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Partnership Dispute Attorney

Partnership disputes can involve a broad range of issues and can result in a variety of different outcomes. Whether you are looking to save your partnership or are ready to part ways, our business dispute attorney can help.

Going into a partnership, few partners expect to end up involved in contentious disputes. Partners typically go into business together because they share the same vision, and because they share the same passion and commitment for success. But, as time goes on, it is not uncommon for differences of opinion to arise. While some disagreements can spur creativity and innovation, others can devolve into contentious disputes that put the partnership’s future in jeopardy.

Our trusted business dispute lawyers represent general partners and limited partners in all types of partnership disputes. Our experience spans representing clients involved in a broad range of industries and achieving positive results in litigation, mediation, and arbitration. Whether you need to take legal action to enforce your partner’s obligations or you need defense counsel for a contentious partnership dispute, our experienced partnership dispute lawyer can help you. Contact us for a complimentary case assessment from one of our senior attorneys 24/7.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Why Partners Trust Oberheiden P.C. to Handle High-Stakes Dispute Resolution

At Oberheiden P.C., our business dispute lawyers have a proven track record of success in partnership disputes and other types of business litigation. Here are some of the main reasons why partners trust Oberheiden P.C. to handle high-stakes dispute resolution:

  • Senior Litigation Counsel – All of our partnership dispute attorneys have senior-level litigation experience. Unlike other firms, we do entrust our clients’ cases to junior associates or paralegals.
  • Cost-Effective Litigation Strategies – We take a strategic approach to business litigation focused on effectively protecting our clients’ interests as efficiently as possible.
  • Results-Oriented Dispute Resolution – As your litigation counsel, we will have one goal in mind: helping you achieve a result that allows you to move forward.
  • Accessibility and Responsiveness – You will have access to the senior attorneys on your litigation team by phone, text, and email. We make ourselves available to our clients 24/7.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Your Success – Above all, we have an unwavering commitment to ensuring our clients’ success. We stand by our track record and the effort we put in to achieve it.

Does Your Partnership Agreement Include a Mandatory ADR Clause?

Many partnership agreements include provisions for mandatory alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If your partnership agreement requires arbitration or mediation, then it may be necessary to pursue ADR as a precursor to, or potentially in lieu of, litigation.

However, partnership agreements will often carve out certain exceptions. For example, if a partner breaches his or her fiduciary duty and attempts to usurp a business opportunity, this could provide grounds for seeking immediate injunctive relief in court rather than pursuing ADR. At the outset of our representation, we will carefully review the terms of your partnership agreement as they pertain to mandatory ADR (and any exceptions), and our skilled contract dispute attorney will help you make an informed decision about the means of resolving your partnership dispute.

What Else Does Your Partnership Agreement Say About Dispute Resolution?

In addition to mandatory ADR clauses, partnership agreements will often include various other provisions that directly and indirectly relate to dispute resolution as well. For example, individual partners or groups of partners may have control rights in certain circumstances. Jurisdiction clauses, clauses regarding costs and attorneys’ fees, and clauses establishing buyout rights or calling for dissolution of the partnership under certain circumstances can also have a significant impact on where, when, and how it makes sense to approach an impasse.

With all of this said, while partnership agreements are binding (assuming they have been drafted in a legally enforceable manner), they are not set in stone. In some cases, even partners who are completely at odds with regard to the direction of their partnership will agree that it makes sense to approach dispute resolution in a particular way. If it makes sense to do so, we can engage with your partner’s litigation counsel prior to taking formal legal action, and we can establish parameters for resolving your dispute that make sense in light of the particular facts, circumstances, and issues involved.

