty, promoting the independence of tribal governments, expanding access to healthcare, increasing funding, etc.

Finding a law firm that focuses on tribal law defense has never been easier. Our tribal law attorneys are driven by the goal of helping our clients succeed through determination, passion, and dedication.

5 Reasons to Choose Oberheiden, P.C. As Your Tribal Law Defense Attorney

This section presents five critical reasons to choose the tribal law attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C. for your tribal law defense: (1) extensive experience; (2) intricate knowledge; (3) proven results; (4) passionate representation; and effective communication.

Below we briefly explain these five reasons:

1. Extensive Experience

When looking for a tribal law defense attorney, it is critical to select a law firm whose attorneys have experience in negotiating, defending, and litigating tribal law cases.

At Oberheiden, P.C., our defense attorneys have extensive experience in tribal law matters, including budgeting, regulatory, and compliance-related issues.

We strongly believe in cooperation and teamwork. To advance our objectives for our clients, we regularly collaborate with local counsel and governmental agents.

Our defense team includes former FBI agents, former U.S. attorneys, and former prosecutors, as some examples. Because of our vast prior experience in the federal government, our team is well-prepared to defend tribes with their legal issues in both enforcement issues as well as with criminal prosecutions.

2. Intricate Knowledge

Tribal law is a complicated area and presents many challenges for lawyers seeking to expand their practice to include legal representation of tribe-related issues.

It demands a legal team that is not only intricately familiar with the foundations of tribal law, regulation, governance, and sovereignty, but who also has a deep understanding of tribal culture, tradition, and values.

It is our job to stay up to date on all evolving tribal laws and how such changes affect tribal communities. To do so, we regularly stay in contact with members of Congress and federal agencies regulating tribal communities.

3. Proven Results

An immediate question that you should ask potential tribal law attorneys concerns their track record in federal litigation—and their track record regarding tribal-related cases.

A law firm with a steady, reliable, and consistent track record for success in tribal law cases is likely more experienced, more knowledgeable in the topic area, and can handle more complex cases.

Oberheiden, P.C. has an incredible track record that is defined by obtaining favorable settlement offers for our clients and “No Charges” verdicts in FBI investigations and grand jury proceedings, as some examples.

Our Team is committed to obtaining the most advantageous result for our clients in a manner that saves them time, money, and the hassles of litigation.

4. Passionate Representation

A key aspect of a great federal criminal lawyer is one who is passionate about their legal representation for their clients. Without passion, there is no desire to go the extra mile, no motive to think outside the box, or no drive to utilize innovative defense strategies.

Dr. Nick Oberheiden—Oberheiden, P.C.’s Founding Attorney and Managing Partner—guides his practice through passionate and devoted representation and instils this work ethic throughout his entire firm.

Our Tribal Law Defense Team at Oberheiden, P.C. is zealously dedicated to the needs of our clients regarding matters of complex tribal law in Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Dakota.

5. Effective Communication

A defining feature of the attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C. is their excellent and consistent communication with clients.

Many law firms delegate duties to junior attorneys or to research staff and only communicate relevant, important updates to their clients.

At Oberheiden, P.C., this is not the way matters work. We do not delegate duties; instead, we are personally involved in every aspect and every stage of our clients’ cases.

We make it a point to keep our clients aware of every detail of their case so they can make informed decisions. Our attorneys are available to speak with new and existing clients 24/7—including during the evening hours, nights, and weekends.

Need Advice About Tribal Law? Speak with our tribal law attorneys today.

If you are under investigation for allegations that affect tribal communities, it is critical that you get in contact with a tribal attorney immediately.

Prosecutions for thefts, bribery, and fraud involving tribal or federal funds have increased in recent years, increasing your risk of a federal investigation and litigation. Do not be dragged into protracted litigation without securing the advice of a law firm experienced in tribal law defense.

At Oberheiden, P.C., our Tribal Law Defense Team has the relevant experience to fight federal accusations involving tribal crimes and frauds. We have helped many clients resolve legal disputes and aim at promoting tribal self-determination, sovereignty, and governance. We can do the same for you.

Do not wait. Call or contact our office today for a free and confidential consultation to resolve your uncertainty and protect your rights.

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