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Letter from U.S. Postal Inspection Service

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Co-Written by former Justice Department Prosecutors

The United States Postal Inspection Service investigates packages and shipments that contain suspicious content pursuant to 39 U.S.C. 3001. If you receive a letter from the Criminal Investigations Service Center, you must understand that you cannot make any mistake when handling this matter. Instead of falling into the trap and calling the 1-800 number listed in the letter addressed to you, you should contact experienced federal criminal defense attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden right away to protect your interests and your freedom. Nick’s mission is simple:

  • To avoid charges against you
  • To avoid the public (employer, family members, etc.) finding out about this letter

Getting unexpected mail from federal law enforcement is a frightening event. While all kinds of scenarios may go through your head as to why the government has contacted you, whether you are caught in a crime or soon to be accused of one, whether you are in serious federal trouble, and what you should do next to avoid charges or even serving prison time— it is important to meet with the best attorney you can find before making any decisions or mistakes that cannot be undone.

  • Do not discuss your case with others
  • Do not call the number listed on the letter
  • Call Federal Defense Attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden immediately

There are a few things you should not do under any circumstances. You should not discuss the letter with friends, the true or potential sender of the package, or non-lawyers. You should not draw conclusions based on any online legal research. No article, no matter how well written and how detailed, will be able to address and answer your very specific letter and circumstances. And, most importantly, you should not under any circumstances discuss the letter or the investigation with any law-enforcement official, whether in person, on the phone, or in writing. Also remember, do not call the number on the letter. Instead, call federal criminal defense attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden! Why? Because: 

  • Nick only takes federal cases
  • Nick has handled hundreds of federal investigations
  • Nick avoids criminal charges in the vast majority of federal investigations
  • Nick has experience and knowledge you can trust.

Unfortunately, most recipients of such a letter, because they fear prosecution, have a tendency to contact the government to find out what the investigation is about, whether they are in “real” trouble, and what steps they should take to protect their interests. Our advice is simple: do not call the government. Ever. The government is not there to help you; the government is not there to get you relief; the government is not there to answer your questions; the government cannot and will not discuss the status of the investigation with you. The government is only there to get information— from you!

  • The government will not tell you about the investigation
  • The government will not answer your questions
  • The government wants you to incriminate yourself

If you fall into the trap of contacting the Justice Department, the FBI, US Postal Service, or anyone else listed as a contact in your investigation, your words will be recorded and any statements you make that amount to an admission or self-incrimination (or a lie) can, and likely will, be held against you in a court of law. Again, do not call the government yourself!

  • Lying or withholding information when talking to federal law enforcement is a federal felony!
  • Don’t talk to the government without first finding the best attorney for your case.

Further, unbeknownst to most people (including lawyers who don’t practice federal criminal law or who do not routinely work with the DEA or the FBI), any conversation you may have with a federal agent is subject to a statute located at 18 U.S.C. to 1001. By virtue of the statute, anything that you misrepresent, lie about, fail to disclose, withhold, or downplay in a conversation with a federal official such as a DEA or FBI agent constitutes a federal felony subject to up to five years in federal prison. Therefore, you must not believe a federal agent who pressures, reassures, or promises you that “you are not in trouble” if you come clean or help them with their investigation. Their investigation is targeted at you! Although you can be prosecuted for lying to a federal agent, unfortunately, federal agents have the right to lie to you. And make no mistake: in order to trick you, to make you chatty, to make you talk, they will lie to you. That’s part of their investigative strategies and an easy way to secure admissions and incriminations to be used against you in subsequent prosecutions.

  • You need a lawyer with DEA/FBI/U.S. Postal experience
  • You need a lawyer with a proven track record
  • You need a federal lawyer
  • You need Dr. Nick Oberheiden

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Meet attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden. Nick has represented individuals from all over the United States who have received this letter. Notably, Nick has avoided criminal charges in every single of these cases and he has made sure that his client’s case would never become known to the public, employers, family members, etc.

If you find yourself in the situation where the DEA or the US Postal Service has contacted you regarding shipment or a package from out of state, then you should speak with Nick and request a free and confidential consultation. Again, do not try to handle the matter yourself––just like you would not operate on yourself just because you have read about how to perform surgery on the Internet, you should not take on a complex federal investigation without the assistance of experienced and proven counsel. Call Nick today!

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