We Represent Partners in Litigation and ADR Involving All Types of Disputes

Within the partnership realm, there are numerous issues that can lead to contentious disputes between business partners. At Oberheiden P.C., we represent partners in all types of disputes, including (but not limited to) those involving:

Interpretation of Partnership Agreement Terms

Partnership agreements aren’t always as well-drafted as they should be. When the terms of a partnership agreement are unclear, this can leave important questions unanswered, and this in turn can lead to disputes between partners who have competing views. If your dispute is the result of an ambiguity in your partnership agreement, our senior business litigation attorneys can use their experience to anticipate how a court would interpret the relevant provision and assert all available arguments for interpreting the provision in your favor.

Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Many partnership disputes arise out of allegations of fraud or breach of fiduciary duty. From diversion of partnership assets to misappropriation of business opportunities, and from exceeding a partner’s authority to engaging in conflict-of-interest transactions, these claims can arise under a variety of circumstances. Whether your partner has breached his or her fiduciary duty or you are being accused of defrauding a partnership, we have the capabilities and resources required to protect your interests.

Breach of Partners’ Other Duties and Responsibilities

Beyond their fiduciary responsibilities, general partners and limited partners can owe various other duties and responsibilities as well. These duties and responsibilities can exist under the terms of the partnership agreement or applicable law (i.e. the Revised Uniform Partnership Act as adopted in the relevant jurisdiction). Well-versed in all aspects of partnership law, a partnership dispute attorney can thoroughly evaluate all potential claims, counterclaims, and defenses, and they can assert all relevant arguments on your behalf.

Control Disputes

Disputes regarding control will often lead to contentious litigation between partners. These disputes can arise out of ambiguities in a partnership agreement, disagreements between partners with equal control rights, and claims that a partner has either exceeded his or her authority or fallen short of meeting his or her obligations. If you are involved in a dispute over the control of your partnership, our senior business dispute attorneys can help you today.

Financial Disputes

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a significant portion of all partnership disputes involve financial issues. Disputes regarding capital contributions, distribution rights, and the use (or waste) of partnership assets are all common. Here, too, the terms of the partnership agreement will be key, and any ambiguities, inconsistencies, or deficiencies in the relevant contract language will need to be addressed in order to move toward a final resolution. Let our highly experienced contract dispute attorney help you.

Buyouts and Partner Removals

Efforts to buyout and remove partners are frequent triggers for partnership disputes as well. Disagreements over the valuation of partners’ interests and contentious efforts to remove longstanding or newly-admitted partners will frequently require some form of legal resolution. If it makes sense to do so, we can work to negotiate a resolution that avoids litigation or ADR. However, if it is in your interests to take legal action—or if you need to assert a vigorous defense—we will not hesitate to assert your rights in the appropriate venue.

FAQs: Partnership Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

How Can I Enforce the Terms of My Partnership Agreement?

The options for enforcing the terms of your partnership agreement depend on the specific circumstances at hand. This includes both why you need to seek enforcement and what the agreement says about dispute resolution. If your partnership agreement requires mediation or arbitration, you might need to mediate or arbitrate, though it is not uncommon for certain types of disputes to be carved out from these provisions.

Can My Partner Force Me Out or Force Our Partnership to Dissolve?

Maybe. Once again, it depends on the terms of your partnership agreement. Some agreements include clear provisions for removal and dissolution under certain triggering circumstances. Others exclude these provisions, and others still include vague language that does not clearly support one particular outcome.

What Constitutes a Breach of a Partner’s Fiduciary Duty?

Fiduciary duties require partners to act in the best interests of their partnership. If a partner makes decisions affecting the partnership based on conflicting interests (either the partner’s own interests or those of another business), then the partner can potentially be held liable for breaching his or her fiduciary duty.

Are Mandatory ADR Clauses and Jurisdiction Clauses in Partnership Agreements Enforceable?

Generally speaking, mandatory arbitration and mediation clauses in partnership agreements are enforceable. The same goes for jurisdiction clauses. While it is possible to challenge these clauses in certain other contexts, the grounds for challenging these clauses are limited in the context of an arm’s length business transaction.

Talk to a Partnership Dispute Lawyer at Oberheiden P.C.

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